12 Reasons behind the Success of Online Games

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There are many reasons why online gaming is successful. Some of them when you think about it are obvious; some less so. The thing is that there are millions of online gamers across the world, so what are the reasons for the success of online games.

1.      We Have Always Played Games

Success of Online Games

Playing games is not something new. People of a certain age will tell you of the games they played in the street with their friends when they were kids and the games they played in the house when it was raining. With online games you are not dependent on the weather nor the willingness of your friends to play the same game as you.

2.      Play When You Want

With online games there are always people available somewhere in the world to play with you. There is something very appealing about this.

3.      Never Be Without a Partner

Anyone who has ever played chess knows the problem of finding a suitable partner. If you are good you pretty soon work your way through most of the suitable partners. Even in a chess club there’s only so many times you want to play the same person. The online gaming community offers a ready supply of competitors.

4.      Have Some Down Time

Our lives are busy and we need something to help us keep our work-life balance where it needs to be. Online gaming offers us a route out of our everyday lives where we can relax and recharge our batteries.

5.      Learn New Skills

To become proficient at online gaming you have got to develop your skills. I mentioned chess above. You won’t become good at chess unless you work at the game and learn the necessary skills. Online games are the same. They each have their own skills. If you don’t develop and improve those skills you will pretty soon lose interest.

6.      It’s a Social Thing

On the one hand you can play online games from the privacy of your own home. On the other, you connect up to a whole online community. That’s the thing about online gaming: it’s not just you. That’s part of the attraction of any type of game playing.

7.      Enjoyment

It’s fairly obvious that most people will derive some enjoyment from playing online games. Again, it’s one of the reasons that we play any type of game.

8.      Addictive

For good or ill, online games can be addictive. It’s probably fair to say that this is not necessarily something that is only a feature of online games. People who play any type of game and become good will probably feel that they are addicted in some way.

9.      Competition

This is implicit in some of what I’ve said above. When you get good at a game you want to know just how good you are. Like any sports player, you want to test yourself.

10.  Choice

You will find an online game for just about everyone. It is a major attraction that there is just so much choice. This is good for attracting new people and good to add a bit of variety to the diet of seasoned gamers.

11.  Accessibility

The easy accessibility of online games is a very big plus in their favour.  It’s no longer the case that games can only be played at home. They can be played on the move. Just observe the numbers of commuters playing their games of choice on most crowded commuter trains.

12.  Fantasy and Role Playing

You must have played games as a kid where you pretended to be a superhero, or whatever your chosen fantasy figure was. Online games offer you the chance to be someone else. We all have fantasies. Online games don’t make your fantasies come true but they do allow a moment of escapism like a daydream with wings.

David Johnson was a successful games designer and professional Elo boosting service provider for a number of years. He started designing online games as a means of funding himself through university. He now writes extensively on online gaming.

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