10 Winning content marketing strategy for Your Self-Published Book

Originally posted on December 30, 2019 @ 3:06 am


 Fantastic Winning content marketing strategy Tips

So you are smug that you wrote a fantastic piece of fiction in your book that is bound to awe millions? Or you finished an emotional romantic rollercoaster that will have women in tears once they start reading your book? If you think that by merely writing a book, you can expect it to be a grand success just because you think that the content is good and engaging, then you are in a big soup.so follow Best marketing strategies for books
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The success of a book in today’s era isn’t dependent on content alone. You need to be a smart marketer for that. Book marketing is a long process and involves a series of steps and parties that help you in achieving them. Apart from this formal way of marketing a book like involving a book agent, publisher, distributor, and book retailers (like libraries and book stores), there are several other informal ways by which you can assure that your book reaches the market. And never miss the online mode of book marketing in this web crazy world. Else, your book may prove to be a failure, and only handful of people forms its readers.
Follow these Smart Book,content marketing strategy and Promotion Tips to Get a Fair Share of Readers:
  1. Choose a Renowned Publisher: When you tie-up with a popular publisher who is known to print books of famous authors, people trust you more as an author and make an attempt to buy your book even if you are a novice. This doesn’t go for just the publisher. Contracting with popular distributors and libraries (physical or online) who boast of mass readership helps your book reach a much wider audience (readers). Amazon is an online equivalent of a popular bookstore or library. Make sure your book title is catalogued there and your book is available for sale out there.
  2. Reviews: Create a website or blog to promote your book and ask your fans or readers to post reviews. Reviews are a great way to build trust of further readers. If there is something controversial or debatable in your book, do not worry. The more people think, talk, or argue about your book, the more popular it becomes. However, make sure you do not write anything that creates legal hassles for you in future. You need to get popular for your book and not be termed as an imposter, a copyright violator, etc. If you are fortunate enough to have reviews of your book written by an author of the same genre, you are sure to be shoved into limelight soon. Established authors are arrogant enough not to peek at another author’s creation unless it is something substantial. And readers understand this. So, they will definitely want to try reading something that their favorite author reviewed or recommended.
  3. Promote-Promote-Promote: Don’t be content if your book has taken off the initial phase, or if it has picked up sales. You need to be constantly promoting it to be sure it reaches the maximum masses and its sales remain constant. Book promotion is a continuous process and not a one-step thing. So, don’t adopt a laidback attitude ever in the process though you must change the strategies of promotion as the stage advances.
  4.  Online Marketing: You may not get far if you are not marketing books online. Whether it is through blogs, social media like Facebook or Twitter, or through EBooks, market your book well through the online mode. This guarantees you a high level of visibility which you would have not garnered otherwise. The impact that social media has on people is unprecedented in today’s times.

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