4 Factors To Consider While Relocating To A New Venue

Migrating from your present home to another one can turn out to be an episode if only you are not completely readied to manage it. The most critical angle is the experience you have in relocating homes. When you have finished it sometime recently, you could be aware about what it takes to move a home. On the other hand, for people who are migrating despite anything that might have happened before, it is essential to realize the necessities acknowledging it and performing the same before you really move your home is highly essential. There are few factors to be maintained. 4 of them that are discussed below


Relocating To A New Venue

• Hiring man and van

When you have a great deal of furniture or home stuff that cannot be pulled along, you may as well genuinely think procuring a moving organization like man and van to manage your furniture transportation. They may charge a touch more than your anticipations, however it pays to provide for them their levy since it can have a noteworthy effect in your relocation action. Initially, they are experts, thus they know precisely what to pack, in what way, and how to pack in the ideal way with the goal that your furniture is not harmed in the way. They likewise know how to transport the domestic things – what to load in the first place, how to load it, and how to secure the furniture so it is not shaken throughout the transportation. It could be unreasonable, yet it could be a one-opportunity charge for a long while, and could be worth the trouble. You must not forget to tip the movers.


f• Moving the furniture on your own

It is not required to contract proficient movers. When you can employ a truck, and bring in your companions to help you stack your stuff inside the truck, you could spare some huge cash as transportation charges. Obviously, you must be cautious and utilize a great deal of creative energy when you do the moving exercises.


• Transportation costs

Despite the fact that numerous moving organizations offer a deal that incorporates the transportation costs, a couple of organizations like man and van London simply offer administrations, which incorporate managing the furniture and stacking it into a van or a truck. You need to pay additional for the transportation. Regardless of the possibility that the organization offers transportation offices, you might as well look at what amount of the transportation expenses add on to this in general packaging cost. You generally have the choice to work out the transportation on your own. Assuming that you are exceptional at arranging, you could just settle down with a much lesser cost.


• Unexpected postpones and expense

While migrating, never forget the “Murphy’s Law” – If anything can happen, it will. Hence, it is worthwhile to be prepared for an unexpected predicament. You could be astounded at the degree to which things can really happen when you would not dare anticipating anymore. Things that don’t befall you ordinarily may truly show themselves in the fullest conceivable degree throughout your relocation movement. You could be even compelled to use some cash “to get things right”. So consider Murphy’s Law when you move.

Assuming that you are looking for some moderate yet agreeable flats center park you could be obliged to discover an exceptional domain agent who can get you the careful project you are searching. You may need to use a couple of additional bucks however in the end discover the ideal accommodation you are seeking.


Get To Know More About The Assisted Living And Care Homes For Seniors

A number of people hope of surviving in their own home for their whole life, but it is not always probable and sometimes, it seems a very difficult task. Not numerous individuals are fond of selecting the senior assisted living in their future times.  A thought of staying away from the homes and family members, afraid them that makes them stressful and unhappy. There are some situations in which they fell ill due to this reason. They also have a feeling that they are no more wanted by their family members or children.

Care Homes For Seniors

But there is no need to worry about all such things because these things are never happened in assisted living centers. These centers provide friendly and secure environment like homes. In these days, the senior citizens suffer numerous difficulties of surviving in a modern and faster world. In order to get rid of this issue, it is best advised to opt for a residential living center or care center or nursing home. But a number of people hesitate to opt for this better facility because there are not known to different effective processes and right services offered by such care centers.

Introduction to assisted living center

Assisted living serves as the new shelter and health or medical care facilities exist for elderly or senior citizens. It provides them comprehensive self-determination with individual care in a decorous, community and warm setting. These centers are best options for those elderly people who are unable to do their own daily activities such as dressing, bathing, eating, and getting around the home.

Assisted living homes serve as a comprehensive package of care, affection, assistance and personalized support services. Nursing homes are considered as older options for the survival of incapable seniors. They offer a care like homes. People want a mixture of homely environment with the presence of medication amenities, they find all such things in assisted living centers. This leads to a reduction in the gap between the independent living and nursing homes. These are the best options for those seniors, who are unable to carry out their own daily activities. These homes provide a wide range of services such as parental care, self support and residential care. Individuals with diseased, paralyzed and memory disorders are major ones who prefer to such services for making their life better and enjoyable.

How they assist you

Due to the increasing demand of these types of centers, even the government of different countries is providing support to these homes. In fact, all the rules and regulations have been made in order to protect the rights and privacy of both the service providers as well as residents. The staff members of assisted living homes are chosen with great supervision and care so that they have patience and tolerance with all types of patients and offer needed assistance at any amount of time without including frustration and stress. All the staff members are certified in a number of rescue services as well. These homes offer a systematic strategy for every of the person who wants to be a part of this community. Afterwards, the staff members are allocated to particular individuals, but a member needs to have a complete knowledge about the conditions of the patient and how to handle them.

How to find out the perfect one

There are so many assisted livings or board and care centers available in different parts of the world. So, it creates difficulty for you to opt for which center as there are so many centers available. There are a number of ways of getting rid of these confusions. Two ways are mentioned below, have a look at them:

  • You can take recommendations from your friends, relatives or neighbors for better and professional assisted living centers that provide almost all types of residential care services for citizens. They will give you the right suggestions as they have experienced these places ever in their life.
  • If recommendations do not work for you, then you can go online and search for numerous assisted living or care centers in your locality or somewhere in different locations. There are lots of options available in front of you provided by the search engines. This is due to the fact that there is a plethora of centers available all over the globe. You can make a proper list in which you can mention all the different services offered by numerous centers. You can shortlist any three of them that suits needs and preferences of yourself as a senior citizen or for your parents, if you are searching for them. Once you are done with this, you can select the best and right assisted living center among all of the three. You can compare the three centers on the basis of their services, facilities, staff members, extra indoor or outdoor activities, price range and many others.

Things to do for post Wrigley Field – Chicago Cubs game fun

Post-game Hotspots in Wrigleyville
Spring Training has started which means it is only a matter of time until the one of the best things to do in Chicago is back in action. And while no, watching the White Sox or the Cubs play baseball isn’t always amazing, going to Wrigley Field and Wrigleyville is.

If you are the kind of person who likes baseball, the sun, people, or fun, then you’re going to enjoy a day at the Cubs game and in the surrounding area.
While choosing to check out a game at Wrigley is an easy decision, deciding where to go before or after the game is difficult with the multitude of options. Here are three great suggestions for places to go in Wrigleyville after a game.
The first recommendation for post-Cubs game fun is Sluggers, which is less than a minute walk from the main entrance of Wrigley Field. Sluggers is a massive bar with three floors, each offering its own unique flavor and catering toward distinct crowds.
The diehard Cubs fans can be found on the main floor, most likely drowning their sorrows, but on the off-chance of a Cubs victory they will be dancing to the DJs beats and cherishing the feeling.
The lower floor is the mellow area with pool tables and people having actual conversations. The top floor on the other hand is a total wild card with a complete arcade, five batting cages, and dueling pianos. Sluggers is a hard place not to find your niche.
For a similar atmosphere at Sluggers, yet slightly more relaxed, walk past Sluggers for another two blocks until you get to Sheffield’s. Taking the cake as a true manly-man’s bar, Sheffield’s specializes in beer and barbecue and provides a woodsy atmosphere to complete the theme.
Sheffield’s classic Wrigleyville outdoor beer gardenSheffield’s has a classic Wrigleyville outdoor beer garden along with cozy indoor areas featuring leather booths and fireplaces. Sheffield’s offers over 00 different beers and perfectly smoked barbecue dishes, which draws in hipsters and younger professionals.
As almost all Wrigleyville bars, Sheffield’s is still bound to be packed with Cubs fans and young adults fresh out of their college’s greek system.
If you are the kind of person who wants to stay close to Wrigley but really wants a change of scenery, check to see if there is a show at the Metro. Less than a minute walk from the north exit of Wrigley, the Metro is an intimate concert venue that routinely draws in top–notch performers in a wide range of genres.
There is a bar in the Metro as well as a quality sports bar right next door to grab a bite before the show. While this will not be your typical Wrigleyville experience, it is one of the best things to do in Chicago if you like music.

How Geothermal Systems Helps Protect the Earth’s Environment

Saving fuel and finding more efficient ways of saving energy is the hottest topic today. Today, you will find that the geothermal heat and energy is the one revolutionary way by which natural energy can be used for powering up our homes and commercial buildings. Geothermal systems are not only energy efficient, but they also assist in reducing the global warming which is a major issue today. If you are using a geothermal energy and implanting geothermal systems that uses ground source heat and it is important that you know how it works.

 How geothermal energy works?

geothermal energy

Geothermal heating works with the help of pumps thus it is important that you purchase these pumps from reputable sources underneath the earth’s surface you will find that there is always a certain temperature which is usually 57 degrees. This is a very good temperature for the heating pumps. The geothermal heat pump will work by circulating water in an underground loop through the natural part of the earth and this loop is known as a heat exchanger. In the next step it is shifted through the water and then to air heat pumps that have been located inside the building and heat pumps warm up the rooms. By this way the buildings are naturally kept warm.

Advantages of using geothermal pipes

There are several advantages of using pe pipe such as these pipes are going to keep your rooms at the desired temperatures.  Using this system is safe and you will be able to naturally cool and heat your office buildings and homes. These systems can be used in both small as well as large buildings

Another benefit is that they are very easy to utilize. There are many people who assume, because it is a new thing this will be complicated and complex to use and they skip the chances of contributing towards protecting the environment. Using these systems can help in saving 25-40% of the energy. Over the years these systems have been tested and enhanced and improved. It is continuing to advance more and more. This helps in protecting the environment and also helps in saving money and energy.

Design of geothermal heat pump

Geothermal pumps come in closed and open loop designs. The system utilizes two pumps and wells to pull water from the feeder and dump. A horizontal closed loop system is having pipes that are buried in the several feet underneath the earth. Heat exchange happens between the ground and the piping. Vertical closed loops are the perfect for the areas with limited space like in the cities. Holes are drilled in the surface of earth  few hundred feet and then the pipes fill in those holes.

Two main piping units

There are 2 main piping systems  on the whole design. There is a presence of one system which is known as an earth coupling system, an outdoor piping system situated under the earth’s surface. The other system is known as indoor piping system, a system which is attached to the geothermal heat pump systems which are situated inside. These indoor heat pump systems offer either cool air for cooling or warm air for heating with the help of a duct distribution unit. These 2 piping units are interconnected with each other and both the units need circulating pumps for the effective functioning.

When the heat pump systems are in the heating form, then these remove the heat from the ground and move this amount of heat to the system which is responsible for distributing the air. Whenever a geothermal heat pump system is the form of cooling, these remove heat from the air allocation unit through cooling the air and move this heat back to the ground with the help of an underground piping unit.

Where to buy

Geothermal methods are getting popular day by day and are being widely used in the commercial areas so that buildings can be kept warm and cooler in a natural way. It helps in saving a huge amount of energy and also is a cost effective method. These systems are also being used in homes to save energy. This is one of the best ways you can go for.

Once you understand all the benefits and features associated with the geothermal heat pump systems, you can decide whether to make use of these systems for commercial use or not. If you are interested in buying these systems for your industrial places, then you can buy them from a reputed and reliable service provider. There are so many companies available in the industry that deals with such types of effective systems. You can check their presence on the internet in order to know more about the benefits, features, design and working of geothermal heat pump systems. You can also buy these units from various service providers at very moderate prices.



Choosing A Chemical Storage Tank For Your Plant Safety

Chemical storage tanks are the tanks which are used to store chemicals. There are several industries that use chemicals for several purposes. There are a variety of storage tanks that are a valuable for holding these chemicals securely and safely. There are different types of chemicals and this need to be stored in different types of storage tanks.  There are several companies that use chemicals which are hazardous in nature and these chemicals needs to be stored   with great care. This becomes more important in case these needs to be stored in huge quantities such as there are companies that use a Liquid co2 tank for storing CO2 in the liquid form. If these chemicals are split in the facility or plant than it can create disasters, thus it is important to store them in a safe place and that is storage tanks.

What is storage tanks made up of?

Chemical Storage Tank

Chemical storage tanks are also called chemical tanks and these were the first method that were used to control the aggressive corrosive and reactive chemicals and thus it is the most important job of the company to choose them with extreme care. These tanks are used to keep the chemical safely and preventing the damage to the staff and the environment. The tanks are made of resistant materials and are made in such a way that it can withstand all the other factors such as extreme heat, movement and pressure. At the same time these tanks will not only keep the chemical safe inside, but are Eco friendly  and are economical as much as possible. Chemical tanks are very crucial and should be selected with extreme precautions.

How to choose a chemical storage tank?

For the industries choosing a compatible tank can be a daunting process, but fortunately there is a huge amount of documentation available that can prove a great help. For example, you can get help from the chemical profile information report for a specific type of chemical you are working with. This is also known as the material safety data sheet. This documentation is going to provide you with important information that is required to handle a specific chemical. However, if you are still confused, then you can take assistance from the contaminant tanks provider and they are going to provide you with the unique specification. They are highly going to help your business in choosing the right type of container that is used for the storage of a specific chemical.

Top quality storage tanks

Thankfully, there are many suppliers and manufacturers which deal with the top quality storage tanks. These tanks are made from the resistant materials so that they can hold the chemicals for long periods. There are plastic tanks and polyethylene tanks and several other types of tanks as well. Companies use the tanks that can easily fit their storage needs. It is important that you use high quality storage tanks from the best supplier in your region as a poor quality tank can lead you to heavy losses. There are not just financial losses, but others too. If you want to avoid these looses then choose a chemical storage tank with extreme care that can serve your industry and environment well.

Reputed suppliers

The good news is that today you are going to find many reputed suppliers in the market and they are even present online. They have specialists in the supply of the used and new tanks. You can even hire storage tanks with them. There are suppliers which deals in the storage tanks for brewing and beverages, food processing, electrics, plastic paint and rubber and many others. These companies not only help you in hiring, purchasing, but they also have a specialization in the installation process. You can contact them on their websites and hire them for the installation of the storage tanks. Installation of the tanks is not an easy job and they are heavy and needs heavy machineries and equipments for installation which you will get with them.

Choose the quality

It is important that you do not compromise with the quality of the storage tanks in case your company is dealing with the hazardous chemicals and other chemicals such as Industrial gas.  Choose a reliable supplier and manufacturer that can help you in getting the best.  Get associated with the assurance of safety of your facility and plant. You can rent different type of chemical storage tanks with them. There are some reputed companies with many years of experiences and have specialized in the field.

You can visit the website of the suppliers and look at the installation projects they have handled. Safety is the first thing you have to look for and while getting associated with the experienced and professional company you can get assurance for this. In case your company is dealing with hazardous chemicals then it is vital to use good quality tanks.


Piano Tuning Done in London Rings Music to Ears

Average pianists will know when they don’t get the desired sound effects from their pianos. Piano tuning London is a specialized task that requires making adjustments in the strings of acoustic pianos. In this way there is a regular interval ensured between tones. It will come up with clarity when one plays and to listeners as well. It may be noted that this fine tuning does not only refer to the pitches of the piano music. Between notes there is a vibration which is also important and assessed by a professional. This vibration between notes will differ among different makes and models of pianos; also different will be the setting of sound pitches for electric pianos and electronic keyboards.

piano tuning

If you have a piano at home in London or play it regularly it may be important to consult a professional for piano tuning London. The city is known for many of its palaces and castles, which is also home to some of the finest pieces of pianos. Among many residential houses in London too there are pianos at homes that make for an excellent addition to musical evenings or simply a quiet evening when one plays their own tunes and personal choices of classics. The musical sound of the piano has a lure that has successfully retained its popularity among the musically inclined through the ages. English houses have always take pride in the possession of a piano and it would be a shame if you let it go waste in the midst of a busy life.
Interestingly there are large numbers of professionals and even companies available in the sphere of piano tuning London.  It is not an easy task or work sphere. In fact it requires one to be patient when listening to the musical tunes that they are adjusting and then adjust the sounds accordingly. There are several aspects of this adjustment that requires special understanding and that constant urge to keep engaged in the line of work. They are also available for services of regular maintenance and care of your piano. This is a perfect way to enjoy flawless sounds and the pleasure of playing the piano when you wish to.

Browse online through web directories and individual sites of piano tuning London companies and professionals who have been engaged in this for many years now. Some of the well known companies are family run establishments that have been engaged in the work of fine tuning pianos for generations. They also offer comprehensive package services like regular maintenance and care along with repairs and spares replacements of your piano should there be any such need. Minor damages and mechanical faults can also affect sound quality and ease of playing the piano.
piano tuning London
For professional musicians and pianists there is a need for constant care and attention of their pianos. Before the start or even as part of preparations of a concert or recital you need to ensure that tuning is perfect. For this you will need the assistance of an experienced professional for piano tuning London. Many available professionals have experience of working with renowned singers and musicians and preparing their pianos for concerts and performances. Piano tuning London services are available at the address of a client as well as studios and workplaces of the companies.


3 Types of Jaw Plates

To get the ideal output from jaw crushers, numerous parts must work splendidly. The most imperative of all these parts is the Crusher extras and it is the key for the great functioning of a jaw crusher. The great fulfillment of pounding methodology is truly lies on a part that is spotted between the two plates. You may be asking why these plates’ requirements to be regularly reinstated when there are numerous different parts in a jaw crusher. The response is straightforward; it is on the grounds that they get the most extreme demolishing when a crusher is on utilization. Jaw plates are the most essential parts in terms of the functioning of jaw crushers. The squashing happens between two plates – the altered and the swing. Since, the vast majority of the whipping is constantly finished by the part; it requests more trade every now and again. Assuming that your industry utilizes these parts, then you must be attentive to the nature and utilization of jaw crushers and the different jaw plates that are utilized with them. Then again, there are different sorts of Jaw Plates in the industrial sector and you have to get the right one that suits your necessities and prerequisite.

Types of Jaw Plates

These jaw plates are of most extreme significance for the working of expansive number of commercial ventures that are reliant on crushers for their operations. It must be recalled that not all the Jaw Plates are same. You need to pick the right one for getting greatest profits and more life compass. The types of jaw plates can be defined as below:


Straight Plates


There are straight plates with numerous preferences and that numerous impediments. Contrasted with different plates, these Jaw Plates have incredible lessening proportions and they have the best nip plot and most extreme opening for the food. In the meantime, they have a shorter life due to closer side settings. Poor wear dissemination makes it need to destroy speedier. Assuming that there is incessant utilization of the crusher, these plates are not perfect. It will be suitable for little operations.


Half-belly Plates


Half gut Jaw Plates accompany a lesser diminishment proportion yet with preferred wear conveyance over straight ones. They are straight yet with bended closures. Its food opening is more modest and it is perfect for squashing occupations with finer materials. They have lesser issues with stopping.


Full-belly plates

Full-belly jaw plates are the best wear appropriation. They serve for a more drawn out time than the other two and are best for ceaseless utilization of the crushers. There are a few disservices like poor nip point and lesser opening.

High effective Jaw Crushers are intended for essential smashing of even hardest rock. Correctly machined & arranged, string bearing lodgings, quite thick, hard and intense movable switch plate, heat treated, solidified amalgam steel fundamental shaft, fitting oil framework, high manganese steel jaw plates, hard confronted side plates, confer a long life to the machine. Spring stacked wellbeing tie bar secures Jaw stock against over-burdening.

Limits given are not least or greatest because of wide variety in the squashing qualities of distinctive rocks and minerals. Production given is dependent upon prescribed food size, and likewise relies on the kind of jaw crusher to be pulverized and these are utilized within various parts incorporating mining, metallurgical, refining, development, concoction industry water driven, and others.


Tips For Maximising Your Online Gaming Sessions


Interactive entertainment is the order of the day, and now NJ online casino players can enjoy fully regulated real money gaming


Watch Las Vegas Instantly Come Alive on Your Screen!

Many of us long for an all-expenses-paid trip to Las Vegas. The iconic Vegas Strip is the stuff of legend; entertainment attractions as far as the eye can see, with the possibility of big winnings ever present. But the reality is that such adventures are few and far between thanks to cost, time and logistical considerations. Fortunately, there is an avenue available to players that is cost-effective, convenient and completely rewarding. Online casino gaming – long a staple of the


how to earn money while studying

European online gaming world – is now available in a select few states in the US. Luckily, New Jersey is one of them and it provides players with an exceptional range of games to choose from.

These span the full spectrum of hot titles including slots, video poker, roulette, blackjack,progressive jackpot games and standard casino games among others. In November this year, real money casino gaming was signed into law in New Jersey, and the response has been stunning. In 2015 alone total gaming revenues generated by online casinos amounted to $124 million –substantial by anyone’s admission.

Incredible Gaming Variety Awaits New Jersey Players

New Jersey is presently the biggest regulated online gaming market in the country, with an estimated adult gaming population of just under 7 million people. The other two states offering online casino games include Nevada and Delaware, but their numbers pale in comparison to the garden state. The broad category of games available at Caesars Online Casino in New Jersey includes real money video poker, jackpots, table games, roulette, blackjack, slots and general casino games. Players at can feast their eyes on an incredible selection of Vegas-themed attractions including these fine titles: Quick Hit Platinum, Hot Shot, Chilli Gold,Rags to Riches, Big Vegas, Blackjack Micro Limit, Blackjack Sidebet, Vegas Blackjack,European Roulette, Double Bonus Spin Roulette, Casino War, Four Card Poker, Ultimate Texas

Hold’em, Sushi Express and Captain Nemo.


Features of the Online Gaming Platform

For starters, the only requirements to get up and running at CaesarsCasino include the fact

that you must be at least 21 and physically present in New Jersey. Otherwise, everything is click and play. You don’t need to download any gaming software, or even register an account to practice the games for free. All of the casino games run direct off your browser in flash play mode using HTML 5 technology. Very few, if any, online casinos or land-based casinos provide players with this option. You can preserve your bankroll until such time as you’re ready to play real money online casino games like netticasino Suomi . A quick registration affords players a $10 no deposit bonus and a first deposit will be met with a 100% welcome bonus up to $300. As appreciation to players for their patronage, the Total Rewards® Program at Caesars Online Casino is bang on the money.

Fantastic incentives like discounted rooms stays, room upgrades, exotic vacations, entertainment benefits, dining and others are yours to enjoy when you enrol in this program. Four tiers including Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Seven Stars accommodate players every step of the way.

With so much up for grabs, there are many reasons to enjoy real money games in the garden state.


Hillary Clinton-Reasons why she is potential presidential candidates

Are you tired of waiting for the candidates to declare their intention of running for president in order to talk about the next presidential election? Do you wish you could discuss and weigh your options now? Then, this post, full of my predictions of the 2015 presidential candidates, is for you.  The merits of thirteen potential presidential candidates are analyzed

.Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton


  • Hillary Clinton – Former First Lady of the United States, Former Senator from New York, Former Secretary of State  Baggage: Ambassador Chris Stevens and other Americans were killed in an attack on the United States Embassy in Iraq in what is now known as the Benghazi scandal.  Clinton, who was Secretary of State at the time, underwent scrutiny.  Her age and health have also been questions of concern the last several years.
  • Elizabeth Warren – She may enter to give Hillary a run for her money.
  • Vice President Joe Biden – In a recent poll, Clinton would beat Biden by a landslide.  Also, he has a closer association with President Obama as current Vice President than Clinton did as Obama’s former Secretary of State.  President Obama had a tough 2015 as far as popular opinion of him went.  This could hurt Biden’s chances by association.
  • California Governor Jerry Brown – Governor Brown is responsible for Proposition 30, the bill that saved California’s school and stopped California from going down the financial toilet.  People speculated he’d be a good presidential choice since he possibly could do for America what he did for California.  Yesterday’s newspaper detailed Brown’s plans for increasing funding for education in his latest budget proposal to even further help the schools.
  • John Kerry – Secretary of State Kerry tried before to become president but looked “wimpy” in contrast to opponent George W. Bush in 2004.
  • Chris Christie, Governor of New Jersey – Christie made a name for himself when Hurricane Sandy struck New Jersey, and he put aside party politics to help the people of his state.  Despite anti-Republican sentiment toward Obama, Republican Christie joined with Obama to help the people of New Jersey during trying times.  He was hailed as a hero for doing so.  Considering he is more mainstream than many from the Republican party, his chances looked favorable for a presidential run.  Baggage:  Bridgegate—Christie has been accused of closing a crowded bridge to spite a mayor of his state.  There were terrible repercussions for the citizens stuck for hours in traffic on the crowded bridge.  Christie was investigated for the incident but subsequently cleared.
  • Mitt Romney – Click on link above for Fox’s story detailing Romney’s interest.  During his 2012 presidential campaign, Romney’s mouth seemed to hurt him more than President Obama who himself was undergoing trying times due to the downfall of the economy.  Romney made blunder after blunder during the summer of 2012.  He made geographical errors, committed sacrilegious acts on holy ground in Poland, and was guilty of a faux paux when it came to the Anglo-Saxons.  His words calling Russia “our enemy” now seem prophetic in light of recent events.  However, his speech at a fundraiser detailing his campaign strategy was seen as government policy.  The speech went viral, and any chances he had left quickly disappeared after that.
  • Rick Perry – Perry tried very hard to keep his name in the spotlight, but recently was investigated himself for misuse of power in his state.
  • Michelle Bachman – She seems to think she is “all that”.  She has a reputation as a hate-monger, but is a leading voice in today’s Tea Party.
  • Andrew Cuomo – As New York Governor Mario Cuomo’s son, Andrew has a leg up on the other candidates.  His dad just died, so he may get the sympathy vote.
  • Newt Gingrich – Often the subject of the Twitter feed, Gingrich hasn’t denied interest.
  • Al Gore, former Vice President and former presidential candidate – Gore came close to winning when he lost last time.  Since his “global warming” theory has received credibility, there is renewed interest in Gore running.
  • Rand Paul – A retreat, enough said
  • Herman Cain – he had appeal last time, but his “fruit analogy” speech at the Republican debates lost many potential voters.
  • Jeb Bush – Bush is George W.’s brother; they even look alike.  People still feel George W. is responsible for the Iraqi War, one of the two most unpopular wars in America’s history.  As I explained with Biden, people become guilty by association.  Is he going to try and disassociate himself from his own brother?

The next presidential election is next year, which, in the scheme of things, is not very long from now.  You don’t have that long to weigh your options.  Therefore, in the spirit of this being a true advice blog, I will suggest who I think would be best for this country.  Here goes:

Hillary Clinton is best qualified to be the next president of the United States of America for the following reasons.  First, she has already lived in the White House where peoIple say she was the power behind husband Bill Clinton.  Next, she already has served as a senator, an elected position, as well as Secretary of State, an appointed position.  In addition, although a Democrat, she is far more mainstream than President Obama and may pick up Republican votes.  Finally, it would be novel to have a woman president in our lifetime.  We saw an African-American become president.  It’s time we saw a woman become president.   If England could have Margaret Thatcher, we can have Hillary Clinton.

Readers, I am #ReadyforHillary.  Are you?  Who would you like to see become President in this year and why?  I look forward to your views.

Written by Janice Wald at