Long Distance Rakhi/ Sending Rakhis to USA

Long Distance Rakhi/ Sending Rakhis to USA

Long Distance Rakhi and How to Send

Long distance Rakhi / Sending Rakhis to USA is the time of the year when beautiful threads are adorning the walls of all the shops in the country. And we are all overflowing with excitement to find the most special Rakhi for our brothers.

We might hate them for pulling our hair, using our face-wash, eating our ice-cream and switching the channel when we are crying buckets watching a chick flick, but brothers hold a special place in every girl’s heart. For some of us they are our pillars of strength, our agony aunts, and our confidants and for the rest maybe chaperons. Therefore holiday and festivals of Rakhi is one such festival which gives you a chance to shower your Long Distance Rakhi brothers with all the love and awesome gifts to say you care.

But sadly, some of us don’t get the opportunity to see them on RakshaBandhan due to geographical distances, leaving us no choice but to wish them on phone. But don’t get disappointed, online gifting has made it possible to send Rakhis to as far as US and UK. Now delivering Long Distance Rakhi to your sibling in USA is as easy and quick as sending parcels to UP. The world is not enough for the reach of the Internet. Who knows? Someday we might just get Rakhis delivered on the moon. Touché!

Online Rakhi is such a convenient way to send Rakhis to any part of the globe and express your love to your brother. Various online stores like Rakhi Gift Shopping have all the trending designs like Angry Birds Rakhi, gold/silver plated Rakhi, Idol Rakhi etc. to choose from. Just pick your favorite one and punch in your card details to complete the process. A perfect way to let your brother know that you care even when you are miles away. You can completely rely on these websites without any to deliver your gifts safely in the hands of the receiver.

You can also buy gift packs for your NRI brothers that include beautiful threads, traditional shagunthalis, dry fruits, Indian sweets, namkeens, chocolates etc. If your brother is married, you can opt for some unique LumbaRakhis for your sister-in-law as well. Or go forfor splendid gifts like cufflinks, bracelets, pens, silver coins in addition to Rakhisto take him by surprise. And you never know you might get some return gift for your effort as well. So all you girls who were planning to just sit idle and keep missing their brothers on Rakhi can now log onto to the Internet and go on a Rakhi shopping spree. Happy Rakhi Shopping!


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