Easter also known as “Pascha” mostly referred to as the “Resurrection Sunday” also a foremost anniversaryof the Christian’s to celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, which arose on the Third day after he was crucified. Easter or Pascha is celebrated currently on the 17th, of April 2022. Easter is related to the Jewishas  is connected to Egyptian Exodus recorded in the Old Testament which is prior to the last supper, pain and crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Easter  date is calculated based on Lunisolal Calendar,which is similar to  Hebrew calendar which gives no information in calculation, Even if it was  calculated based on a more accurate Gregorian calendar, this full moon date may be different from  the  first full moon after March Equinox.

Eastercelebration varies in the Christian world, “sunrise service”, midnight watch or vigils, exclamation and Paschal greetings in exchange, withcommunal breaking of Easter Eggs which is an emblem of an Empty tomb, other customs associated with Easter celebrations are Egg hunting, communal dancing, Easter bunny and parades associated by Christians and non-Christians.

Easter is often a holiday in a Christian country where Christianity is the state religion or the country has a large Christian population. Easter Monday is a national holiday in many countries around the world, as Easter is always Sunday. Some retail stores, malls and restaurants are closed on Easter Sundays. Good Friday, two days before Easter Sunday, is also a holiday in many countries and 12 states in the United States. Even in states where Good Friday is not a holiday, many financial institutions, stock exchanges, and public schools are closed, and banks that normally open on  Sundays are closed on Easter. Easter falls on Sunday in the United States, but it is no longer a federal or state holiday because it is already a holiday for federal and state employees.  Easter parades with a festive procession are held in many American cities.

The Easter egg custom originated in the early Christian community of Mesopotamia, where eggs were dyed red to commemorate the blood of Christ shed by the crucifixion of Christ. [127] [128] Therefore, for Christians, the Easter egg is a symbol of an empty tomb. The oldest tradition is the use of dyed eggs.Easter eggs are a broad symbol of new life, not only during the Eastern Orthodox Church, but also in the folk traditions of Poland and other Slavic countries. A batik-like decoration process known as Pysanka creates complex, brightly colored eggs. The Faberger family’s famous workshop produced Easter eggs adorned with exquisite jewels for the families of the Russian Empire from 1885 to 1916. In some traditions, children leave an empty basket ready to fill the Easter bunny while sleeping. When they wake up, they find a basket of candy eggs and other goodies.

The mystical resurrection of the death of Jesus Christ which the Christians celebrates is one the main support of Christian faith.  Jesus “Resurrection” from the dead serves as an evidence of him being the son God, and also a proof that God will righteously judge the world. The resurrection of Christ from the dead gives a finite approval to eternal living hope and salvation to those who choose to follow him. Jesus rising physically gives believers a spiritual resurrection to dwell with him eternally.


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