Does God ever Existed or We use GOD???????

Does GOD Exist even when POOR Cry

Does God ever Existed



How to Argue That God Does Not Exist. .

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  1. The concept of god is definitely man created. God simply takes the place of any entity in the nature that humans don't realize. At first events like lightening, huge amounts, earthquakes, outerspace, origin of life as well as the universe and finally consciousness. All these entities unknown to man had created a void in knowledge and also this was only to be filled by way of a supernatural omniscient 'God'. The notion of a god that created man was made by man.

  2. I was reading in regards to the Egyptian God "Anubis" the god from the dead and embalming, Anubis guarded the actual mummy from evil forces during sleep. He is commonly depicted in puppy form, with the jackal head. The full depiction in canine form with a jackal head made me feel that human's whenever experienced fear created their very own gods in super natural/ super human forms to hope to overcome worry

  3. The other approach around. We produced gods(God), give them the actual properties that we wish to have, and work to achieve the status of the actual god we produced. It is an illusive goal, but this is just about the reason god was created.

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