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Help! I just got a dog and I have no idea of the breed!

Dogs are one of the most popular household pets that people have today.  With so many different breeds of dogs, it can be very difficult to tell what breed of dog you have.  While it is true that some people choose to pick their dog in advance, therefore already knowing the breed, there are just as many people that either adopt the dog from a shelter, pound, or other family; or find the dog as a stray.  In these cases, the breed of the dog is most likely unknown, and it could be a mix of more than one breed.

Factors to look for that will help you narrow it down

 your dog breeds

  • The coat/fur of the dog

?     While cats are separated into long hair, short hair, and hairless categories, dogs almost always have some sort of coat or fur.  Simply by petting your dog it can be easy to determine what his or her coat feels like.  Is it curly or straight?  Some dogs, like poodles, have very curly hair.  Other dogs, like Labrador retrievers, have straight hair.  Is the coat short or long?  Is it soft or rough?  Is it a thick coat of fur despite what time of year it is (since some dogs get a thicker coat during winter), or is it a thin coat? 

  • The weight of the dog

?     One of the easiest ways to start determining your dog breeds is by looking at the weight of your dog.  There are pretty much three categories of dogs: small, medium, and large.  By deciding which group your dog falls into, it can narrow down the different choices that you have about which breed of dog you have.

  • The height of the dog

?     In addition to the weight of the dog, the height can also play a factor.  Most dogs that are small in weight are also small in height, so ruling on whether the dog is tall or short can be helpful.  Unfortunately, there are plenty of dogs that do fall into the category of medium when it comes to height and weight, and that can be difficult.

  • The facial and body structure of the dog

?     Some dogs, such as pugs, have an extremely distinctive facial structure, known for their pressed in faces as well as their curly tails.  Dogs such as dachsunds have a particular body structure, known for their long bodies and short legs.  Looking at the facial structure and body type of your dog can help you determine which breed he or she is.

  • The color pattern(s) of the dog

?     Two breeds that are very distinctively known for their color patterns are pit bulls and boxers.  These dogs have very easily noticeable patterns in certain colors, depending on the breed.  This may not be as helpful with other dogs who have less distinctive color patterns.

Other ways you can research dog breeds:


            If you’ve tried all of the above methods and are still coming up empty handed, don’t get discouraged!  You can always look at the American Kennel Club website or any other dog encyclopedia to see pictures of different dog breeds and compare them to that of your dog.  You can also talk more about your dog breeds with your veterinarian.  They are the most experienced when it comes to seeing different breeds of dogs, and may be able to give you a head start on how to find out this answer once and for all!

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5 Features to Consider Why Global Herbs are Better

While the utilization of Global Herbs to enhance one’s health has as of late taking pride in surge, the health profits of characteristic herbs has been known all around the globe since ancient times. As history says numerous individuals all around have utilized herbs as pharmaceuticals. Antiquated histories portray medicinal utilization for numerous diverse herbs, and a significant number of the aforementioned Global Herbs are utilized today to treat the same diseases. Up to date synthetic pills and pharmaceutical are built upon with respect to unanticipated home grown medication practices, and a large number of our medications have concentrates or embodiments of plants as some of their key fixings. While substance medications have dominated home grown prescriptions in the present day period, numerous individuals are starting to see the health profits of regular herbs, particularly when connected to a comprehensive wellness approach.


Herbs are ancient

Comprehending what herbs are and their known profits may sway you to start to utilize these regular components to build your own particular wellness. Specific Global Herbs used to tread medicinal conditions in aged times frequently relied on upon the nearby vegetation, however with our worldwide economy, it is much simpler to gain entrance to Global Herbs from everywhere throughout the planet. Herbs hail from verdant plants and a lot of people utilized for quality sustenance. Then again, some of these same herbs can have brilliant impacts on the form. Case in point, garlic can cause an unobtrusive lessening in high pulse, and green tea and Oolong tea can have been demonstrated to cut the dangers of getting high circulatory strain up to 65%.


Treat disease effectively

The health profits of common herbs for diabetes have likewise been examined, and Gymnema has been indicated to animate the pancreas with the goal that more insulin is generated. Likewise, Fenugreek, which was utilized by aged Romans and Greeks to treat diabetes, has been indicated to bring down the blood glucose levels and the insulin levels and additionally by and large cholesterol levels. Astringent melon, bilberry, and grape seed concentrate have been indicated to profit and fortify the vessels, which restricts harm to little veins which is one inconvenience that is interfaced to diabetes.


No threat of side effect

As you take in more about regular herbs, you will see that the greater part of herbs is exceptionally sheltered and if your physique doesn’t require what they give, they will essentially pass through your physique without bringing on any mischief. You can additionally substitute sound herbs in huge numbers of your formulas in the spot of less solid elements to make the suppers you consume much healthier. Figuring out how to cook with herbs can truly upgrade the essence of your sustenance. After some time, you may observe that you truly incline toward the qualities of the herbs you are utilizing over the greasy or not so great fixings you used to use to get more quality out of your nourishments.


Enhance lifestyle

As should be obvious, there are numerous health profits of Global Herbs that have been known for a long time. By increasing your present sound lifestyle with herbs that can avert or help control ailment, you can enhance your in general health as well as your personal satisfaction.



Supplements prepared out of unadulterated herbs are sold in health stores and online retail outlets. There are dissimilar items and in addition a blended equation made up of concentrates together with minerals, vitamins amino acids and other vital supplements. Similarly, these hold an adequate measure of sustaining substances that might be used to encourage wellbeing. Then again, since these supplements are not represented by the stringent decides that pill makers need to accompany, it is prudent to make preparations for conceivable reactions that can cause damage to the figure.

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Horse care basics every horse owner should know

Horse care basics every horse owner should know

Owing a horse might appear to be a brilliant idea! After all, it’s a feel-good factor to have an animal that is royal and classy. But with ownership comes responsibility. Part of owning a horse also means knowing how to care for your horse as well. Horse health care is a vast subject. You will need years of research, reading and hands-on experience to become a pro. However, it is essential to know the basic horse care essentials to take good care of your horse.

Two essential aspects of horse care basics are water and food! It is true for every horse. It could be your horse or the ones you see in Emerald Downs; none can survive and perform better without food and water.

Water is essential for horse care


It is important to keep your horse hydrated all-round the year! It impacts the horse’s well-being and overall health. On an average, a horse will drink close to 5 to 15 gallons of water per day. Hence, it is important for every horse to get access to fresh and clean water round the clock and year. Also, make sure that you inspect the horse water source for during every season change to make sure that there’s a clean supply of water. During colder months, you need to check so that the water source doesn’t get frozen.

Horse care basics every horse owner should know

On the other hand, if your horse doesn’t drink adequate water and sweats heavily, then chances are you need to more. Adding a daily electrolyte supplement is a smart call that will enable you to substitute the salt as well as other several minerals that get lost through the sweat. It will help the horse to maintain the optimum hydration level and keep healthy.

·         If you will body cut your steed before a show, you ought to do this something like one to about fourteen days ahead of time. When you first body cut your steed, his jacket will look dull and may have lines from the cutting edges. By permitting some time, you can have your pony get back his normal sparkle and enable the lines to develop out.

·         Wash your pony before you body cut. Earth in the hide makes the sharp edges dull and won’t give a well put together.

·         Utilize a spotless, sharp cutting edge for the best outcomes.

·         As you cut your pony, frequently check the cutting edge to ensure it’s not overheating. At the point when the cutting edge has warmed up, make a point to take a break and splash them with a coolant.

·         After you body cut your steed, make a point to give him another shower. This will dispose of all the abundance hair that probably won’t have been brushed away.

The Finishing Touches:

·         If you use oil on your pony’s face, you should utilize it sparingly. Ensure that it looks characteristic and not oily.

·         Use infant powder, cornstarch, or white chalk to conceal any spots that may have surfaced.

·         Keep a tail wrap prepared in the event that you mesh your steed’s tail to shield him from rubbing the twist out.

·         Fill the nail gaps in the foot with filler that coordinates the foot shading.

·         To give your steed’s hooves a shiny look, you can complete it off with a foot clean.

·         Always, utilize a comparing mane search for whatever you are attempting to achieve. Regardless of whether it’s endeavoring to pull the mane, thin the mane, or simply brush the mane.

·         Use a little child powder to shroud any imperfections you may discover while planning for a show.

·         Wipe within your pony’s ear with a clammy material to expel any earth or trash.

·         For a shimmering sparkle, you can likewise apply a body sheen to help upgrade the steed’s jacket. Make a point to not shower it where your seat lays to abstain from slipping.

 Be careful about horse food


It’s true that horses have evolved over the years! And every horse body has adapted in a certain way when it comes to eating habits. Many people call horses as “trickle feeders.” It indicates that they can consume food on an ongoing basis. A horse typically spends as much as 17 to 20 hours grazing. Hence, it is essential for you to ensure that your horse gets all it wants.

The basis of horse health should be forage! It is essential for your horse to eat close to 1% to 2% of his entire body weight of the forage on a daily basis. Does your horse have sufficient access to fresh pasture? If not and the horse also has a couple of dietary limitations then you need to ensure that it gets its desired amount of high-end hay to ensure that the forage requirements get met.

Furthermore, a horse also needs extra calories to add power to his performance. It is essential for a horse to maintain a healthy body and weight condition. As you make the necessary arrangements for horse care, you can also check out the option of providing fortified grain.

Imagine a scenario in which somebody needs to keep their pony at home in a lawn stable.

It’s fine to keep your steed at home as long as you have enough understanding and time to give legitimate consideration.

What guidance do you have for keeping hooves solid?


Dealing with your ponies’ feet is a standout amongst the most critical things a proprietor can improve the situation them. “No feet, no pony.” Even in the event that you don’t have room schedule-wise to prepare, you ought to at any rate pick their feet intermittently to ensure there are no stones or stuffed mud developed in their hooves. Cleaning your steeds’ hooves regularly will help avoid thrush and keep them smelling better. A key piece of keeping your steed’s feet sound is opportune visits from a knowledgeable metal forger who will trim and re-shoe your steed if necessary. Diet additionally adds to the health of their feet.

Steeds eat roughage, grain and field. Are there various sorts of roughage?

Indeed, there are distinctive sorts and characteristics in roughage, which can differ with the cost and in the event that the feed is “first” or “second cut.” There are thin characteristics of feed and furthermore much courser assortments. A few steeds have inclinations.

How essential is new water in a steed’s eating regimen?

Water is so essential with any living creature; keep it crisp and clean. On the off chance that ponies don’t drink enough water, they can get affected effectively and require genuine assistance from an equine vet. They ought to dependably have water before them consistently.

Does a steed require horse brotherhood?

This relies upon the pony. By and large, ponies are a crowd creature and like to associate with others. A few identities are consummately fine alone and are content with simply human fellowship. A few ponies can get truly joined to one another.

Is there something like a pony emergency treatment pack that horse proprietors ought to have?

Truly, there are fundamental things each pony proprietor ought to have. As time passes by, you end amassing more supplies. Once in a while certain issues require explicit medications.

When you get the food and water requirements of your horse well, you take care of the basics. You can refer to the points discussed above as you manage the water and food arrangements for your horse. It will add to the overall well-being of the horse.

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Top Ten Best Dog Names

Best Dog Names

There is no greater joy for a dog owner than to bring home a new puppy. Adding a warm and wriggling puppy to the household can bring years of joy and companionship to any family. There is much to be done when a new puppy comes home, and one task will be to name it. Fortunately, there are top ten dog names that are trending this year, and whether you have a male or a female, you’re sure to find one in the list to suit your taste and your dog’s personality. Here are some ideas from Breanna – Peace For Pets, Dog Sitter Park City:

1. Bear

dog play kid gif

This dog name is popular for large dogs with heavy coats that resemble the real thing. St. Bernards, shaggy retrievers, and mastiffs are the most common dogs with this name, but if you have a tiny dog and an ironic sense of humor, this may be a good choice for you.

2. Spiro

This is a popular hiking dog names choice for owners who are interested in political history, as Spiro Agnew was a famous U.S. vice president who served under Richard Nixon. However, if you live in the Park City, Utah area and love to hike, you might name your dog Spiro after the famous hiking trail there. This is an especially good choice for a hardy breed that will love to walk that trail with you, such as an energetic lab or Jack Russell.

3. Riley

Riley is an old Irish name that means “valiant,” making it a suitable name for brave guardian breeds such as German Shepherds, Dobermans, or Rottweilers. Riley is considered a unisex name as well, so if you have a brave female pup, you can still toss this name into your mix of choices. This is also a good name for an owner who’s a music fan, as the Who song “Baba O’Riley” helped make it popular as well.

4. Sasha

While this is another unisex name, it is more common for a female dog. Several different popular TV characters from shows like The Walking Dead and Attack on Titan have made this name more popular than ever. This is a graceful name that would suit a beautiful retriever or a classy setter.

5. Cassidy

Cassidy means “clever,” but it also means “to have curly hair,” making this name a perfect choice for a curly-haired poodle or labradoodle. If your dog picked up on learning tricks and commands early, she would certainly earn this moniker that’s increasing in popularity all over the country. While it’s most commonly spelled with a C, the Kassidy derivation is also becoming popular.

6. Bilbo

If you brought home a toy breed, then you might want to consider this name, which is as small as your dog’s stature. This name was made hugely popular by the Hobbit movies, as their title character, Bilbo Baggins, is brave and courageous despite his small size. This name might be suited to a playful but fearless terrier or pug.

7. Cooper

Cooper has been a consistently popular name for dogs for decades now. This may be because of all the actors (like Gary Cooper) and sports legends (Cooper Manning) that have carried the name, or because it’s the type of name that suitable for so many different kinds of breeds. It has found popularity with all types of dogs, from labs to retrievers to shepherds.

8. Lucky

This is a classic name that has held onto its popularity over the years. While it’s predominantly a male dog’s name, there are female derivatives such as “Lucky Lady.” Lucky is a popular name for small dogs, and may suit dogs that have been adopted from shelters or from situations where they have been abandoned, making them very lucky dogs indeed.

9. Bella

While the Twilight book and movie series made the name Bella skyrocket to popularity over the last ten years because of its title character, Bella Swan, the name is actually an Italian word, which means “beautiful.” This name would suit any female dog but would especially perfect for an Italian breed, such as the small, lithe Italian Greyhound.

10. Max

While this is one of the most popular dog names of all time, people have varying reasons for choosing it. Many owners find it simple for their dogs to learn because it’s only one syllable, and it’s easy to fit on tags and ID collars. TV and movie fans have also named their dogs Max after famous fictional characters, such as Max Klinger from the show M*A*S*H and the cartoon adaptation of How the Grinch Stole Christmas, where the Grinch’s dog, Max, steals the show.

No matter what you decide to name your new puppy, you are sure to enjoy all the love and laughter it will bring into your family’s home. Whether you buy from a reputable breeder or adopt your new dog from a shelter, naming your pup can be a fun and challenging process and strengthen the bond between you and your dog, one that is sure to last a lifetime.

Author Bio: Krista Esparza is a full-time web content developer with over three years’ experience in writing for the Web and to date has written over 2,500 different articles over a wide range of topics, from travel to health care to women’s issues. She currently lives in New Mexico with her family and a variety of pets.

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Tadoba Tiger Resort and Other Top Reserves for Tiger-Spotting

Top Reserves for Tiger-Spotting


There are 39 Tiger reserves in India which are governed by Project Tiger(1973). In India the largest Tiger reserve is in the State of Andhra Pradesh covering area of about 40969 km2 . There are number species of Tiger in India. The Royal Bengal Tiger is easily one of the most magnificent denizens of the jungle that mankind has ever seen. While most of us have stared in awe at the powerful striped creature from outside the cages of a zoo, there is really nothing to beat the experience of coming up and close with it in its natural habitat. Despite its relatively small population compared to what it was less than a hundred years ago, the tireless efforts of the forestry departments of the various states have been to a great extent successful in creating a large number of tiger reserves where the magnificent beasts can be spotted lazing, strolling or even hunting for their hapless prey. If you are one of the lucky ones, you could even see tigresses with their playful cubs or entire prides lining up at the watering holes to slake their thirst. Here is a list and some useful information of the best tiger reserves you could consider visiting for an unbeatable experience.

Tadoba Tiger Resort

Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan


Ranthambore National Park is located in the state of Rajasthan and spreads over a humongous 500 sq. km. The park has spectacular landscapes consisting primarily of rocky ridges that provide a stunning backdrop for wildlife photographers looking for the perfect shot. Apart from its star attraction of the Royal Bengal Tigers, Ranthambore also offers a unique amalgam of wildlife, nature and history with the ruins of bygone eras. In fact, the national park gets its name from a fort sitting on the top of a hill. What’s also unique about the park is that over time even the normally shy tigers have become accustomed to the presence of humans and there have been incidents reported of tigers hunting down their prey in full sight of tourists. Open from October to May, it is relatively easy for tourists to spot the tigers here.


Bandhavgarh National Park, Madhya Pradesh


Among the most picturesque national parks in India, Bandhavgarh National Park is located in the Vindhya hill range in Madhya Pradesh’s Umaria district. With at least 55 tigers it offers perhaps the highest tiger density among all tiger reserves in the country. Formed in 1968, the park has four zones, which together with the buffer zone cover around 1200 sq. km. Regarded as the place from where white tigers originated, Bandhavgarhhas a population of 63 Royal Bengal Tigers. It is also home to leopards and jackals besides a large variety of deer, wild boar, and gaur. The tropical forests and lush valleys are home to over 220 bird species too.


Tadoba National Park, Maharashtra


Located in Maharashtra’s Chandrapur district, Tadoba National Park stretches over 625.40 sq. km of teak and bamboo forests that is home to a population of 43 tigers that move about freely, as well as an amazing collection of other fauna and flora. The tiger density being one of the highest, it can be very easy to spot these magnificent creatures. “The Jewel of Vidharba” as it is sometimes referred to is also the habitat of leopards, wild dogs, gaur, sloth bears, hyenas, jungle cats, nilgai, sambhar, barking deer, as well as fleet-footed chital. One can find a huge diversity of plant life as well as reptiles and insects too. Visit for more information on the attractions of the park.
Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand


Established as far back as 1936, Jim Corbett National Park is the country’s very first national park that was the inspiration of Project Tiger situated in the state of Uttarakhand ,North-East India, the tiger conservation program that spread all over the nation from a modest start in 1973. The park comprises 520 sq. km. of hills, riverine belt, marshes, and grasslands as well as a very large lake. Apart from tigers, the park has the famous fish-eating crocodile, otters, leopards, and a multitude of elephants.


Sundarbans Tiger Reserve, West Bengal


Located in the delta region of Gangetic West Bengal, the Sundarbans National Park is home to the Royal Bengal Tigers that have learned the art of swimming in the salt waters of the estuary to survive and flourish. The steady encroachment of human beings into the area sometimes leads to tiger attacks on the local population that lives in constant fear. The national park is also home to giant lizards, jungle fowl, wild boar, spotted deer, and lots of crocodiles. The site is famous all over the world for its dense mangroves. The endangered Olive Ridley turtles and King Crabs are also found here.

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How to Get Your Dog Well-Trained

Some grown-up dogs (in excess of six months of age) training such dogs is a quit difficult, they urinate or poop inside the house. House ruining can happen in any area of a home, however now and again pet folks will recognize that their dog soils all the more in specific areas need to train dogs for such condition. The area can demonstrate the reason. Case in point, ruining may happen just in occasionally utilized rooms or on a particular sort of surface, or just on furniture and regions that smell firmly of an individual or other creature, for example, informal lodging. Ruining may likewise happen just under specific conditions and, in the same way as area, these conditions can help demonstrate the issue make obedience training for them.

Dog Well-Trained

A few mutts may urinate just amid welcome, petting, play or censures, and a few pooches house soil just when only they’re and their dogs can’t watch them, or just when they haven’t had visit enough chances to calm themselves outside. A dog may house soil in the event that they a while ago figured out how to kill on papers or in a litter box and her pet guardian evacuates the papers or box. In the event that your dog’s soils inside or at unseemly times, its paramount to visit dog trainer for obedience training to preclude therapeutic causes before doing else other possibilities. Some regular therapeutic purposes behind improper pee and crap take after.

Gastrointestinal Upset: In the event that your dog was house prepared yet now craps detached stools or loose bowels in your home, they may have gastrointestinal bombshell.

Change in Diet: In the event that you’ve as of late changed the sum or kind of nourishment you give to train your dog, that they may create a house-ruining issue. Regularly, after an eating obedience training, a dog will crap detached stools or the runs. They may additionally need to take out more regularly or on an alternate calendar than before the change.

Incontinence Caused by Medical Problems: A few mutts’ home dirtying is created by incontinence, a therapeutic condition in which a dog “holes” or voids her bladder. Puppies with incontinence issues regularly appear uninformed that they’ve ruined. Now and again they void pee while slumbering. Various restorative issues-including a urinary tract disease (UTI), a frail sphincter, hormone-related issues after spay surgery, bladder stones, diabetes, kidney malady, Cushing’s ailment, neurological issues and anomalies of the genitalia-can result in urinary incontinence. Before endeavoring to determination your canine’s home ruining issues through preparing, please see your pooch’s veterinarian to preclude medicinal issues.

Age-Related Incontinence/Cognitive Dysfunction :Some more established mutts (normally no less than nine years old) who were once dependably house trained begin house ruining as they age as a result of ligament conditions, shortcoming, loss of physical control, weakened cerebral capacity or loss of intentional bladder control. These dogs may release little measures of pee or totally void the substance of their such dogs should be trained by a professional trainer. For this, you may take a help of dog training in Malaysia to make your dog smarty.

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Best Tips to Buying Engraved Pet best Tags

Buying Engraved Pet best Tags-

To many people, their pets are the most endearing, loyal companions, guardians and more than a friend. Large number of people considers their pets no different than their family members and personal attention is accorded to them as given to other family members. They get different types of pet adorning items such as classy outfits ranging from dresses to hats; ornamental chains and even fancy foot wear too. The market is flooded with pretty and luxurious products intended for pets such as collar bands, and ID cards. And this only proves that there is a great demand for these items.


Engraved Pet best Tags

Pet ID tags

Given the importance of pets, their safety and security are is paramount to their owners. The ID tags attached to the pets can always be helpful tools, in case the pets get lost. The ID tags do carry the information about the owner and it is easy to track them.

Customized Pet ID Tags

Personalized or customized ID tags are available for pets in different types and models all over the world and pet lovers are crazy to buy these tags. There is a huge variety of option available for you to buy custom pet tags. The information about the pet is engraved on the ID tag, if it is made of metal.

However, you have to be careful while ordering a personalized ID tag. You must pre decide how much and what type of information is to be incorporated on pet tag engraving. It is important because the area available on a pet ID tag is not very large. The minimum information to be available on a customized smart ID tag should contain:

• Pet’s name

• Owner’s house address

• Zip code

• Your telephone number

• Any dietary and medical issues which needs to be addressed, in case someone  gets hold of your pet

• Any allergies

If you are searching for economical and reasonably good looking ID tags, the same can be bought from local stores and they can be customized to a large extent. So many shops are only glad to do the engraving free of cost when buying certain selected cards. If you want to add more information, the text can be added on the other side of the ID tag also, fitting the size of the tag.

ID tags are available in different shapes such as:

• Bones (meant for dogs and puppies)

• Fish (meant for cats)

• Circular ones

• Diamond shaped

• Triangular in shape

• Love heart symbol shaped

They are available in different colors too; if you can pay a little extra.You must make sure they sure they are made of good quality steel, so that the pet tag engraving is possible.

A lot of information can be engraved, if the tag is of a good quality, so that the information can be imparted on both sides of the tag. In some tags, minimum information is engraved on one side and is attached with reflective stickers.

So, go ahead and get your pet a fantastic tag, which flaunts the necessary details and also looks great on your pet.




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How To Choose A Cat Boarding Which Would Give Best Facilities

With a kitty in your home, whenever you think of taking a trip outside your town or making plans for staying in your friend’s home for some days, you hesitate to take a decision. It comes to your mind that, “what would happen to my kitty behind me?” and you are discouraged from making any plans even! To give your family their desired vacation and take care of your kitty on the same time would be possible only when you can search for a Cat boarding well ahead of time.

It may seem a bit odd to you, but your kitty would love to stay in any place where they can get comfortable. Moreover, what you have to test about them is that whether the staff is caring and knowledgeable about cats. If you found that the employees do not love felines, then it may not be a good option to keep your beloved in such place.

How To Choose A Cat Boarding

Before finalizing the cat boarding, things that should be taken care are;

1)      Making an Appointment

Make a proper appointment and during that see whether the person attending you is quite interested in small issues like keeping emergency phone numbers, giving you details about the veteran doctor. If they are not showing proper interest, then it means that the facility is not the right place to keep your pet.

2)      Taking the Tour

Ask them for a tour around their place. If you are not allowed then just forget about keeping your pet in that place. Any good cat boarding would always love to show you their arrangements so that you feel that your cat is in good hands, and you can leave for a trip without any tension.

3)      Smelly Spaces

While you are touring any particular facility, then stop in place of office or any other places and take the smell. If you can get any smell of cat urine or any other bad smell then  just turn around to search another facility for keeping your kitty.

4)      Sick Animals

During your tour around the place check out whether there are any sick animals there. If you found any sick cat, then verify about their arrangements for treating the sick felines. Sick animals must be kept separated from the others.  Cats that are at best of their health must not come in contact with the sick cats.

5)      Emergency Veterinarian

To make sure that the facility takes good care of the cats ask them about the veterans. Also take their Contact number so that you may yourself discuss with the veteran regarding any issues about your kitty. However, if they are unable to provide with the details, think twice and also them how they handle any sick cat in a kennel.

6)      Ventilation

Check out whether the place has proper ventilation or not. Any place with poor ventilation can be a danger for cats as they may become ill. Ask them whether they have proper ventilation in every unit.

7)      Caged Cats

When you leave your cat at a boarding then you must verify that whether the boarding is providing them the same level of comfort that you keep them at home. Find out whether the cages are small or one-level cages. If they are such then please keep your cat away from such boarding. Choose such boarding where there are multi-level enclosures that allow your kitty to climb and play.

8)      Attention

A boarding house must provide each and every cat individual attention. The facility must be properly equipped so that they may include daily brushing and playing in their care for the felines. A cat boarding without proper and individual attention for every cat is not a fit place to keep your kitty.

9)      Personal Items

The place where you are keeping your pet during your trip must allow you bring your cat’s belonging to their place. They must be caring enough to understand that a pet feels secure with the things that they use. Especially, if their fur father or mothers are not near then what they need most are those things that would make them feel better.

10)  Cats only

Finally, and most important thing that you must check is that whether the boarding is for cats only or for dogs and cats? It is always better that you keep your cat in such boarding who does not keep both the animals together. It would be very harsh experience for the cats to stay nears the dogs as they keep on barking, which may be annoying for the cats. Hence, always try to keep your pets in such place where they can mingle with their species only.

If the budget is not a constraint for you then you can choose the boarding facilities which have names with “adobe,” “inn,” “suites,” “spa”, or “condos” along with their name. Nomenclature may not seem that important, but places with such names are with plentiful space and gives your cat individualist attention. Although they may seem a bit heavy on your pockets, but during your tour you can be rest assured that your pet is in good hands, and they are taking proper care of the animal.

If you are worried about how to find a good boarding for your cat, then the traditional method is the best one to search a better place for the cat. Word-of-mouth would be extremely helpful when you are searching for a facility. It is because only those people would praise a facility that are happy with their services and would again keep their pets there if required.

Another way through which you can search a cat boarding for your act is through internet. Search for the boarding at your local place. Once you get some names, shortlist them as per your requirement. You can find a number of sites that would provide a review about the place, and you can read these reviews to search one which is best the place to keep your pet cat. Kitty would always be happy enough to stay in a place that would provide it with the same comfort as they get in your home.

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Responsibility for caring comes with pet ownership

When it comes to getting a pet, it is important to look before you leap. There is no point in getting a pet that cannot fit into your home or lifestyle. And ownership of a pet or pet ownership means the owner is responsible for keeping them happy and healthy.
Dogs need company. 
Before you get a pet, you will have to consider seriously whether a new character will fit well with your present home arrangements. Dogs in particular are very social animals; they do not appreciate being left on their own. A lone dog needs lots of company from humans. It is important not to leave them alone for more than about four hours in a day, as dogs left alone can become bored, which can cause them to be destructive or start bouts of barking. And they need to be ‘socialised’ – meeting new humans and animals – in the first few weeks of life. If they are not socialised early, they can become either timid or aggressive, neither of which is ownershipPets don’t always get on. 
Cats, on the other hand, are not social animals. Bringing in another cat or dog to the household puts stress on the original cat. Food and toilet areas might need to be separated and the animals will need some private area to which they can escape. Pet owners in Germany thinking of having another haustiere will have to consider how more than one pet will interact.Before committing to another pet you need to ask yourself some questions:
* Are your home and garden big enough?
* Will your pet be all right on its own or does it need company?
* Can you afford the new pet?
* Will your lifestyle be able to accommodate a pet?
* How long will your pet live? In other words, how long will you have to pay for it?
* Who will care for your pet while you are on holiday?
* Do you have the time to care properly for your pet?
Can you go the distance? 
The amount of time and exercise a pet needs varies greatly. A border collie dog needs about seven kilometres exercise every day, which can be a big commitment to a busy pet owner. A cat on the other hand can exercise itself. Both cats and dogs need regular grooming and long-haired animals need more than short-haired.Veterinarians recommend that dogs should be vaccinated, neutered, insured and micro-chipped. They also need regular treatment for worms and fleas. Insurance is becoming increasingly widespread and necessary.
pet ownership
The ordinary costs, such as worming and vaccinations, are not normally large enough to cause owners problems; it is the unexpected costs of treatment for haustiere that can spiral and cause headaches for pet owners. Third party insurance at least is probably necessary to cover expenses if your dog is the cause of an accident. And add in the costs of putting the pet in kennels: You will probably need it if you are going on holiday.AUTHOR BIO
Warren Savage is a complete animal lover, with a fondness for Burmese cats and dachshunds. He writes on animal care and behaviour for a range of websites and blogs.