How to Exercise and Train Puppy Properly with Commands

How to Exercise and Train Puppy Properly with Commands

How to Exercise and Train Puppy Properly with Commands 


One of the most important puppy training exercises is not just practicing commands.

Young puppies first have to get used to the new environment.

They need to build trust in their new family, understand the rules in the house and learn to deal with strangers and other animals.

It is advisable to take the first few days off with the puppy.

Call your dog by name often, cuddle and play with him, and let him eat treats from your hand before you advance to training like teaching dog to speak

In this way, you build trust and ensure that the puppy feels comfortable with you – the most important basis for all other goals of puppy training.


Training pup with Leash

Being on the leash is also one of the basics of puppy training. 

Adult dogs tugging on a leash can become a real problem. 

After all, they’re not always as easy to contain as a lightweight puppy. 

Running on a loose leash should therefore be a must from the start.

From the start, show your puppy that you are holding the leash, not the other way around. 

It is not your dog that determines the direction, but you. 

So that your dog pays attention to you while walking and adapts to your pace, you should make sure that the leash is always loose from an early age. 

As soon as the cocky puppy tugs on the leash, stop. You only continue to walk when the line loosens between you and him.


leash-guiding Exercises

When you exercise a dog on the leash, it is advisable to lay down a treat or a coveted dog toy some distance away on a large meadow – Farmpally experts advised. 

Your pup will likely want to rush towards it right away.

Hold it back, however, or move even further away from the coveted object. 

Only when he manages to walk easily at your pace you’ll have to move closer with him.

You’ve to train him that he only gets the reward if he learns to control himself.

It is important to teach a puppy to learn how to walk easily on a leash.


Go-and-Stay Training

An important basis for puppy training is “retrieval”. 

You will save yourself a lot of stress if you teach your puppy early to come when you call him.

The best time to practice answering your callback signal (eg “Come”, “Here” or a whistle with a whistle) is when you notice that your puppy is running towards you anyhow. 

Always call or whistle for him right now and reward him. 

Your dog learns that it pays to come to you quickly as soon as you call him.

It is similar with training to stay. Your dog needs to learn not to jump out of the car as soon as you open the door.

Do not reward this behavior by indulging in its urge.

Immediately close the door as soon as you realize your puppy is trying to get out.

You open the door only when he manages to wait patiently for you.

Repeat this until your dog sits or stands still with the door open wide, then reward him by finally allowing him to go out.


Caring for your Dog

Giving the necessary and adequate care is also important to dogs, both young and old dog.

The fur should be brushed regularly, paws, ears and teeth must be checked and cleaned.

Trimming the claws is also part of the standard care program.

When you snuggle up with your puppy on the couch in the evening, scratch his stomach and touch his ears. 

Besides, hold his paw for a few minutes or open his mouth with your hand. 

You will notice that your dog becomes more relaxed over time and begins to enjoy this care.


Get him Sleep well

In all of the exercises you do with your puppy, the most important thing is often forgotten – sleeping.

At Farmpally, we always advise dog owners to make sure they give  little dog enough rest. 

He needs time to process the many new impressions that shower him every day.

Let him sleep when he retires into his basket after a walk .

Do not overwhelm him with too many or too long training sessions. 

You don’t have to keep your small dog busy around the clock – after all, you can’t do that with your adult dog or perform exercise for too many hours yourself.

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