Top Ten Best Dog Names

Best Dog Names

There is no greater joy for a dog owner than to bring home a new puppy. Adding a warm and wriggling puppy to the household can bring years of joy and companionship to any family. There is much to be done when a new puppy comes home, and one task will be to name it. Fortunately, there are top ten dog names that are trending this year, and whether you have a male or a female, you’re sure to find one in the list to suit your taste and your dog’s personality. Here are some ideas from Breanna – Peace For Pets, Dog Sitter Park City:

1. Bear

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This dog name is popular for large dogs with heavy coats that resemble the real thing. St. Bernards, shaggy retrievers, and mastiffs are the most common dogs with this name, but if you have a tiny dog and an ironic sense of humor, this may be a good choice for you.

2. Spiro

This is a popular hiking dog names choice for owners who are interested in political history, as Spiro Agnew was a famous U.S. vice president who served under Richard Nixon. However, if you live in the Park City, Utah area and love to hike, you might name your dog Spiro after the famous hiking trail there. This is an especially good choice for a hardy breed that will love to walk that trail with you, such as an energetic lab or Jack Russell.

3. Riley

Riley is an old Irish name that means “valiant,” making it a suitable name for brave guardian breeds such as German Shepherds, Dobermans, or Rottweilers. Riley is considered a unisex name as well, so if you have a brave female pup, you can still toss this name into your mix of choices. This is also a good name for an owner who’s a music fan, as the Who song “Baba O’Riley” helped make it popular as well.

4. Sasha

While this is another unisex name, it is more common for a female dog. Several different popular TV characters from shows like The Walking Dead and Attack on Titan have made this name more popular than ever. This is a graceful name that would suit a beautiful retriever or a classy setter.

5. Cassidy

Cassidy means “clever,” but it also means “to have curly hair,” making this name a perfect choice for a curly-haired poodle or labradoodle. If your dog picked up on learning tricks and commands early, she would certainly earn this moniker that’s increasing in popularity all over the country. While it’s most commonly spelled with a C, the Kassidy derivation is also becoming popular.

6. Bilbo

If you brought home a toy breed, then you might want to consider this name, which is as small as your dog’s stature. This name was made hugely popular by the Hobbit movies, as their title character, Bilbo Baggins, is brave and courageous despite his small size. This name might be suited to a playful but fearless terrier or pug.

7. Cooper

Cooper has been a consistently popular name for dogs for decades now. This may be because of all the actors (like Gary Cooper) and sports legends (Cooper Manning) that have carried the name, or because it’s the type of name that suitable for so many different kinds of breeds. It has found popularity with all types of dogs, from labs to retrievers to shepherds.

8. Lucky

This is a classic name that has held onto its popularity over the years. While it’s predominantly a male dog’s name, there are female derivatives such as “Lucky Lady.” Lucky is a popular name for small dogs, and may suit dogs that have been adopted from shelters or from situations where they have been abandoned, making them very lucky dogs indeed.

9. Bella

While the Twilight book and movie series made the name Bella skyrocket to popularity over the last ten years because of its title character, Bella Swan, the name is actually an Italian word, which means “beautiful.” This name would suit any female dog but would especially perfect for an Italian breed, such as the small, lithe Italian Greyhound.

10. Max

While this is one of the most popular dog names of all time, people have varying reasons for choosing it. Many owners find it simple for their dogs to learn because it’s only one syllable, and it’s easy to fit on tags and ID collars. TV and movie fans have also named their dogs Max after famous fictional characters, such as Max Klinger from the show M*A*S*H and the cartoon adaptation of How the Grinch Stole Christmas, where the Grinch’s dog, Max, steals the show.

No matter what you decide to name your new puppy, you are sure to enjoy all the love and laughter it will bring into your family’s home. Whether you buy from a reputable breeder or adopt your new dog from a shelter, naming your pup can be a fun and challenging process and strengthen the bond between you and your dog, one that is sure to last a lifetime.

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