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Car Insurance FAQs

How much does car insurance cost?

The cost of any car insurance depends on several factors: Your driving and claims histories, your postal code and the car you drive are only a few. Rates can vary widely among insurance companies even based on the same data, so be sure to compare several quotes from trusted providers before choosing one.

I have a driving violation. Will my insurance rates increase?

Car Insurance FAQs

Whether your third-party cover costs rise from a driving violation or not depends on the severity of the offence, your licence history and other factors, including your insurance company’s tolerance. The only reliable source for this answer is your insurance company itself.

What is the best car insurance policy?

Someone who financially benefits from the sale might give a different answer, but you are the only person who can answer that for yourself. You know you insurance needs, your budget, your driving habits, for example. You know how much you are willing to invest in an insurance policy. Evaluate your details, then find the policy cover and benefits that best fits you. Your neighbour might suggest a carrier, but his needs are different. Decide for yourself what is appropriate for you.

How can I save in insurance costs?

There are myriad ways to save on your insurance costs. You can combine coverage with household members; you might ask the insurance company about discount plans and bonuses, and you can utilize authorised security equipment to supplement parking security options. Young drivers can pass the Pass Plus driving course. Other possibilities exist. Consult the insurance company or an authorised insurance broker for additional suggestions.

Am I required to have insurance before driving?

Yes, you must. The law requires that you have valid insurance before you operate a vehicle, which means before you sit behind the wheel. If you do not, you could face severe financial difficulties from fines and possible suits against you. Your insurance rates would increase as well.

Can I find insurance if I have a driving violation?

Much of a comprehensive answer to that question revolves around the prospective insurance company. A general answer is that you will, indeed, probably find an insurance provider willing to accept your application. If you were dropped from a policy, coverage might depend on the violation itself and your overall driving history.

How long does it take to secure a policy?

If you know what plan benefits you want to meet your insurance needs, the process doesn’t need to take long at all. By having a solid list of insured people, cars and coverage needs, the process from start gathering quotes to your application for insurance coverage might take only a few minutes.

Is it expensive to insure a teenager?

Like many things about auto insurance, how much it can cost to insure a teenager depends on several factors. How long they’ve had a licence, driving record and type of car are three. Usually, comparison shopping will reveal the best deals in young driver auto insurance.

Can I benefit from shopping for new car coverage policies?

People typically do benefit from shopping for replacement car insurance policies. Rates change, incentive programmes change, and insurance needs change. You might pay less with a new policy than you do for the old one.

I just purchase an expensive vehicle. Will it cost more to insure?

The price of auto insurance depends on numerous statistics and facts. Your new car may be more expensive to insure than an older model, but it might not be as well. Compare quotes from several providers to find the best insurance deal for your changing needs.

Should I select the first policy I can find?

You might stumble accidentally on the cheapest insurance you find, but it’s usually wiser to compare online quotes from multiple providers to ensure you really are paying the least amount instead of merely hoping you are.

How much car insurance should I purchase?

The amount of your auto mobile cover should be based on the car’s resale value, inherent value, accident or theft risk and various other factors.

How is my insurance fates determined?

The premium amount you pay depends on statistical data in several categories. The car you drive, your age, your gender, your postal code, your driving and claims history are among them.

Is it more expensive to insure a car in the city?

The cost to insure a car in a city can vary from postal code to postal code. The same location-oriented consideration is the same for a rural setting as well. Compare rates from several trusted providers to determine the cheapest rate you might pay.

How long should I keep my current policy?

The duration of your insurance association with one company depends on such elements as your satisfaction with them, your budget, your insurance needs and rates and benefits elsewhere. It’s important that you compare car insurance premiums to get the best deal. It never hurts to check with other companies to see if you can get a better deal. You don’t have to accept any offer.

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How Not to Worry About Your Motorbike Breaking Down

Like anything with an engine and moving components, motorbikes are prone to breaking down. The likelihood of a breakdown is, however, mitigated to a great extent by making the effort to understand your motorbike and checking, maintaining and servicing it regularly.

The top ten causes of motorbike breakdowns

Knowledgeable, regular motorbike maintenance is how to reduce the likelihood of your motorbike breaking down.

Motorbike Breaking Down

Here are the top ten causes of motorbike breakdowns.

1. Alternator

Alternator failures are often unpredictable; however, they can be mitigated by regularly servicing your motorbike.

2. Clutch

The clutch will naturally wear down over time and need to be replaced which gives you ample time and warning to do so. However, broken cables, leaking master and/or slave cylinders can render your motorbike’s clutch inoperative in an instant.

Regular maintenance and servicing will help you to avoid this.

3. ECU (Engine Control Unit)/Engine

In a day and age where motorbikes are increasingly computerised, some of the most common, not to mention most annoying, problems are computer related.

General engine problems are also common, so have your ECU and engine checked and serviced regularly.

4. Flat battery

While a dying battery will generally give you ample warning and time to replace it, one of the most common causes of a flat battery is leaving the parking lights on.

5. Fuel and oil

Keep an eye on your fuel level so as to never allow it to slip into the red. Also, and this is a surprisingly common and avoidable problem, ensure you know which fuel your bike requires.

You should change the oil on your bike regularly, and once again, understand which engine oil is most suitable for your motorbike.

6. Gearbox

While most motorbikes don’t experience any gearbox related problems until they’ve seen some years on the road, regular maintenance is a sure-fire way to avoid experiencing any now and in the future.

7. HT (High Tension) leads

HT leads naturally deteriorate with age so keep an eye on them with the aim of replacing them when they begin to show signs of wear and tear.

8. Immobiliser

Immobilisers are designed to prevent thieves riding off on our bikes; however, due to a failure, or more commonly operator error, they also often prevent us from doing the same.

9. Spark plug

A dirty spark plug can render your bike inoperative so clean them regularly. It’s also wise to replace them early if they’re showing signs of wear.

10. Tyres

Check your tyres regularly to keep an eye on the tread and the air pressure. Nasty accidents can arise as a result of a lack of tread or low tyre pressure.

Break in your engine

While your motorbike won’t break down just because you didn’t break the engine in; breaking in the engine on a new motorbike will, however, help you to enjoy greater fuel efficiency and can help to preserve the engine’s health. Therefore, breaking in the engine can mitigate the likelihood of a breakdown.

Furthermore, many motorbike experts are of the opinion that properly breaking in the engine will extend its lifespan. Here’s how to do so.

1. Keep RPMs low (though not too low)

Take a look at the booklet that came with your motorbike regarding maximum RPMs for the first thousand (or so) kilometres. Moreover, and although it mightn’t mention this in the booklet, avoid too few RPMs also.

2. Accelerate slowly

Pay attention to the booklet regarding accelerating as slowly as possible for the thousand kilometres or as advised. Don’t worry, this is temporary!

3. Change gears often

To break in the gearbox change gears often. As you’ll be advised to stay under, for example, 4000 RPM, this won’t prove difficult.

4. Variation

To provide your bike’s engine and components with variation, which is part of the breaking in process, avoid constant speeds for lengthy periods on highways and motorways.

5. Avoid hard work

You’ll be able to put your motorbike through its paces once it’s broken in but until then avoid hard work – accelerating hard, carrying pillion passengers, riding up steep hills, etc.

6. Avoid the cold

Due to engine oil taking on a thicker consistency, it’s advisable to avoid riding in cold weather until it’s broken in as this will make the engine work harder.


While insuring your bike won’t help to prevent a breakdown, it will reduce the costs involved if you do experience problems or are involved in an accident, plus bike insurance is a legal requirement for all motorcyclists who ride their bikes on public roads and you could find yourself in hot water with the authorities if you’re caught riding without insurance, or even worse, involved in an accident.

Take note of the tips discussed here, particularly the need for knowledgeable and regular maintenance and servicing.

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How can Reliable Automotive Services be Chosen?

It is really a nightmare for the owners of the car for finding the best automotive services so that the issues associated with your car can be solved in the better manner. It is hard for the owners to find out those services that are reliable from the numerous ones that are available in the market. ASE certification is a better tool that is available for you to evaluate the automotive service provider. These certifications are meant for testing the knowledge of the technician in various areas associated with the car that can be tune up. Along with passing some written tests, the technician also need to have experience in working in the field for about 2 years for getting such certification. The tests associated with the certification are not something so easy to pass but it requires the individual to have the knowledge from the book and also experience in working in the field. Master technician in ASE should pass all the exams associated with it.

Reliable Automotive Services

A good service facility not only requires the technicians who are qualifies but should contain the ones who are having the best knowledge on dealing with the different issues related with the automobiles in the best possible manner. It is necessary for the service centre to have some diagnostic and repair equipment for dealing with the complex electronic control systems that are available in most of the current vehicles.

The Facilities Expected
You can visit the service manager during the low traffic time of the service center and can gather the details that you need for understanding the kind of things that you need in the service centre. The first factor to consider is cleanliness and nobody should take a car into such shop that is as clean as one’s own garage. It is important for you also to refer whether the technicians are protecting cars by making use of shop rags, clean towels and such things over them. It is also necessary for you to look for the best kind of working environment in the service center if you are looking for a service centre that you can rely for a long period of time. The technician and the owner of the servicing company should ready to explain about the diagnosis of the problem and also should ready to show the part that has gone wrong with the vehicle.

Choosing a better shop is the first half of the war and the next half is in diagnosing the actual problem that your car has and then solving it in the best possible manner. It is always better to get the written estimate before the start of the car repair. This can really help you in knowing the amount that you need to spend over the repair of your car in the particular service center. Once when the repair is done make sure that the service manager or the technician who did the repair is test driving the car for making sure that the car is working in the proper manner. This can make the car to be there in the service center for some more time but it is really a worthy thing to be done as you can be sure that the car has got repaired in the proper manner as you want it to be and is working properly.

Sticky Wickets
There are certain problems that can be diagnosed and solved in a faster manner by the technicians while there are others that are hard to find. There are chances for the trouble codes to be sent by the sensors to the computer on the car when it finds that certain specifications that are not functioning in a proper manner inside the car. Trouble codes are usually tied with the emission problems associated with the vehicles. This can be something that is much simple as tightening of the gas cap and all that. It is suggested to get the information before you are going to the service center so that you can get the problem solved in much lesser time without wasting money as well as time.

Making it all together:
The higher difficult automotive technology turns, the higher risk it is for the technicians in the market to up to date with the new technology and check difficult forcible issues. Be calm. If you are confident in the store, provide the technicians the merit of the doubt. It is in the technician’s best interest to repair your vehicle effectively, but it may take time like over one visit to the shed to check the issue. It does not matter about the number of age of your car is, do not neglect the planned maintenance. Washing the vehicle create a great difference also. Car industries do not check dirty cars in the wind subway reason dirt on the car affect gas mileage. A well maintained clean car will pay the owner back with trustworthy on its full life period.

This post has been contributed by Tressy Jones. She loves to write about Automotive. She recommends Automotix for providing used transmissions for sale in best condition.

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8 Best Hitch Accessories You Can Opt For

Hitch accessories constitute an integral part in the smooth functioning of hitches. Usually the hitch accessories are not very expensive to buy hence you would not be wasting too much money on purchasing the equipment. Hitches & Towing Accessories help you turn your vehicle into a road trip ready trailer-hauling machine. From electrical connections to safety chains, each of these accessories ensures your towing is safe, secure, and stress-free. Know which accessories you could opt for hitches to ensure an efficient working.

The following are the 8 best hitch accessories that are useful and that can be opted for:

Best Hitch Accessories

1)      Ball mount:

Best Hitch Accessories

Ball mount is an important hitch accessory when it comes to towing vehicles. Without a ball mount, a hitch won’t be of any use. Usually the towing package, which is the factory installed equipment that transforms the vehicle into a tow-ready vehicle, includes a hitch receiver. It does not include a ball mount. The hitch receiver is a square opening of varying sizes like 1.25, 2 or 2.5 inches on the side. This hitch receiver is mounted on the tow vehicle. The ball mount attempts to slide under the hitch receiver, which is secured by a locking pin. One has to match the ball mount with the class of the hitch. This will indicate the amount of weight that it can pull. Thus, a ball mount is an important hitch accessory that is required for safely towing a vehicle.

Usually hitch balls are covered with the plating of stainless steel, chrome or zinc. When it is not in use, it can be protected with a rubber cover. The hitch ball fits through the hole in the ball mount. A nut and washer are used to hold these pieces together. Because the ball mount has different hole sizes, it is important to match the hitch ball diameter with the proper hole. The assembly will work only if it is matched properly. Many towing companies provide interchangeable hitch balls with varying diameters. This helps in matching it with a proper hole in the ball mount.

3)      Coupler:

Though coupler is a part of the trailer, it is an important hitch accessory without which your vehicle can’t be towed. Weight capacity is the dimension used to rate couplers. It should be able to match with the gross trailer weight or GTW. There are two types of couplers: A-frame and the straight-tongue coupler. Trailers with A-shaped tongues use A-frame couplers and trailers with straight tongues use straight-tongue couplers.

4)      Pins, clips and locks :

Best Hitch Accessories

Though pins, clips and locks are small hitch accessories , they are important. They are required to attach the ball mount to the hitch receiver. Pin is used to pass through the holes in the receiver and the ball mount. Further, clip is fitted in the head of the pin to prevent it from sliding out. Sometimes a long bolt with a lock-washer and a nut is used in place of a hitch pin. Hitch lock is used as a pin and clip and it protects the ball mount from theft. Similarly, coupler locks are also available which serves as protection to the coupler handle.

5)      Safety chains:

As the name suggests, safety chains ensure the safety of the trailers and vehicles. They are placed on the tongue of the trailer, one on each side. It comprises of an S-hook through which the hole in the hitch is connected. At times, the chains are crossed to protect them from dropping on the roads. Also, one should take care that enough slack is provided, which permits turning. However, the slack should not result in dragging of the chains. It is a must to use safety chains while towing vehicles.

6)      Hitch tube covers:

Often elements like dirt and grime enter the hitch receiver when it is not in use. A hitch tube cover  comes handy in protecting the hitch. You just have to insert the hitch tube cover in the ball mount area. Steel and plastic are used to make hitch tube covers. There are lot of colour options in steel, so it becomes easy to match the tube coverwith the colour of the vehicle. Nowadays, there is also an option of branded hitch tube covers wherein, these covers can be personalized to express one’s preferences.

7)      Hitch-mounted cargo carriers:

This accessory comes very handy when transporting a wide variety of items. It easily fits in the hitch receiver and provides a flat cargo deck. 600 pounds i.e. 272 kilograms can be carried through these carriers.

8)      Trailer jacks:

Trailer jacks are located on the tongue of the trailer, close to the coupler. They come in top-wind and side-wind style and can be used according to the need. Moreover, electric trailer jacks also available to make the hitching process smooth and safe.

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Jaden Sanders enjoys research and writing on various topics. He likes to share tips and tricks on Home Improvement and Lifestyle.

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How buying cheap tyre and wheel packages could save your cash

About Buying cheap tyre and wheel packages

Many people consider about purchasing tyres and wheels and in addition controls bargains in an exertion to spare on their specific auto needs. It is critical to guarantee that the wheels and edges which are chosen are suitable for your car. Furthermore, you should comprehend that numerous clusters hold mounting and overseeing; plus, an extraordinary establishment tool compartment. There may additionally be a few extra parts, segments or administrations which could be consolidated from fundamentally diminished charges.

Buying cheap tyre and wheel packages

Obviously, bundle expenses can differ extraordinarily, as instantly at this moment for the most part at this point now surely, to be totally straightforward moreover in that admiration so here gives off an impression of being a vast amount of mixture regarding tires and wheels. Regardless, by and large individuals can participate in significant expense budgetary individual profits when selecting bundles incorporating practically anything they require.

It is paramount to pick a tire that is not best suited for the brand name of the car, yet can likewise be suitable for the genuine planned use. There are for the most part an assortment of tires to pick from in different sizes, clients and measurements. Rough terrain wheels, snowfall tires, and other particular tires might additionally be of incredible investment.

There are additionally numerous diverse brand names to pick from, with respect to the make and model of the vehicles. Frequently, you may choose to redesign the kind of fumes that come normal having a pack. In spite of the fact that this does get yet an alternate expense, you should be fit for profit from the bundle rebates.

The point when picking tires, it’s pretty common that you watch the size that you essentially pick. Components to think about the wheels are normally good with the specific tires you’ve chosen for the vehicle. There are a mixture connected with plans and colors to pick from, and a few sites even give you the chance to recognize the things they may look like on your particular model and make along together utilizing virtual programming.

Very nearly all markdown bundles incorporate the expanding and additionally adjusting of the brand-totally imaginative wheels and tires. Numerous organizations additionally offer free sending, that may moreover help safeguard buyers heaps of cash. Establishment items for your wheels have a tendency to be implicit request to be capable for you to help markdown tire and likewise controls bargains that should hold valve comes, center adornments and conveys. Wheel locks and additionally polishes; and, further certifications and thruway viewpoint risk projects are regular administrations and items might likewise be incorporated with bundles in regards to lessened charges.

An agent could help you in discovering rebate deplete and additionally guiding tyre bargains that may be perfect for your auto. Make sure to hold the make, item and 12 months of the vehicle effectively reachable, as this is prone to make this simpler to discover a posting of decisions.

So buying tyre and wheels packages is always a nice idea. You can get a lot of discount if you buy a complete package instead of separate items!

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How AI fleet Management Will Shape the Future of Transportation

There are many opinions about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to change the world with expectations about its capabilities for now and in the future. AI simply refers to intelligence displayed by machines in contrast to that displayed by humans. Although humans are intelligent, they cannot be programmed to exceed their current capabilities in the same way a machine can. This has led to the creation of smart machines that handle tasks otherwise difficult for humans to handle efficiently.

Artificial intelligence is gradually becoming a constant presence in many technological applications. From apps and websites that show accurate user recommendations to gaming predictions, it is changing user experience in many fields.

Fleet management is one of the areas that AI is disrupting. The growing need to put driver safety first without compromising cost or efficiency has led to the adoption of smart fleet management systems.

For the average driver, the presence of AI can be felt heavily in the use of smartphones and telematics devices that recommend the best routes to take in traffic. This used to be a herculean task marked by paper maps and listening to radio broadcasts of traffic routes; today, we have complex traffic apps that combine GPS and artificial intelligence to make drivers’ lives easier.

Fleets benefit from powerful AI-based applications that handle anything from route recommendation to road risk data analysis and even driver coaching. It provides the accuracy, efficiency, convenience, and ease that earlier technology failed to provide. As a result, it is becoming safer to transport goods and services.

What is AI Fleet Management?

AI fleet management is the use of artificial intelligence-based technology to manage fleet operations. In a constantly changing world, it streamlines the work of any fleet manager by gradually eliminating human error from the transport process.

AI-based recommendations ensure that fleet drivers, managers, and mechanics can make better decisions that improve the long-term performance of the fleet. It also serves as assistive technology, ensuring that drivers retain autonomy during each transport cycle. Here are some key aspects of fleet management that AI can optimize:

Real-time Fleet Analytics

Collecting data is a key element of any operational process because without analyzing past data, you cannot make informed decisions. With historical insights to inform millions of data points analyzed in real-time,  the result is the prioritization opportunities and risks so that fleet managers and drivers can determine the best course of action to take in potentially problematic situations.

AI fleet management systems can be used to collect data for predictive analytics; data such as traffic and road conditions, environmental hazards, real-time weather, and mechanical faults can be used to predict incoming risk. This allows fleet managers to make better routes, schedules, maintenance delivery, and dispatch arrangements that improve fleet outcomes and activities.

Finally, with AI-based analytics, drivers no longer need to go in blind and can stay prepared for any unexpected events.

Better Repair and Maintenance Decisions

In May 2019, autonomous driving car brand Tesla made headlines after debuting AI-based technology that allows Tesla vehicles to diagnose their faults accurately. Although this technology has existed for some time and has been seen in several modern cars, artificial intelligence is providing a more accurate self-diagnostics as well as solutions to faults.

AI ensures that potential faults can be predicted before they even happen. For example, a normal vehicle with a diagnostics system would most likely signal an engine problem when it has already occurred. On the other hand, AI-based Internet of Things (IoT), data analytics and predictive maintenance, can lead to fault detection long before it eventually happens. According to a study by McKinsey, predictive maintenance will reduce costs by 10-40%, downtime by 50% and capital investment by 3-5%.

Predictive maintenance gives managers and their mechanics more than enough time for repairs which could potentially prevent accidents. More importantly, AI can recommend the most efficient and cost-effective solutions to mechanical faults. This has two major benefits:

  • It saves mechanics’ time usually spent on diagnostics.
  • It gives managers a clearer picture of the state of their fleets at all times. This could mean that service managers could save a lot of routine maintenance costs by carrying out repairs only when the AI systems show potential faults.

Fleet Integration

One major problem with fleet operations, especially in large fleets, is the number of moving parts within the system that need to be accessed. Several departments need a continuous inflow of information that needs to be in sync with all other departmental operations. Although a skilled workforce can make this happen, it is time and labor-intensive.

An AI system could simplify the process by seamlessly integrating every department on a single platform and feeding them information simultaneously. Service managers can save time and costs on planning, maintenance and monitoring operations since all data on those operations are fully accessible. This ensures that all personnel across the different departments have access to the data that helps them make informed decisions. It also leads to a more cohesive fleet, since every department automatically works in sync with the others.

Simpler Recruitment Process

According to a report by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The need for automotive and diesel technicians is expected to grow by up to 5% by 2028. The American Trucking Association estimates that there will be a shortfall of up to 175,000 truck drivers by 2026.

As the older generation drivers and technicians retire, there is a need for younger tech-savvy replacements; however, this presents a problem with onboarding and training. AI can simplify the onboarding process by capturing the specialized skills of these workers before they retire.

This is especially great for technicians with unique ways of carrying out their tasks. AI can also recommend the most qualified drivers that suit the needs of the company from a pool of thousands of applicants, reducing the strain on recruiters.

How is AI Integrated with Fleet Management?

AI-integrated software is usually a sophisticated system made up of several devices and applications such as Internet of Things, predictive data analysis and machine learning systems, HD cameras and sensors, communication and display systems, and WiFi.

For example, AI-based fleet management platform Driveri, currently deployed in fleets across the country is a combination of all of these components. There are also many other AI-integrated fleet management systems with one or more of these components.

Before understanding how each of these parts combines to create a fleet management powerhouse, it is important to know what each one does.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things refers to a network of actuators and sensors continuously collecting data from their environment. In fleet management, IoT ensures that enough data is captured for analysis while promoting the seamless sharing of information between all stakeholders on the supply chain such as retailers and manufacturers.

IoT for fleet management works through the use of 3 main technologies:

  • Wireless Communication (4G, Bluetooth< WiFi ) convey relevant information
  • Global Positioning System (GPS) for accurate real-time location tracking
  • Onboard Diagnostics (such as OBDII and J1939) scanners for self-diagnostics and reporting

Machine Learning 

Machine learning technology allows fleets to learn from data collected over time and make managed adjustments based on that data. The result is the creation of smart systems in which AI can learn decision making capabilities that enable more effective handling of practical situations.

HD Cameras

Cameras ensure that video data can be captured, analyzed and accessed at any time leading to a better study of driver behavior, road conditions or hazards.

An AI system with all of the above components will be capable of performing the following tasks:

  • Collecting accurate road data and transmitting it to other devices
  • Passing information across every arm of the supply chain
  • Analyzing data in real-time and advising the driver on the best course of action
  • Detecting distracted or drowsy driving behaviors in drivers before they lead to accidents
  • Capturing full video footage of accidents from different external vehicle angles
  • Running Self-diagnostics and recommending solutions through predictive maintenance

This is significant because it creates a future of fleet management in which human error is reduced in different aspects of the transport cycle. This, in turn, could lead to better outcomes and cost savings.

How AI Fleet Management Will Shape the Future of Transportation

Today, the automotive vehicle industry is faced with several problems that affect fleet activities and profitability. If properly applied, AI can potentially solve these problems and create a better future for transportation.These problems include:

  • Resource prioritization and efficacy
  • Risky driving behaviors that lead to accidents
  • Road risks
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Cost containment
  • Compliance

Risky road behaviors such as distracted and drowsy driving are often accompanied by signs that drivers are told to look out for. These signs include:

  • Yawning
  • Constant blinking
  • Missing turns or exits
  • Drifting out of their lane
  • Slower reaction times
  • Picking up a cellphone

Ordinarily, managers rely on their drivers to avoid these signs and have no way of knowing if a driver had been texting while driving or nodding off at the wheel. Artificial intelligence systems could be trained to detect head turns, missed exits, yawning and blinking frequencies and other signs of risky behavior. These signals can be broadcast to fleet managers in real-time, allowing them to take corrective measures.

Changing road conditions present another challenge for managers because they are difficult to detect without proper technological tools. These conditions present a huge risk evident in the 42,000 deaths they cause annually. AI-based predictive technology can map reduce the risk associated with this problem by studying and mapping out routes while also drawing from data gathered by other vehicles. It can also be trained to make smart predictions about the weather and detect environmental changes such as fog before a driver reaches that point.

A good example of this type of risk assessment through data collection is Netradyne, whose product has already mapped out over 1 million unique miles of US roads. In the future, an extensive database of road conditions will be essential for promoting safety.

As discussed above, AI-based systems can help managers save costs through fuel economy and predictive maintenance. No matter what type of fleet you operate, from trucks to trains, city buses, or taxis, fuel and maintenance are major contributors to operational costs. Vehicles break down and fuel prices increase without warning, leading to more expenditure. The elimination of routine maintenance schedules using IoT self-diagnostics and fuel control could be the key to better cost containment in the future of fleet management.

Which is the Best Fleet Management Software?

Fortunately, AI-based fleet management software has gone from being dreamy concepts to reality. Several technology companies have created software that improves driver safety and fleet performance without compromising cost or efficiency.

In our research, we looked at the key components that made each one stand out.After analyzing their mapping capabilities, technological range, as well as sensor technologies, Driveri emerged as the best fleet management software due to the following features:

  • An artificial intelligence DriverAlert system that captures and analyze every minute of driving time.
  • Real-time analysis and feedback enabled by powerful Edge Computing capabilities.
  • Internal lens that detects drowsy or distracted driving behaviors such as yawning that alerts managers in real-time enabling quick action to mitigate risk.
  • Advanced data analysis system with more than 1 million unique miles of US roads analyzed and stored in an accessible database
  • Forward, side, and interior HD cameras that capture high-quality videos in real-time
  • Access to up to 100 hours of video playback for records and as evidence in the case of accidents in which there are legal consequences
  • 4G LTE / WiFi / BT connection within fleets, to send and receive data, view video and analyze risky behaviors
  • A mobile application for real-time feedback
  • Single module installation system for quick and easy installation

Final Thoughts

The future of transportation looks more promising than ever due to the exciting applications of AI in fleet management. Unpredictable road conditions, operational costs, and driver retention problems could easily become obsolete as fleets move to AI-based systems. Every stakeholder stands to benefit a lot from the efficiency and reliability of this technology because of a reduction in costs, accidents, driver turnover, and other problems which could reflect on the pricing of fleet services. It could also ensure that other road users remain safe.

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5 Tips on How to Negotiate a Car Loan

If you have really made the decision to buy a car and also has got exactly the kind of car that you wanted, then the hardest part that you may face is the way for getting the paper signed if you are not having a proper source for financing. In such a case, you may need to depend on dealer for financing you. The finance manager and sales man can make you convinced to sell everything that is available there with their company. It is necessary for you to get the kind of loan that you need for your purpose and in the way that you can afford it. There are certain tips available that can help you in doing negotiation for your car loan in the amazing manner possible.

How to Negotiate a Car Loan

Negotiating the Price
It is always necessary for you to negotiate for the prices. This you may feel it as something simple but is really a difficult thing to do. The sales man of the car can make you get into the trap of buying the car in a price more than the cost of it. They can ask you questions like how much you can afford to pay every month and so on. You just need to ignore such questions and get focused to negotiate the price of car and not the payments of the car.

Keeping the Loan Term Short
Dealers can offer you with such kind of financing programs that are capable of allowing the borrowers to lower the monthly payments that they make. This can make your loan to get extended too much longer time which is not something so good for you. The car can get it price reduced every year and so try to make the payment fast and wind up the loan that you have taken for your automobile. The bets term is 4 years or lesser than that and it is really a worst thing to have the automobile loan for an extended period.

Try Skipping the Extras Provided
Along with the loan, they may try to sell various things like the paint protection, the car alarms, extended warranties, fabric protection, rust proofing, gap insurance and so on. Many of these extras are really useful but the markup with the dealer can be really ridiculous and can make you lose much amount of money as they are only aiming to make profit through all these. There is possibility for you to get these stuffs outside with much reduced price that can help you in actually saving quiet a huge amount of money.

Never Choose the Loans with Higher Interest Rate
The credit rating of yours is the factor that is going to determine the interest rate that you are going to get for the car loan. If your credit is not so good, then also it never means that you should get a car loan that provides you with much higher amount of interest that is impossible for you to afford. There is possibility for the individuals with good credit score to get car loans in much reduced interest that is in single digits. The ones with average credit score can easily get car loans that with interest that can range between about 10 to 12 percentage. The individuals with bad credit record are going to get loans with interest rate higher than 15 percentages. You may be getting a car loan for about 24 percentage of the interest which is going to be something so huge and it is better for you to drop the plan for taking the loan as there is no need for you to pay so much for just owning a car.

Your Decisions should be Away from Emotions
Buying an automobile for your home can be something of your dreams. For many people it is something that has much amount if emotion involved in it. It doesn’t mean that when the dealership is not ready to negotiate with the price that you are suggesting based on your capability of affording then also you should stick to it. You should move on as they are not going to be favorable to you in any aspect and you are the one who is going to suffer. So you should try your luck with another dealer.

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Car Safety Tips with Children

Car Safety Tips with Children

Making sure that your children are safe during the car ride must be imperative for a parent. It all comes down to knowing what kind of dangers and risks are present and how to manage them. Luckily, most parents are well aware of what car safety for children involves, but it’s always prudent to go over the facts.


  • Appropriate safety restraint


There are different types of car seats and consequently various ways to secure your child in the car. When you buy a car seat, it’s important to pay attention to whether the child can fit in it which means age, weight, and height should be taken into account. Various researches show that rear-facing seats are safer and children should ride this way as long as possible.

Children with up to 40 pounds in weight and in some cases, even more, can ride in the rear-facing car seats. Height must leave at least 1-inch space from the top of the child’s head and top of the car seat for the optimum safety. Other than that, make sure that children seating on the back use the seatbelt and in an appropriate way.

Car Safety Tips with Children


  • Pay attention to the blind zone


Although cars have three mirrors which show what is happening behind the vehicle, there is also a blind zone. This is a spot which driver can’t see behind the vehicle and because of this, an accident might happen. The blind zone depends on the driver’s height and it can be from 9 to 49 feet which are a significant amount of area that the driver can’t see.

Consequently, a lot of backover accidents happen when children are in this area and the driver can’t see them in the rearview mirror. So, before going in reverse, look carefully if there are any children near or behind the car or that they are in your line of sight. Modern cars have a sensor device called blind spot monitor so if you plan to buy a new vehicle, make sure that it has this piece of equipment.  


  • Mind the power windows


Power windows are responsible for a considerable number of injuries and even deaths in children every year. The mechanism uses enough force to cause trauma to the child, like fractures and strangulation. Although this is something addressed in the new cars by installing the safer switch mechanism, parents should still pay attention to this and even block the controls with duct tape.


  • No distractions


If you ask the best accident lawyer what is the most common cause of all car accidents, they will most likely say ‘distractions.’ When distracted, drivers can cause accidents which can have serious consequences for all involved. If children are yelling and fighting, this can distract the driver and in those cases, it’s best to stop the car and calm down the situation.  

Children tend to make noise, ask questions and argue between themselves, so you will need to handle the situation with patience and calmly. It’s best to set the rules for car rides and find the most appropriate way to enforce them, like rewarding the good behavior. The driver is also to respect appropriate behavior like no using a phone rule and staying concentrated on the traffic.


  • Don’t leave a child alone in the car


Unfortunately, come summer, you can hear in the news that a child was left in a locked car on a hot day with near-fatal or fatal consequences. When the temperatures are high outside, it’s the matter of minutes before the inside of the car isn’t heated to dangerous levels. Therefore, don’t leave your children in a car unattended even for a minute to avoid this from happening.

Also, leaving the car operating with air-conditioning on is also dangerous, as well as rolling the windows down. Someone might kidnap the child or steal the care and leave the child alone outside on a hot day. Also, a child might sneak out through the open window and injure themselves or wander off into the traffic.


Car safety with children is a serious and important issue that parents must confront and ensure its implementation in order to prevent injuries and fatal outcomes. While some accidents happen regardless of the driver, ensuring the child’s safety will prevent many.

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Vehicle Wraps Has Long-Term Marketing Value


As a business owner, you are always looking for ways to promote your business and bring in more revenue. Each form of advertising has its benefits, but it is the long-term advertising that can be expensive. Is it worth it to invest in a billboard for months to try and enhance your company’s brand name recognition? Is there a better way to get the kind of exposure you are looking for without spending a small fortune?

When you drive around town, you may see vehicles that are driving billboards for their companies. The idea of putting a magnet or vinyl decal on the side of a company vehicle is not longer adequate. These days, smart business owners are using vehicle wraps to identify their company vehicles and advertise at the same time. It is a cost-effective way to expand your brand name and get your company constant recognition.

Vehicle Wraps Have A Marketing Durability That Cannot Be Matched

The Yellow Pages ad that you took out this Vehicle Wraps OKCyear will get seen by people who go to that particular page of the directory and it will be seen for one year. Your vehicle wrap will be seen by everyone in town and the wrap will be seen for as long as it is on your vehicle.

In your general area, it is possible for your vehicle wrap to be seen by thousands of people each day. According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, vehicle wraps reach approximately 95 percent of the general public. That is persistent exposure that you cannot get from any other kind of advertising, no matter what you pay for it.

You Can Help Enhance Your Vehicle Wrap’s Effectiveness

A magazine ad may run for a week or a month, but it can only be seen by people who actually pick up the magazine and see the ad. Even advertising done on the Internet requires people to actively pick up a smartphone or get on their computer to see that advertising. With vehicle wraps, you are not nearly as limited with your ability to get your advertising seen by as many people as possible.

When you have a vehicle wrap, you find ways to park your vehicle in places where people can see it. You can be sure to drive the speed limit so that you are not flashing past cars, which makes it easier for everyone to read your advertising. Even though vehicle wraps have an incredibly high exposure rate, you can expand that exposure by taking steps to make your vehicle more noticeable. None of this is possible with any other form of advertising, which helps to make vehicle wraps that much more effective.

What Makes Vehicle Wraps Such A Great Advertising Option?

When you run a successful newspaper ad, the time frame for your ad is limited. If you want to extend the time that your ad runs, then you have to pay for more time. The same is true for advertising through the Internet, magazines, billboards, radio, television and just about any other medium that you would use to get exposure for your company.

With a vehicle wrap, there is one set-up fee and no ongoing fees to maintain your advertising. As long as the wrap is on your company vehicle, it will be exposing your company and your marketing message to thousands of people each day. The Outdoor Advertising Association of America estimates that the average vehicle wrap is seen by between 30,000 and 70,000 people each day. To get that kind of exposure without having to pay any kind of ongoing advertising fee is just smart business.

What Can Be Put On A Vehicle Wrap?

The key to a good vehicle wrap is to have colorful graphics that get plenty of attention. Once someone glances at your vehicle wrap, it can say anything that you want it to say. Are you interested in getting people to call your service company to set up an appointment? Then put your phone number in huge numbers on your vehicle wrap and listen for the phone to start ringing.

Your vehicle wrap can include important information such as your company phone number, physical address, website address and a description of what your company does. This is much more than just a bumper sticker. This is a wrap that goes on your entire vehicle and turns your vehicle into a rolling billboard.

A vehicle wraps is a cost-effective marketing approach that will bring financial returns for as long as you have it. There are no ongoing fees and you always get to choose where your mobile billboard is set up. When you are looking for a marketing approach that will bring you the best possible results for the lowest relative investment, then look into vehicle wraps and get your message out to everyone who sees you.