The “pony car” Ford Mustang

The “pony car” Ford Mustang


Few cars have much charisma as the Ford Mustang. As the horses from which it takes its name, it was designed to run, and this road car has disguised forms to maintain.

The pony car

The Ford Mustang defined a type of cars, called pony cars: Small cars with big engines. Other important features were its price and its aspect: they were not the cheapest, but affordable for young people who began to work, and besides, they had the aggressive look of a sports car. Launched in 1964, other brands were quick to take their own.

The Birth of Mustang

Ford Mustang

In 1958, Ford decided to discontinue the model two-door Thunderbird (a convertible blockbuster), making it a luxury car with four doors. It sold well, but the dealers complained that did not attract much attention of people like the two-seater Thunderbird, and left an orphan at a sector of the population (young people) who preferred smaller, cheaper and sports cars. Something that does not seem that your father would like to go.

In Ford they began to think, they made several polls, and formed a team to design the new car. They had five goals:

  • Fit four people.
  • Would have sport seats.
  • Would change in the floor mounted (instead of the steering wheel, as was common then).
  • Not weigh more than 2500 pounds (about 1100 kg).
  • There would measure more than 180 inches (4.5 meters) long.
  • It would have many shopping options (engines, equipment, etc. . .).

To reduce costs, they used parts of Ford Falcon. The result was a car with 2800 cc engine, 101 ph. and 1170kg. They calculated that they would come a hundred thousand in the first year. They sold more than six hundred thousand.

Ford Mustangs in Bat

In Bat Mustangs appear regularly for sale. They are of all ages, but the favorites are the late 60s and early 70s.

This is one of the Mustangs of the first revision that became the original model. It incorporates a 4700 cc V8 engine and 225HP. Like almost everyone who has come so far, the owner has added some modification (color, for example). It’s a recent article Bat, and sells it for $ 27,900.

The word “Fastback “style comes from the rear of the car, which descends from the ceiling almost to the end of the trunk. This model is less pronounced than in later models. The same effect can be seen in modern cars like the Audi A5 or A7.

A later Mustang, which he has been an engine of 5700cc Cleveland V8 and an automatic transmission. The old Bat, 2007, and this car have been sold a lot. It was advertised for $ 19,500. The appearance “fastback“is more pronounced, a trend that was seen coming in earlier models like the 1968 Mustang.

It is a very similar to the original Mustang model. His appearance is less aggressive, but still has a V8 Mustang as the first example I have set. Bat appeared this year, and it sold for $ 8,900.

Ford Mustang 2015

With all said about the pony cars above let’s talk about the latest one. One thing that we do not have to think about mustangs is the performance, as the name itself stands for power and performance and that is the same for the latest in line as well. Ranging from 300-435 HP we have the 2.5L Eco Boost, 5.0LV8 and the 3.7L V6. Combining beauty with the power making it another set of cars which people want to be seen driving. If I dream of owning a model of mustang; as reality sets in, I think I can go for any of the 2015 models.


Surely in many movies you have seen Mustangs, both in its original form or with modifications. They are a favorite for amateur models so well that support improvements. Some retain only the original body and chassis, having changed the interior, engine, gearbox, wheels, lights…

It is not easy to get a Mustang in Europe. For starters, they need to find one in the U.S. and import it, then you have to pay various taxes and homologate for driving there. Perhaps the easiest is to go to a specialist to handle the entire paperwork importer. As for prices, I’ve seen online models 1967 and 1968 between ten thousand and thirty thousand Euros. No pay thirty thousand for a car that I will not be able to take more than occasionally (which carries a tank car that has a 5 liter engine?), But if I had ten thousand I would buy a Mustang and find a place to save it and get all the needed CJ Pony Mustang Accessories…

We will have to continue playing the lottery. And who knows, maybe tomorrow we get the Mustang of our dreams..

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