A Guide to Selecting the Right Car Service Package

A Guide to Selecting the Right Car Service Package

Typically, the primary purpose of taking your car to a service station is to replace any worn out or damaged part, and service the remaining parts so as to ensure they all work to the best of their efficiency while on the road. Several parts of your car, like brake pads, need oil change and maintenance more often than other parts of your vehicle such as spark plugs and fuel filters.

In addition, every car is different in make and model, the way it is used, and in the frequency of the usage. And thus, it is vital for car owners to learn which parts of the car need regular inspection, period replacement and when.

How to Choose the Right Car Service Package

Buying a right package or combining two depending on your car’s needs, you can certainly ensure that your car runs smoothly and efficiency year round; this approach can also help you avoid huge repair expenses of your car.

Some people who use the car less frequently have a misconception that they can skip servicing their vehicles as it is not being used so often. But probably they are not aware that your car needs regular servicing regardless the number of times you use it in a month or year, as some parts of your vehicle are bound to deteriorate in performance over time provided they might not be used since long.

In fact, the cars various parts of the cars that are not used regularly are more vulnerable to rusting and corrosion, and thus need regular maintenance. While every car service station in Walton and in the rest parts of the country offers their own kind and types of service packages to suit different types of vehicle, but you will mainly find three basic types of car services offered in the region.

Here are 3 main types of car service packages offered by car service station

Full Car Service

As the name suggests, it is one of the most comprehensive car service packages offered for local garages and registered service station in Walton. It unusually covers about 67 car maintenance checks and complete monitoring of your vehicle. It is recommended that you should buy this package once a year, or at the completion of every 12000 miles.

Major Car Service

This particular type of car service package is recommended at every 2 year time interval, coming to about 24000 miles of the journey. It includes regular servicing of all parts and replacement of worn out parts of your vehicle such as brake fluid, spark plugs.

Interim Car Service
Once your car reaches higher mileage number such as 60000 mileage journey, it is essential to take it for interim service. This is crucial to ensure your safety while on the road. More your car is used, more are the chances of component failure and wear away. An interim car service is designed to spot such problems and fix them before they cause any potential hazard while on the road.

Winter Special Car Maintenance

Every vehicle need special attendtion in winter. Some of the most common things that one need perform are listed below:

  • Change to winter tyres
  • Make sure whether your car heater working properly  or not
  • Check your battery. If  it’s not functioning properly, replace it with a new one
  • Check whether wipers work properly or not
  • Check brakes and replace the brake oil with new one
  • Tire pressure should be checked on a weekly basis

This particular type of car service includes the replacement of engine oil, filters and of worn out or non-functioning parts. Many safety checks are also performed as a part of car interim service. However, if you want to know more about this service or about all different types of car services, then find out a reliable, professional car service station in your area.

A reputed car service station can help you learn about their various service packages and help determine the right service package for your car.

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The author has researched a lot about car maintenance and repair services offered by reputed and renowned professional car service provider companies. With this article, he shares his views on selecting car service station.

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