Why Eco Cars Are Considered As Best Performing Cars

Why Eco Cars Are Considered As Best Performing Cars

Few years ago, people considered eco cars a discovery of the future. It was quite impossible to see it in the market anytime sooner. However, today green cars have overwhelmed the automotive industry in real. With the release of hybrid and electric coupes, there has been a sudden fall in the conventional means of transportation. These conventional substitutes have experienced a sharp rise in their popularity in the eco-friendly cars


Best Performing CarsThe sudden change in the demand of the people is mainly due to the up gradation of performance and reliability. Producers are financing the hybrid electric cars heavily as customers are interested in purchasing something that could reduce their motoring expenses and lower their fuel consumption as well as qualify for smaller tax bands. With fuel costs soaring sky height, consumers are switching to low-carbon emission cars and efficient performance locomotives


While on one hand it saves a lot of money on the other hand, it saves the environment. With technology offering the alternative fuel source is not much developed and limited market option, thus, selecting the right eco car shouldn?t be very difficult. Usually, the decision is mainly based on factors like speed, value of the car, maintenance, running and its performance. The main reason people are hesitant to purchase eco-friendly cars is its price- electric engines are costlier than the classic engine. The best example of electric motor combined with diesel motor is Peugeot 3008 Hybrid4. It is the first car of the segment that gained success.


The positive points for opting for eco cars include big travelling range. While Peugeot Hybrid 3008 offers 74.7mpg, the Toyota Prius offers an estimated mileage of 600mpg on the city roads and 51mpg on motorways. However, regardless of the all benefits of green car, do you think potential eco cars offer reduced performance and running? In comparison to gasoline cars, electric car make use of less energy to cover the same distance and cost much less. While the electric car segment is rules by Mitsubishi i-MiEV, Vauxhall Ampera and Nissan Leaf, the cars are the best in the segment.


To commence with the analysis, small eco cars comprise of Audi A1 and Renault Clio where smooth drive, manoeuvrability and small engine is ideal for towns and highways. With low emission and easy to maintain engine, the car are cheaper to purchase and are not prone to damage. A small electric car has an amazing value at a cost effective rate and saves your taxes, insurance expenses and running cost. The disadvantage related with eco cars is that they offer low power. The Peugeot 308 churns out 180lb torque at an average of 119mph which is quite low in comparison to petrol engines.


With regards to the environment, the eco car emits lower harmful gases like carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. This leads to less pollution and lower health issues. The emission for cars causes several respirator problems and with eco cars, the emission is much lower in comparison. With respect to road tax, the road tax is paid on the kind of fuel and carbon dioxide emission made by your car. The lower the amount of emission made by our car, lower is the tax. You don?t have to pay any tax if the gas emission is less than 100g/km. People specially go for green cars to pay less tax and avail more opportunities


Speaking about the fuel tax, if you possess a green car running electricity, you don?t have to pay any fuel tax. However, if you are using eco cars, then the fuel tax is extremely low. The battery of an electric car charges and discharges in Kilowatt per hour ratio, with the help of power grid working at 90% capacity. The performance of the engine usually depends on its size and how much electric energy does it need. Running on an average speed of 80kmph, the performance of an electric car is thrice more than gasoline cars.


Lastly, you gain a lot with eco-friendly cars. You receive the insurance at a much lower price in comparison to any other car. The lower insurance has been offered to people to attract more people towards eco cars. It has been done for the promotion of the eco-friendly cars. With the advancement in technology, sooner or later the price of eco cars will lower down. However, it is very appealing and attention seeking and more and more people are turning towards owning it.


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