The Five Most Luxurious Ways to Travel

The Five Most Luxurious Ways to Travel

Some vacationers are intent upon getting to their destination as quickly as possible, but many others have discovered that one of the best parts of any trip is the journey itself. Regardless of which transportation venue one chooses, traveling can sometimes become stressful and hectic, which can ultimately lessen the quality of one’s vacation. For this reason, anyone for whom money is no object should select a travel venue that is both luxurious and stress-free. The demand for luxury travel has experienced a double digit increase over the past five years as affluent travelers seek adventure and unique experiences and below are the top five luxury ways to travel options from which vacationers can choose:





Cruises have consistently ranked high among vacationers who want to enjoy hassle-free traveling, sightseeing and dining. For this reason, those who can afford to indulge in a yachting vacation should not hesitate to choose this venue. With no exact destination in mind, the focus of such travel includes the over-the-top luxuries on board and the joy of the open sea. For example, bouncing from one tropical island to the next or sailing through the Mediterranean to enjoy spectacular scenery are great ways to relax and unwind without having to worry about petty details.


Private Jet


Chartering a private jet may be somewhat expensive, but many travelers would be surprised to know how reasonable this option is when compared to the price of some first-class airfares. Additionally, considering how frustrating air travel can be in today’s modern world, an increasing number of individuals are choosing private jet charters when vacation rolls around. With everything one could possibly need already stocked on the jet, this alternative is one of the most luxurious and convenient ways to go from one destination to the next. It is a particularly good choice for those who plan to visit destinations that are somewhat remote.


Mercedes Sprinter Van


A Mercedes Sprinter van is a highly popular option among consumers around the world who prefer luxury when they travel, whether for business or pleasure. Naturally, the brand speaks for itself and is recognized across the globe for high quality, reliable vehicles of all kinds. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Mercedes van has become one of the most popular luxury travel options available on today’s market. The Sprinter is a terrific choice for vacationers who want comfort, convenience, storage capacity and utilitarian features. Luxury vans of this type that seat 5 to 12 people can be leased from select Mercedes-Benz dealers. Consumers can choose from a two-stage, 7-speed turbo diesel engine model or a V6 BlueTEC Diesel Engine with a 5-speed gearbox. In addition, certain models have higher roofs and larger tires than standard Mercedes models, and therefore customers should inquire about such features when making their selection.


Private Helicopters


One of the best traveling venues for those who enjoy taking a vacation in grand style is a luxury helicopter. Arguably the most convenient way to arrive at a getaway destination, private air travel is also one of the most luxurious. Similar to leasing a private jet, luxury helicopters have everything a person could desire while traveling to his or her ultimate vacation destination. This type of travel has also become the top choice of business executives, investors and entrepreneurs. With a helicopter charter, one need never worry about arriving in time for any important event or meeting.




Still one of the most popular travel methods in Europe and Japan, luxury trains are one example of a fun and indulgent transportation method. Luxury trains in the United States, Europe and other parts of the world typically feature five-star accommodations and carry their passengers to their desired destinations in style. Most routes offer breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside along the way and provide an experienced staff to cater to every whim of each passenger on board.


Regardless of which luxury travel venue a person chooses, arriving at a destination in luxurious style can only enhance an individual’s traveling experience. Therefore, vacationers and business travelers for whom money is no object have everything to gain and nothing to lose by selecting one of the options mentioned above for their next trip.


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