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Top Constructions in Dubai City-

The city of United Arab Emirates, Dubai turned into its present state in 1971. Surprisingly patrol and natural gas only make up a little percentage of earnings, as the city has obtained worldwide attention during the past several years. Due to city’s economical growth, the architectural developments made the city a perfect location for the travel and leisure activities. But it is not over yet as a number of new ventures are on the desk. Here only a little portion of the city’s huge constructions is under discussed for your information.

Marina Torch

This place is also popular as Dubai Torch. It is the tallest skyscrapers at the Dubai Harbor. It is about 336.1 m (1105 ft) in size with 79 surfaces above the floor. It was completed in 2009 but opened for the people in May 2011.

Princess Tower

The Prince tower is a 101 storey, 414 m (1,358 ft) high living skyscraper located in the Harbour of Dubai. Syed Majid Hashmi as primary architectural professional initiated this project. It was completed in September 2012. Highly professionally designed building is an appealing source among the visitors in the city.

Burj Al Arab

The tallest building in the world Burj Al Arab was completed in 2009. The greatest man made structure has a magnificent look to attract the attention of guests all around the world. It has several features of luxury living, entertainment, dining and other necessities. The beautiful view of the Burj Al Arab can be seen from the center of the city and also from the water trip when you are on the luxury yacht rental in Dubai.

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Rose Tower

It is a 72 storey hotel situated on the Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai. It is considered among the second tallest building in the world. It is about 380 m (12,50 ft) and its construction was completed in 2007. It is also known as the Rose Rayhaan Rotana among the visitors. Due to its tallest structure and comfortable living and easy access, the hotel is the most preferred place for visitors.

Ocean Height

The curved building in the mid of the city is enhancing the charm of Dubai as well as leaving a grin on the faces of its viewers. It is a unique architecture in its kind. The building is about 310 meters tall with its 83 floors. It is close to all main areas of the city so visitors can select it without any hesitation.

Islamic Bank Tower

It has 49 floors while its height is about 294 m. The construction of this tower was completed in this year ad situated in the hub of the city.

JW Marriot Marquis Dubai

It is considered the tallest building in the world. The place is offering fabulous living styles to the guests around the world. Its huge dining halls, delicious flavors, clean water swimming pools, gym, salon, massage centers and deluxe living along with several other heart touching features are a source of inspiration for the visitors.

The above information is not enough to explain the beauty and charm of the city. Words might end when we start to describe it as you can get much here like you can get the glimpses of the city from the water also if you hire a luxury yacht in Dubai or can see feel its glamor during a city tour.

Madinat Jumeirah

Madinat Jumeirah is a Dubai must see place. There is a lot to do at this fantastic resort, purchasing and enjoyment are its main features. Discover the Arabian-style structure, sneak around the wonderful Al-Qsar and Ying power A’ Salam resorts, or get lost in its souqs. When you visit any resort there, you can capture the quiet abras (water taxis) visiting along the long pathways. The whole place, is all beautiful and, obviously, it is one of Dubai’s most well-known areas.


Bastakia is the Dubai’s old city. Here you will find wind-tower homes that were designed about a century ago. These are two storey houses with main courtyard enclosed by bedrooms and attractive designs. Despite their simplicity, these houses have wonderful designs with wood made gates. Now these homes are open for the visitors to view and appreciate the great architecture of Arabs.

Underwater Aquarium

The experience of underwater zoo is a unique idea that is available in Dubai only. The act of nose to nose with sharp tooth sharks is the most mesmerizing vision in this tremendous seafood tank. Beside the sharks there is plenty of seafood available in this underwater aquarium capturing the attention of visitors and especially children.

Constructions in Dubai

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