Opening New Soul Kitchen Restaurant? Check How To Buy Restaurant kitchen equipment

Soul Kitchen Restaurant- Soul Kitchen Restaurant Identify your Needs:

Opening up a new restaurant is a bit challenging due to the rigorous planning involved. Before starting a restaurant, you have to consider various factors such as the type of restaurant, the type of potential customers, the size of the business, and of course, the kitchen equipment required. You need to spend a substantial amount of time and money on buying restaurant equipment as this will go a long way in guaranteeing the success of the new restaurant. Some of the common restaurant equipment include ice machines, refrigerators, dishwashers and food processors. If you are planning to open up a new restaurant, here are some tips on how to buy common restaurant equipment.

How to buy common Soul Kitchen Restaurant equipment

Find exactly the kind of equipment needed to run your restaurant smoothly. The equipment required would change depending on the size of the restaurant and the projected sales volumes. Coming up with a list of the required equipment makes it much easier to hit the market armed with a full range of items.

For example, the capacity of food processors varies depending on the work at hand. Establish the extent of prep work to be done and the kinds of foods to be processed and then choose the right processor based on such factors. Don’t try to save a few hundred dollars on a smaller processor that will end up burning out prematurely due to its inability to handle the work at hand.

Consider the Size:

Another factor that you need to consider is the physical size of the equipment. If you just have a small kitchen space in the restaurant, then you will have to buy compact alternatives and also consider how to make the most out of the vertical and horizontal spaces in the kitchen. Equipment should be chosen according to the space available and avoid buying equipment that might go by the wayside as they wouldn’t fit.

For example, when buying refrigerators, consider chef base, prep table and undercounter units. One of these refrigeration units can be a better fit than standard reach-in units based on the configuration of your restaurant’s cooking line. Undercounter refrigerators can fit well under prep counters while chef bases can support hot kitchen equipment like ranges. On the other hand, prep tables can combine an undercounter unit, a cutting board, as well as an ingredient bin in one unit.

Functionality and Versatility:

When opening a new restaurant, remember that you’ll have to employ individuals to work in the restaurant and they’ll require training on using the equipment. Therefore, the equipment must be user friendly. Avoid buying equipment which require difficult configurations for all functions as they are not business-friendly. On the same note, unforeseen tasks will crop up over time and hence you need a more versatile unit that can handle such tasks.

For example, opt for food processors with variable speeds as they can handle a wide range of prepping tasks due to their superior versatility.

High efficiency:

The advancements in technology have led to the introduction of some highly efficient equipment on the market. Many machines have built in features which allow the preparation of some types of food while others have self-clean features which can considerably speed up the kitchen cleaning process. You will also find environmentally friendly machines which use less energy and water, thereby allowing you to save your electricity bill.

For example, ice machines that have condensers on the roof are more efficient as compared to machines that have the condenser on the bin. Although the installation of such condensers requires a lot of energy, it would offer you long term benefits by reducing your energy costs considerably.

Consider the Budget:

The budget plays an integral role when it comes to buying restaurant equipment. You should figure out what you plan to spend on every equipment before you start shopping and have the overall target figure which your budget must not surpass. Most restaurant machines are available in a wide range of prices and so you will definitely find something that can fit into your budget. Buying from dealers or retailers that offer good discounts guarantees a wide range of machines for all budgets.

Getting your restaurant up and running will take time but will be worth it once you start making delicious foods for your customers. Buying the right equipment will help you achieve this.

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