New Radiator in a room

New Radiator in a room

About New Room Radiator

As we get further into that time of year where the days get colder and the nights get longer we find ourselves spending much more time inside and out of the elements. It is also round about this time of year that many people will be thinking about giving their home a last minute bit of décor before the family come round at Christmas time. However all you hard work can often be spoiled by the all too necessary evil which is that steel box sitting in the middle of the room. I am of course referring to the radiator.

This often raggedy chunk of metal often dominates the room and usually enjoys pride of place right in the centre of the room’s feature wall. It’s an eyesore of the highest nature but it’s a necessary one, as on one hand it’s horrible to look at and destroys the theme you’ve been trying so hard to develop in the rest of the room, however the fantastic waves of heat generated by it are the only thing standing between you and your guests catching frost bite. It is because of this that you find yourself trying your hardest to ignore it and just put up with it, but it doesn’t need to be like this.

As we’re now entering the time of year where we will be paying a lot more attention to our central heating systems in general, then it only makes sense that we should try and do something about them. Having recently done a bit of DIY décor to my own home, I have picked up a few tricks that you can use to effectively hide or embrace you radiators as you see fit, that I am only too happy to share with you.

New Radiator in room


Paint covers a multitude of sins

The most simple and obvious way to hide the steep panelled monstrosity is to camouflage it with the rest of the room. Painting the radiator the same colour as the wall is often enough to give it a more subtle appearance. This works especially well if you are using a particularly dark or vibrantly coloured paint, perhaps as part of a feature wall, unfortunately this doesn’t work as well if you are using a lighter colour theme.


Natural Wave Radiator Heater

This simple piece of porcelain transforms your radiator into a makeshift hotplate, or should I say warm plate. The heat form the radiator conducts easily through it allowing you to keep hot drinks and snacks, or even towels and clothing warm and is perfect on especially chilly days. It can also be easily removed to allow you use of the radiator for drying clothes, or if you like you can take it into another room.



Go Contemporary

Radiators now come in all different shapes and sizes; you don’t have to settle for an old aluminium or steel panelled one. Many contemporary designs are deliberately made to look like ornamental furniture and so will blend into the décor of a room whilst also serving a functional purpose. There are many different designs and colours to choose from, of which chrome radiators and towel rails work particularly well in kitchens and bathrooms where there is already a bit of bare metal on show.


Traditional wooden radiator covers are an inexpensive way of hiding any unsightly steel panel. They come in range of designs that are guaranteed to compliment the decorative theme of any room. They are also functional in that they force more of the heat out into the room instead of allowing it to rise up toward the ceiling. The cover itself provides you with another – albeit small – work surface, which can also double up as a cupboard/storage space depending on the size of the cover. The one down side to radiator covers is that they have to be removed every time you want access to the radiator such as when you want to hang damp clothes.



If you’re really working off of a shoe-string budget then you might consider stencilling it. These radiator stencils add a fantastic bit of character to your radiator that can help make it a main feature and add character to any room. They are also incredibly cheap and come in a range of different designs.


Show If Off

If you’re really struggling to hide the steel panelled monstrosity then consider embracing it and showing it off instead. Instead of camouflaging it by painting it the same colour as the supporting wall, go for something much more vibrant and clashing such as yellow on purple or orange on blue. This ‘in your face’ streak of colour can help add a bit of personality to any room.



Cast Iron

If you’re radiator is in very prominent place but is incredibly hard to hide to might consider replacing it with a beautiful St Pauls Cast Iron Radiator. These modern reproductions are just as efficient  as their steel and aluminium counterparts due to their size and their beautiful ornate decoration help add to the overall décor of the room. They work especially well if you are going for a traditional or vintage theme.

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