Car care tips-Air Filter Tips for Grease Monkey

Car care tips-Air Filter Tips for Grease Monkey


Car care tips-A happy engine means happy travels ahead. One aspect of this is choosing a reliable air filter. Well-maintained engines can save you a considerable amount of expenses. Clean internal systems can also result in increased engine performance.

Car care tips

If car air filters are left with older and mouldy ones, engines may result to coarse marks. This happens due to the inability to efficiently separate dirt from the engine. In the worst case scenario, some parts may need to be replaced. There are many options available for you to choose from and it’s best to be a part of the installation process with your trusty mechanic.

The worst to happen without an effective air filter system is compromised machine performance. Heaters and air conditioners may not work properly, as dirt is clogged up the system and gas can’t be distributed correctly. In other words, an engine can’t function well if it’s clogged. It’s the same principle as a person who can’t survive without a clear breathing pathway.

A Reliable Air Filter

If you know your car well, you’ll have a better chance of finding the right air filter. Consider your priorities before choosing the accessory. These are three basic criteria in selecting one for your car:

  • Air intake

Every car has a fitted air intake system. The size of it depends on the environment where the car is situated. Take for instance, a vehicle which runs in a humid place. This car’s intake needs to be bigger for proper engine regulation. Enough space should be provided for the system to draw out air. This consequently needs an applicable filter.


If your car runs better with smoother air intake systems, you’d need to source out a filter which encourages this. If you want for your air filters to last longer, you may choose an item which goes for optimal air intake.


  • Engine Performance

Every car has different classifications which relate performance levels. They range from luxury and sports, with various automobiles featuring small, medium and large sized engines.


Each engine would naturally need an applicable air filter. The size and material of your chosen item would naturally depend on the engine type. Your engine’s performance would also depend on how your automobile is frequently used. If you take your car on a ride up the mud tracks every weekend, a more durable air filter would be suitable.


  • Horsepower

It takes a lot of power and energy to get an automobile moving. Rotations and pumping of pistons can cause your engine to gather up even more dust and clogging particles. Your car can go the distance given a well-supported air filter. There are selections which are made for rough and more challenging travels. Thicker air filters may be beneficial for you, as they can easily repel dirt along the highway or a muddier path.

It’s nearly impossible to have all three features in your choices. This is why you need to know which is mostly valuable to your car.

Your consideration may also involve brand names. There are items which fit manufacturer specifications. This means they go well with a selected model’s engine. Remember how each brand has its strengths. Some selections are experts on cold air intake, while some are known for their durability. You can also gain access to various air filters through features of car parts online.

Powerful motors are futile without the support of air filters. Be sure to select one which fits your engine.


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