Not Sure About the Best Bridal Makeup? Check Out The Best Tendencies

Not Sure About the Best Bridal Makeup? Check Out The Best Tendencies

Check Out The Best Bridal Makeup this year


Looking for a Perth makeup artist? Your options are countless, but a little research will work a very long way. Keep in mind that a good makeup artist is not only supposed to do whatever you ask them for. Instead, they should also provide suggestions and warn you that a particular style may not necessarily match you, even if you actually love it. If you cannot count on your mother or your best friend to be honest with you and tell you the truth about one type of bridal makeup Melbourne or another, the artist will most likely not care about your feelings and put it out straightly. In other words, you need a professional who has both experience and the education to go along with whatever may match your style. Overlooking your preferences is not a good idea either, so try to come up with a middle solution between your ideas and modern trends.


If you are the proud owner of a prominent facial structure, you should know that this type of construction is every Perth makeup artist’s dream. Artists love this type of build because it provides a lot of opportunities. You may just as well entrust your artist and just leave yourself in their hands, whether it comes to metallic accents or dark powder. Lips can be underlined with a durable lipstick in an intense color, which is very popular this year. With all these, specific makeups ask for specific rules.

Best Bridal Makeup

Adopting a natural appearance

Natural bridal makeup Melbourne brings in the bare face style, which is typical . It puts an amazing accent on the actual face skin and its brightness. It is impeccable, intelligently contoured and very bright. It may sound a little simplistic, but a beautiful skin can easily become the perfect feature to underline during the big day. This type of makeup is excellent for brides who want to bring in a modern style, while maintaining elegance through simplicity. Make sure that your Perth makeup artist is familiar with such things though. They need to be familiar with airbrushing techniques in the attempt to ensure a perfect cover.


The nude look makeup mostly relies on warm and natural colors. They are usually based on brown, pale pink, cream or beige. The blush is supposed to be natural as well.


Sticking to metallic accents

Natural bridal makeup Melbourne can adopt more styles and shapes. For example, brides who want a natural solution may also opt for metallic accents. Metallic accents are touchier that bare face makeup. They have gained a lot of popularity over the past year and they bring in all kinds of bright accents placed in a discreet manner around the eyes and cheeks.


Specific dark powders are used for blush, while the colors are based on vanilla, pink, gold and caramel. If mixed accordingly, such colors provide the bride with a radiant appearance, which is simply perfect for a wedding in the summertime.


Choosing pastel nuances

Pink nuances have been extremely popular this year, but they are very likely to maintain their reputation this year too. This fact can seriously influence the bridal makeup tendencies. Nothing can describe femininity better than delicate nuances of pink applied discreetly on the cheeks and lips.


If you opt for pastel colors, ensure that the eye makeup is natural. Just accentuate the eyelash line with a little gray or purple makeup, as well as a consistent layer of mascara. This fresh look will compliment your qualities and will enhance your healthy appearance.


Going with the smoky eyes

Every Perth makeup artist can agree that the smoky eyes will not lose their popularity too soon. This type of makeup has always been very popular on wedding days. But this time, the possibilities to obtain such a look are countless. Specialists have given up the dark and simplistic nuances of gray and black. Instead, they have returned to the actual color.


You can approach the smoky eyes makeup in intense nuances, blue, emerald green or purple. You can opt for metallic nuances or spectacular applications. This type of makeup is highly recommended to confident brides. It works greatly with a comfortable hairstyle and a dress that follows the body line.


Selecting the classic style

There are no doubts that classic makeups will never leave the trends. They are classic for a reason. They are also simplistic and very easy to obtain. In order to obtain a statement appearance, make sure that you put the accent on your eyes. Unless you plan to try out various colors in the eye makeup, the ideal solution implies calling the invaluable charm of a classic evening makeup, as well as the elegance of simple lines.


In the end, no matter what kind of style you select, you better ask your Perth makeup artist if they are familiar with it.




Author Bio : Holly is a professional makeup artist who specialists in Bridal Makeup & Bridal Hair Styles at Living Dolls Make up Artistry in Melbourne.



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