How to Pick Up a Boutique Party Dress?

How to Pick Up a Boutique Party Dress?

Ladies love to indulge into boutique party dresses. All over the globe, this is a common trend amongst women of all age groups. But many a times, the get carried away by a dress in display or an outfit that looks great on a mannequin; after examining such a dress they immediately buy it only to find out that it does not look that great on them. This article lays out some simple tips and tricks for selecting the best boutique made party dresses for women without making a blunder.

Pick Up a Boutique Party Dress

1. The first and foremost tip one must follow while buying a party dress is to stress upon the body type. Body types are of many different types’ namely hourglass figures, petite frames, athletic builds, large busts, heavy mid sections etc. One has to highlight the best portion with some careful styling.

2. A lady with a heavy mid section must select a pleated puff sleeved dress. Such a party dress will accent the smallest or topmost part of the waist without showing off a heavy mid section. The dress can be preferably kept a little loose at the lower half in a baby-doll styled fashion.

3. Large busted girls can cover up this portion with a full coverage neckline. Attention can be redirected to the waist or any other body part with the help of dainty little pleats or an accent bow.

4. Front shift dresses look best on athletic built bodies for they help to show off the toned arms and legs. One shoulder shift dresses or simple silhouettes work best on this body type too.

5. Petite ladies can draw attention to their tiny frames by putting on tight sexy little boutique dresses. It is best to show off only one body part; for example, in order to show off the legs, the entire top region must stay covered up in full sleeves et al. That way amount of fabric used on this small frame gets reduced for good.

6. Curvy figured girls with an hourglass figure can put on slim fitting dresses that accent the narrow waistline. This area can have an accent bow or an embellished trim or belt. It is best not to wear pleats for this might cover the beauty of the figure. Plunging necklines must also be avoided; besides the dress must be knee length for a high impact clothing effect.

7. Lastly, it is best to select boutique dresses in shades that suit the facial features and complement the complexion. Colours are generally recommended by boutique store sales persons basing on a client’s skin tone and eye colour. A very good example is a jewel toned dress for olive or dark skinned girls with brown eyes.

Despite the fact that picking out a dress for a special party seems daunting, one can count on the numerous options available at stores. Shoppers only have to pick out a perfect dress depending on their body types; and they must also stress on the type of material or fabric they prefer. Just follow some instincts correctly and the end result will be a beautiful dress that makes one feel extremely confident.

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Balaram Poddar is the Marketing Director at Sacred Threads Boutique. He is also well known for his writings on trendy clothing boutiques. In this article he shared some amazing tips on how to pickup a boutique party dress? Visit to find a variety of styles from top designers to smaller boutiques.


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