Top Trends in Wedding Bands for Men

Top Trends in Wedding Bands for Men

Trends in Wedding Bands for Men


With all the issues that need attention for a wedding of your dreams, you would have never thought that selecting a wedding ring for your man would be too complicated. It should just be a matter of heading to the nearest jewelry retailer and picking up a plain gold band of the right size, right? Wrong! One visit to the jeweler’s store will leave you confounded with the choice of designs and materials, and you would know that you really require putting some thought into the purchase and not only because he had given you an engagement ring that you simply adore.


Contemporary Trends in Action

Wedding Bands for Men

When you look around, you can see for yourself how contemporary men have changed in virtually all respects; right from how and what clothes they wear, to how they conduct themselves, and what accessories and jewelry they sport. The days when you could have just opted for a traditional plain wedding ring are truly gone as today every modern groom prefers something that would go with his style and attitude. Just as you would have taken a lot of care to select a tie, because it needs to complement his style;similarly you need to spend the time to select a wedding ring that suits him perfectly and enhances his personality. As far as wedding rings for men are concerned, modern jewelry designers and retailers have virtually reinvented the wedding ring and today you can choose from a vast range of designs as well as materials; traditional as well as futuristic.


If you are unsure what the latest trends are in men’s wedding bands then all you need to do is to scan through some lifestyle magazines or browse the Internet to explore what the young and trendy as well as the rich and famous are choosing to wear. Match something to your guy’s personality and he will thank you for the trouble you have taken for him. Some hot selections:


Domed Bands


As far as wedding bands go, this is the most traditional style that continues to thrive even in these flashy days. Domed wedding rings may be regarded as being a little old-fashioned by the hip and happening, but it still continues to work very well for men who prefer to keep things simple for themselves. Being unobtrusive and lightweight, they are ideal for men, who are not happy about wearing a lot of ornaments, don’t like drawing attention, and prefer to keep their hands free. It really helps to know your hubby’s personality well so that you can make a sensible choice. Of course, you need not stick to just gold – there are a lot of new age metals and materials available that could make your choice distinctive.


Flat Wedding Rings


Wedding rings that have a flat surface are also especially suited for men who prefer a simple and minimalist look. When compared to the domed rings, they look a lot more contemporary due to the flat surface and are great for those who are not accustomed to wearing jewelry. To make them special, you can have them crafted in space-age materials like tungsten, cobalt or titanium. These materials have such a sophisticated look that he would be more than happy about wearing the ring.


Rings with Two-Toned Patterns


You can take the style factor up a notch or two by choosing rings with two-tone patterns. During the manufacturing process, two different metals are woven together so as to yield a distinctive pattern. Usually, the resultant effect is quite subtle, but it can certainly catch the eye of people with a certain amount of discernment. Usually, these rings are custom-crafted depending upon the metal you choose so you will need to allow more than the usual time for delivery by the jeweler.


Rings with Gemstones


There is an increasing tribe of men who are not shy of wearing a flashy wedding ring featuring a precious stone, even a diamond. You can have a really wide choice because you can select from rubies, sapphires, and much more. You just need to make sure that the design is such that the gemstone is mounted securely on the ring as men are notas careful as ladies when using their hands.


Whatever ring you choose, you need to make sure that it gels with the personality and lifestyle of your man. He will always be thankful for the time and effort that you took to make him look and feel good.


Author Bio:David Wicks is a fashion designer and blogger based in New York. He has been blogging for over two years and tremendously enjoys writing about the fashion world. His latest series of wedding-themed articles covers dresses, men’s wedding bands and much more.



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