Wedding Dress Styles For Brides in this year

Wedding Dress Styles For Brides in this year

Wedding Dress Styles For Brides

Although the wedding dress styles for brides may not dramatically change every year, we still do see a noticeable difference in tastes and preferences of brides getting married each year. It’s imperative to keep your eyes and ears open to these noteworthy trends and details pertaining to bridal dresses, especially if you are planning your own wedding day!

In this article, we’ll put forward a list of trending styles of 2016 wedding dresses for brides. So read further to get to know the latest trends to get inspired to chisel up your own big day!

#1 Exposed

Wedding Dress Styles For Brides

The year 2016 saw a lot of brides exposing their bodies and radiant skin on their wedding day. Those dresses that had low back and illusion backs were of particular interest to most brides. While the lower back is a trend carried over from the previous year, this year the exposure levels reached to new levels with some tasteful illusion panels, peekaboo lace and graceful cut outs.

These bridal dresses look incredibly elegant due to their stylish and strategic cuts where the butt is properly covered. If you fancy something similar, ensure you opt for a designer who knows the job well.

#2 Going The Traditional Way

Not entirely, but sort of. Thanks to Kate Middleton, who started the trend with lacing up the bridal dress, the traditional look of the bridal dress is back with an uncompromisable fervour. Illusion naked-looking long sleeves gave out a sense of full coverage, in addition to sparkly sequins, excellent embroidery and hand crafted beading added a glamorous interest to the dress.

There is no denial that traditional bridal dresses uplifts the mood of the bride on her big day.

#3 Lower Necklines

Ladies just love this. While low sexy back has always been a highly preferred style of bridal dresses, this year saw bridal wear taking a plunge with gorgeous low necklines too. With low necklines, designers also chose to use laces and mock-turtleneck collars to complement the overall look of the dress.

Lower necklines are a style most preferred by brides this year.

#4 Adding Feathers

2016 saw brides making impressive fashion statements by adding fluttery feathers on their traditional bridal dresses. The designers opted to fully cover the ball-gown skirting with feathers to bring out an added dimension to the dress. This particular style is definitely for the courageous and creative brides who don’t mind looking a bit different on their wedding day. And, of course, to jazz up a bit more, it is a good idea to pair the dress with a crop top.

#5 3-D Effect

This year, the bridal wear is being taken over by the 3-D effect, but by using excellent motifs such the ivory landscape of florals or butterflies fluttering on layers of the dress. For a more risk-taking brides, it is a good idea to try something on the lines of Angel Sanchez’s futuristic look. Perhaps, that could be a bit of a problem functionality wise, but definitely a 10 on the looks part.

#6 The Overlay

Wedding Dress Styles For Brides

The overlays give a phenomenal look to a bridal gown. They give the dress a ball gown feel, but with a slimming effect of a slinky slip silhouette underneath. This kind of a dress not only looks stunning, but it’s a fantastic version of the princess like a ball gown.

You cannot go wrong with this one.

#7 LWD

It was unbelievable to see how brides getting married in this year preferred a simple yet elegant white dress. We all have the little white dress in our wardrobe, but choosing to wear it on the wedding day requires a hell lot of confidence and courage.

Wearing a little white dress is apt for formal settings such as a formal dinner/reception that is taking place on one of the formal venues. In actuality, the LWD is now considered as one of the most highly preferred dresses for outdoor long island weddings.

#8 Wearing Pants!

Not just any regular white coloured pants or trousers, we are talking about a designer and well – tailored trousers that are meant for brides only. If you want a bit of a swagger on your big day, it’s worth trying out wearing these amazing pants, and it is completely appropriate for a walk down the aisle, in case if you are wondering.

In addition to the pants, it is also a good idea to compliment the look by adding a designer white coloured tuxedo suit that will look very impactful and formal. Besides, you can even think of going more creative and adding the silhouette.

Bottom Line:

Unarguably, all brides love to dress up in order to look stunning on their big day. Really, who doesn’t! While choosing a bridal dress for yourself, make sure you don’t compromise on the feel of the dress. Yes, you need to look sexy and stunning on your big day, but you also need to feel comfortable in the dress you are wearing. So get a dress with a sexy fit for the curves to shine!

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