Women’s fashion trends for Autumn

Women’s fashion trends for Autumn

The summers are finally leaving us for the winters to step in but before that, Autumn season is standing on the door knocking its way in. With every season passing by, comes in the opportunities to welcome the newest of fashion trends that make you look good, feel fabulous and head towards your routine every single day. The last season or the entire last year served to be the dominating one but it doesn’t mean that this year would be fall back. Every year, designers bring in some pieces that speak volumes about being the breath of fresh air.

From the Hugo Boss t-shirts to the Michael Kors handbags, the last year was too much to handle. This year is even better for sure.


Go on and find out the fashion trends that women have been waiting for, for the year 2019 Autumn season.

Big and bold earrings

You know how the statement jewelry has been overpowering the fashion industry. From the dazzling gold to the sterling silver, the earrings have made available to women in all shapes and sizes.
This year, what’s going to change is the size. Taking the quotation literally, the size of the earrings are going to go larger than life. From the over-sized hoops that can be mistaken to be a bangle or bracelet to heavy metal, bolder more intricate detailing will be available.

Trench coats

Well, with the Bollywood diva Priyanka Chopra redefining the trench coat in the year 2017 at Met Gala, the trench coat had to be on the list this year and every year for that matter because of the timeless appeal. Whether it is Valentino Garavani or Alexander McQueen, the trench coats will be there on the hotlist. Timeless and tailored, a trench coat is a classic wardrobe staple for both men and women. The trench coat, for all its utilitarian trappings, is inexplicably linked to drama. From “Casablanca” to “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” to “The Matrix,” the clothing article is very popular in the pop cultures as a cinematic signifier of intrigue and romance.

Image Source: MICHAEL KORS White Zip Front Trench Coat

Wide-legged bottoms

It has been enough of cigarette pants, slim fit jeans and tight pants that streamlined your legs. Enter wide-legged bottoms. The relaxed fit had started to step in towards the last year and finally it is time to let the fit go.
From the baggy or boyfriend jeans that hang on the body to the loose jumpsuits that make it easier for you to move around looking ravishing effortlessly, the list is endless. Would you want to choose the relaxed fit over the defining fit?

Image Source: SELF STITCH High Waist Wide Leg Pants


Layers are equally popular for men and women. They are considered for so many reasons including the warmth that they provide and to look stylish. With Autumn slightly cooler in the mornings and evenings, women should find reasons to layer up. Popular get-ups include below-the-knee sweaters and jackets for a cozy feel and kimonos and dusters for an extra chic vibe. Just make sure when you remove the layers during the day time, you still rock the outfit.
You can just start with a simple tee and add up the sweaters and jackets that look good on you.

Image Source: MICHAEL KORS Deep Fuchsia Sleeveless Layered Tank

Classy yet designer handbags

Nothing feels better than picking up new designer handbag to take along with you everywhere in 2019. This year, we saw some fun twists on old favorites on the runway — from bags that have just the right amount of tassels to red statement bags that command all the attention. You can choose from the Alexander McQueen to Gucci bags, there’s a lot to pick from. The collection of bags that you should put your hands include Bucket bags, Crossbody bags, Convertible clutches and many more. Make sure you pick something that carries your essentials at once.

Image Source: VERSACE JEANS Pink Ring Logo Large Hobo

Dark denim

You would have one of the dark denim blue jeans for sure in your wardrobe. Keep that as an asset because this Autumn, it is time to go indigo. The smartest trick? The denim is available now in available tailored fit as tapered trousers and fitted blazers, making it entirely office-appropriate. Now, whether you choose to settle with the denim jacket or a pair of jeans, do have one this Autumn.

Image Source: SELF STITCH Washed Out Denim Shirt

Embellished shoes

Women and embellishment go quite hand in hand. What about having shoes with all the embellishment to make your evenings super hot? Whether you choose stilettos or boots, make sure they shimmer to the best.

Image Source: GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI Black Floral Embellished Heels

Are you in for 2019 Autumn? Do let us know your suggestions or comments below.