Top 5 Things to Do in Hell’s Kitchen This Winter

 Things to Do in Hell’s Kitchen This Winter-


As the cold weather breezes into New York City, many of the city’s beleaguered residents retreat to their apartments, adopting a pseudo-hibernation until the spring thaw. For others, however, the winter provides unprecedented opportunity to explore all the fun the city has to offer without the crowds of tourists or sweaty subway rides. If you happen to find yourself in Hell’s Kitchen this winter, there’s plenty of excitement to be had, with everything from scuba lessons to liquored-up plays being performed in this lively and eclectic neighborhood.

Hell's Kitchen This Winter

Check out the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum: One of the most famous military history sites in the world, the Intrepid has found a permanent home in Hell’s Kitchen, docking at 46th Street’s Pier 86, just past the West Side Highway. The aircraft carrier, which was designated a national historic landmark in 1986, boasts an impressive collection of military artifacts, from personal effects belonging to the men and women who have served the United States in wartime to a host of military vehicles. The Intrepid’s massive size allows it to carry a stunning menagerie of grounded sea and aircrafts, from the speed record-holding British Airways Concorde passenger plane to diesel electric submarines and even NASA’s famed Space Shuttle Enterprise.

Grab a front row seat at The Daily Show: New York City may be known as the United States’ secondary television capital, but some of the world’s most-beloved programs were created and filmed here — including Comedy Central’s political mega-hit, The Daily Show. The show, which recently said farewell to its beloved host of sixteen years, Jon Stewart, has since been revitalized with the addition of South African comedian Trevor Noah, and fans are flocking to its Hell’s Kitchen studio to see what all the fuss is about. You may need to bundle up as you stand in line to catch a live taping at the show’s 11th Avenue studio, but the hilarious payoff is well worth the wait.


Brush up on the boozy bard with Drunk Shakespeare: Who says that booze and high culture don’t mix? Not the good people at Drunk Shakespeare, that’s for sure. While performing some of the greatest plays ever written while under the influence may seem like a risky proposition, in a city full of residents unafraid to push the envelope, whether in the city’s architecture, like the stunning and highly buzzed-about new constructions from Gotham West or the city’s always evolving, cutting-edge visual art scene, there’s no place in the world where the show is more at home. Each evening, one of Drunk Shakespeare’s actors downs five shots of whiskey before performing in one of Shakespeare’s masterpieces, creating a hilarious and unpredictable evening for everyone involved. Even if you’ve been to the show a dozen times, you’ll never see the same thing happen twice.


Learn to scuba dive at Pan Aqua: Adventure seekers don’t have to go far to enjoy the thrill of scuba diving.. While only the bravest souls dare to take a dip in the Hudson, there’s still plenty of water fun on the West Side, thanks to Pan Aqua Diving School. A fun way to stay fit this winter, Pan Aqua offers diving lessons in their facility’s private pool, preparing students for open water dives in their future. Whether you’re eager to get certified solo or hope to make it a family affair, Pan Aqua’s qualified, friendly instructors make learning scuba diving a breeze and will get you one step closer to saying “so long” to winter and trying out your new skills on vacation in a tropical paradise somewhere.

Enjoy live music at Don’t Tell Mama: New York’s music scene is the stuff of legend, with countless famed performers getting their start here, and it’s no wonder why — the city is home to numerous venues that provide a captive audience for performers looking to hone their talent on stage, like the charming Don’t Tell Mama on 46th Street. While this whimsical piano bar employs plenty of professional actors and singers as waiters and bartenders2, with much of the venue’s staff taking the stage each evening to belt out everything from classic showtunes to modern hits, there’s also time for folks who aren’t likely to make their Broadway debuts any time soon to practice their stage presence alongside a professional accompanist. While Don’t Tell Mama’s shows are certainly the highlight of any evening, this performance venue takes their food and drink just as seriously, with handcrafted cocktails and a menu that includes everything from chips and guacamole to surf and turf.


After months of mild weather, winter is officially here, but the chill in the air shouldn’t be reason enough to forgo all the fun that’s right at your fingertips — just venture out in Hell’s Kitchen and you’ll find an exciting and unique activity that’s bound to banish the wintertime blues.


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