How to select The Best Whey Protein As Per Body Needs & Goal

How to select The Best Whey Protein As Per Body Needs & Goal

Select The Best Whey Protein As Per Body Needs & Goal

It is quite normal to see endurance trainers, athletes and physique building enthusiasts consistently hunting for potent dietary solutions to help in building their muscle stacks. In the tryst to obtain the best outcomes, different people use diverse solutions. But, as it is said, everything that shines is not gold, hence it is necessary to explore what you are planning to consume and how much do you intend to take in the course of time.

Whey, the best Solution for any dietary arrangement

select The Best Whey Protein

All through the centuries, knowingly or unknowingly, people have been consuming this form of protein – contained in milk, as it has been the staple diet ever since humans included milk in their diet. Whey offers Best Nutrition to Body, and so it is regarded as the first choice of the athletes, and body building professionals and enthusiasts, etc.

In this User Guide you will know; How to select of Best Whey As Per Body needs and Goal?

Benefits of Whey

Whey carries numerous positives in its composition. To begin with, it is inherently high in bioavailability, and has superior micronutrients that help in sustaining a healthy anabolic environment in the body. It is the primary source of nourishment required by the muscles, for carrying out repairs and building up stacks.

This micronutrient is responsible for sustaining, many physiological functions – like neurotransmission, brain metabolism, and biological functions – like energy generation, cardiovascular function, immune system function, etc.

This micronutrient is enriched with all of the nine essential amino acids, besides this Whey is laden with lactose, minerals and negligible fats – that make it a wholesome protein, hence making it more nourishing than any other type of protein, like casein, albumen, etc.

On the top of that, whey is highly soluble content which makes it for the users to mix and consume it easily. In fact, if the milk is consumed directly, the acids in the stomach separate the casein and whey first. Only after the separation process is complete, the digestion process can begin. Whey, unlike casein is highly soluble, and thus forms the very basic component of several dairy products. 

Besides this, there are other benefits of Whey, like:

·         It helps in faster weight loss – by impeding the craving for food;

·         Building up muscle stacks, and also revitalizing the essential systems of the body before, during and after workouts;

·         Its intake is known to be quite helpful in maintaining anabolic environment in the body;

·         Assists in sustaining muscle stacks and prevents early muscle degeneration due to ageing.  

Whey Profile and its specific properties

Whey Protein is derived from diary product – the cattle milk. This micronutrient constitutes roughly 20% of total milk content, and is available in form of alpha – lactalbumins and beta – lactoglobulins.

How Whey is produced

The micronutrient is derived from cheese production process. The liquid that cascades the cheese lumps is actually Whey, but not yet ready to be consumed – an athlete would be required to consume litres of liquid to derive the benefits of negligible quantity.

The liquid – actually whey – after being separated from the main content is pasteurized and passed through a rigorous filtration – microfiltration or ultra filtration – process. The filtration process is followed up by spray drying. The dried powder is concentrated Whey, which is procured by various supplement manufacturers around the world.

Types of Whey Protein

Whey is processed majorly into three forms:

·         WPCs – concentrates – this kind of Whey is manufactured through the ultra filtration process. This kind of product usually contains less than 90% protein content – sometimes the content can be lower than 30%. This supplement type also contains lactose, minerals and fats.

The WPC with lower whey content (29%) is usually used for baked and packaged food while one with a higher content (89%) is used for formulating quality supplements. This type, being easy to extract, is also the cheapest variety in the market.

·         WPI – Isolate: as the name suggests most of the WPI – 90% – is Whey. The extraction process of this type starts where WPC ends. The product is prepared by further processing for removal of lactose, fats. The extraction process for this kind of protein is done through a variety of filtration techniques, which may include cross flow, cold filtering, ion exchange, etc.

·         WPH: this is a new processed type of protein that is derived from enzymatic hydrolysis of either WPCs or WPIs. This type can also be termed as a pre-digested form, as it tries to assimilate the digestion process; the body also hydrolyses the protein before the absorbing it. The pre-digested protein allows release of insulin – that in turn sends more fuel to the muscle for various processes.

How much and When to use Whey?

Although there is no universal law of recommending the quantity of Whey to be consumed, you should always follow standard calorie intake chart – as recommended by your trainers. Generally, as per research, adults, involved in moderate exercise, should consume around 0.8 per kilo. The requirement of Whey intake doubles up, for the individuals following rigorous muscle building regime, to more than 1.5 grams per kilo.

The best time to take Whey is 15-20 minutes before the workout, as it quickly digested and thus mixes up in the blood stream and supplies the muscles with much required energy. You should couple it up with another dash within 30 minutes of finishing the workout.


Follow How to select of Best Whey As Per Body needs and Goal and User Guide? Whey is a wholesome protein type that is loaded with several benefits since it contains all 9 essential amino acids. You can choose from three types of Whey – that may suit your goals and objectives.


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