Fashion Ideas Up and Running in a Different Way!

Fashion Ideas Up and Running in a Different Way!

Did you ever think that carrying yourself confidently is much dependant on the way you dress? No, there is no need to blatant on brand-conscious shopping when you can add a bit of liveliness with economical resources available. Funky combinations are the theme for fashion-lovers, and you can also join the bandwagon for an authentic and cool dressing sense. Accessories such as bags, belts, sunglasses and shoes complement your look to the hilt. Try out some of these amazingly cool combinations when you step outdoors today!

Fashion Ideas

The Urban Look –

While the femme fatale is busy preening herself to look her best, the urban male also has several options at hand. I enjoy spending the day in a nice outfit with my companions, but also ensure that the dress is appropriate for the occasion. My collection includes lots of blues and grays with oodles of black for the perfect milieu and I also strongly recommend suitable accessories to go with the dress. Large dial watches and cool shades are some things I cannot live without. What started out with me as a necessity is now transformed into a passion with a good pair of sunglasses with matching shoes and a watch. Headgear is not at all suitable for complementing the urban look and must be avoided in this case. Striped shirts with a casual pair of jeans with ankle boots are a norm for the guys, as well. Wayfarers and aviators turn me on, and these are also good especially while driving with the top down.


The Executive Stance –

Professional ambiance needs a more subtle look that you must know how to carry with aplomb. The conventional overcoat has been dumped to make way for the more contemporary wrap-around jackets available these days. Watches are not fussy in the executive look, but appropriate pairs of shoes and sunglasses are necessary for harmonizing the overall affair. Now since we are not in the eighteenth century, there is no need of any headgear: so do not wear any hats or caps to the office. Board meetings require special attention so you may sport your Cartier at the table. Brown shoes are also not on the list for complementing the executive stance for guys, and you must remain with well-polished blacks only. Make sure you do not wear wedges to work as they make you look like a traditional granny presenting her knitting in the board meetings.


The Party Lover –

Who does not like to party? If you wish to rock the show, be prepared to do it with some style. Mix and match with vibrant colors this fall, and do bring your best pair of sunglasses as well. You could also adorn colored lenses for an evening beach party, but do not overdo it at social gatherings. Social gatherings need subtle looks, even if you must wear dark glasses to the venue. Primrose sunglasses work best for dual purposes, and you can sport these to your communal gatherings, as well. Pastel shades are the in thing with greens, oranges and pinks doing the rounds at most clubs. Make sure you flaunt appropriate footwear that must never include sneakers at all. Off shoulder dresses with a deep back-line is great, and with the right pair of heels and accessories, you can certainly remain in the limelight of the party.


Dances and the Grand Ball!

Grand events are not as common as other social gatherings, but when they do come, you must be ready with the right elements. Black is a winner at formal events with grays, blues and even pastels joining-up for the purpose. Make sure to put on some clear glasses for the elegant look. Cat eye-glasses and conventional clear-lenses give you an overtly business appearance that gels well with socialites the world over. Gents, try to include a three-piece suit at formal gatherings and wear only clear lenses to the functions. Ladies may also include crystal bracelets or ornate watches, but keep a single piece on a single wrist. Formal parties call for minimalist accessories that can propel your personality in the right direction.


Insignia of Accessories –

It is not necessary that you have to get expensive branded items this fall. There are many sources where you will find attractive discounts, coupons and different codes to make shopping very economical. I usually spend mostly an hour or two looking for discounted items online, and this bit really pays off in the long run. Who would expect a combined discount of over 60% on Prada and Gucci? More and more sources mushroom online that is up for grabs for everyone. Indeed, a little tour on the local market is also favorable to explore different pricing. I am not saying to go frugal and not splurge on good brands, but to save something in the process is certainly a bonus.

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