How to Make My Eyes Look Bigger With Makeup

Way to Make your Eyes Look Bigger With Makeup

The right makeup can do wonders for your face. If you want to emphasize your eyes, a few simple tricks are all that is needed to get that doe-eyed look. If you have small eyes that disappear into your face, here are some tricks that can make them pop!

1. Keep eyebrows groomed:

makeup to make my eyes look bigger

The importance of grooming your eyebrows cannot be emphasized enough. Manicured eyebrows frame your face properly and present a neat look. Properly shaped eyebrows can transform your face. There are several ways in which you can groom your eyebrows—tweezing, threading, or waxing. Whichever method you use, ensure that the shape of your eyebrows compliments the shape of your face. Visit a professional beautician if you are unsure about shaping your eyebrows or you are afraid of over-tweezing. Once you have your eyebrows done professionally, you can follow their guidelines to maintain its shape.

2. Use light eye shadow in the inside corner of the eye:

Applying a light eye shadow on the inside corner of the eye where the upper eyelid and the lower eyelid meet is an old trick that makeup artists use to make the eye look bigger and awake. It brightens the eye and makes the white of the eye look whiter.

3. Line the lower lid with beige eye pencil:

Using white or beige colored eye pencil to line the waterline can make your eyes appear awake and open. Dark eye liner in this area makes the eye look small and sleepy.

4. Wear false eyelashes:

False eyelashes can instantly give you big, wide eyes if you can wear them correctly. They are sold at drug stores or “lash bars” in big cities. They may appear heavy at first, but you will get used to wearing them in some time.

5. Apply mascara on the lower and upper lashes:

Apply mascara with a heavy hand on the lower and upper lashes. Use a lengthening formula to create the illusion of long lashes. This will give you a wide, doe-eyed look. For added emphasis, apply extra mascara in the center of the upper lash in an upward direction.

6. Curl eyelashes:

Use an eyelash curler to curl your lashes in an upward direction. It makes your eyes look wide awake and open. Straight eyelashes can make the eye area appear dark and small.

7. Reduce puffy eyes:

Puffiness makes eyes look smaller than they really are. Reduce puffy eyes by applying cotton balls soaked with cucumber juice or chilled tea bags. Even something as simple as ice wrapped in a handkerchief will work. In addition, apply a primer underneath your foundation to fill in creases and fine lines on your skin.

8. Conceal dark circles:

Use a concealer to hide dark circles that make your face look dull and your eyes appear small. It brightens the area under the eye. It can attract attention to darker eyelashes. You should use a shade that is lighter than the natural color of your skin. You can blend concealer underneath your eye as well as over your eyelids.

9. Draw a thin line on the upper eyelid:

Thick lines on the upper eyelid will fill up the space on the lid and make your eyes appear smaller and round. This is not a look you want when you already have small eyes. Using liquid liner, draw a very thin line on the upper eyelid. Finish with a small, upward flick at the outer corner of the eyes.

10. Use vibrant eye shadow and eyeliner colors:

Use colors like pink, silver, lavender, or aqua to highlight your eyelids and draw attention to your mascara-enhanced eyelashes. This will make the eye look brighter and bigger. During the evening, use a darker color on the outer corners of your eye.

Also, instead of using the usual black or brown eye liners, try colors like navy that tend to suit most eye colors and shapes.

11. Contour the crease:

Use a brown eye shadow to add definition to the crease of your brow. For a natural look, use a brush and sweep the color from the outer corner of the eye to the center of the eye. Use a matte formula for best results.

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