Beautify your looks with the help of artistic clutches

Beautify your looks with the help of artistic clutches

Artistic clutches-

So many times in the past, when I used to go out with my girlfriends, I would carry my tote bag. There was nothing wrong with my tote bag except for one thing, my cell phone! My phone would frantically keep on ringing till my hands dived into the bag and found the phone. It was quite a drama back then! However, a few months later, I, quite serendipitously got introduced to clutch bags. Since then I have never imagined my life without these magnificent clutches. They are so arty, colorful, elegant, and, most importantly, convenient to carry and use.

Clutches, just like other types of bags, play a pivotal role in giving a unique and stylish look to your aesthetics. These clutches speak in volumes about your taste, mannerism and overall outlook toward life. Clutch bags are pretty popular worldwide, and can be found in different colors, designs, types and sizes. They can be short, long, flat, round and of varied styles. Follow these simple tips to spice up your look with the right kind of clutch bags:

Artistic clutches

    1. The size of the clutch should match your body type

Quite inarguably, clutches usually come in smaller sizes; however, they do come in different shapes and sizes. From a stylist’s point of view, a clutch purse should be in congruence with the person’s body size. For instance, a petite person should always consider using a small to medium sized clutch bag.

    1. Get the right size of clutch for your stuff

Not only should the clutch go well with your body type, should also be able to hold your goods neatly inside the bag. Know your usage prior to buying the right sized clutch. Sometimes we end up buying bigger sized clutch bag simply because we were getting a better deal. Unfortunately, having a wrong size of the bag may make you carry unneeded items in them. A good shopper will leave no stones unturned while making sure that they get the right size of clutch that is comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

    1. Go for the best quality

Don’t compromise on the quality of a ladies clutch purse as it will do you more harm than good. Clutch bags should be durable, convenient-to-use and versatile. Look out for Judith Leiber Clutch purseas it is known to have a distinctive style and longer durability. The brand is best known for its Austrian crystal-covered minaudieres, resembling animals like elephants and panda. Whichever brand you choose, make sure that they have sturdy construction. Moreover, you too should use the bag gently for it to last longer.

    1. Pick the right color

Technically speaking there is no right color, but, more importantly, the color of the clutch should match the color of your outfit and the occasion. However, it doesn’t mean that clutches are exclusive and used only on occasions. There are many women who prefer using a clutch bag than a tote bag on daily basis as well. If your usage of the bag is for everyday then you should pick a neutral color as it will match with a wide range of outfits. Lastly, you can anytime fall back on color black!

    1. Good to have clutch bags with pockets

Clutch bags have a notorious reputation of not holding many items. However, if you opt for a larger sized clutch bag then make sure that it has a few pockets in it. You will find many clutch bags having exclusive pockets for carrying cell phones and coins. Pockets indisputably help to get more space in the clutch to hold other imperative items such as credit cards and keys.

    1. Ideal to have clutch bags with straps

Usually clutch type is referred to bags that are strapless and without handles, demanding the users to hold bags in hands all times. But, sometimes, particularly in certain types of locations where it is not possible to hold on to the clutch, it becomes beneficial to have clutches with straps. Clutch purse with straps and handles gives the user more flexibility to remove the clutch when not needed.


You can Google everything, but sometimes, Google doesn’t fetch helpful answers to questions. As far as clutch bags are concerned, it is profoundly important to use your common sense and have clutch bags that help in accessorizing your entire outfit in an appropriate manner. A typical clutch bag will have enough space to keep credit cards, cell phone, some money and keys. However, there are varieties of clutch bags available to suit varied needs of individuals.

Search for different types of clutch purses, understand your options, and pick the clutch that best suits your personality and needs. Always consider pricing, size, color, durability and material of the clutch bag while shopping.

Author Bio: Sloane Beck is a fashion blogger by interest and a creative designer by profession. She lives and breathes fashion which reflects in her brand – AlysseSterling, a line of stylish women clutches. “Live, laugh, and let your style be expressed” is her motto for life.



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