What is Quality Article?

A quality article is when you put the necessary information to make the article complete, it is also following the instructions on how should the article must be created. The instructions could be word count, keywords, topics to be research, how many times a keyword must be placed, the date source of the article, attribution, and many more.

Academic writing

The article should result to what the client expects it to be. The article must be informative while not making it fluff. The details should be explained well, it should clarify the problem of the article, it must explain the initial step to its last step. The article must be in correct order.

Correct grammar must be applied to the article. It is not understandable if it has incorrect grammar. If the words are misplaced it may give a different definition. Showing a good grammar also reflects that you are also skillful in researching the topics, that you are fit to write the article. To have a nice grammar in the article will also make the reader to read more of the article or your other articles. You get positive feedback and constant views on your articles.

In writing an article, it is a rule to write them at right grammar, not just the benefit of being understandable to prevent confusion, etc. but it is also set to write in that way. Correct grammar sets formality, and good flow on the words.

A quality article is when it is submitted on time. To compose an article can only take few minutes. It depends on the kind of the article, word count, research needed, and with the ability of the writer itself. When the article is submitted fast, make sure it complied with all the other requirements of a quality article which are explained in this article.

The font style and font size must be acceptable, it should suit with the purpose of the article. If it is for formal occasion it should use the standard font, while on informal blog purpose, you may put style on the font like using Curlz MT. Just like handwritings, a formal handwriting should be used according to its purpose, while any style when it is suited.

When the article is to be printed, the paper and print must be clean. No blotch on the paper or crampled. A nice presentation of an article is from writing a good article up to its print or to other final step.

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