How to get a job in Canada

How to get a job in Canada

Job opportunities in Canada depend on many factors – such as your profession, your skills degree, your age, gender, nationality, and even marital status. Good while adequately paid job in Canada is the biggest dream for immigrants. This is due to high requirements of Canadian labor market, resulting in successful employment in Canada only for skilled workers. As a rule, Canadian working experience, recertification of diploma, additional education and exams in professional association are also required. As you see, this path is long enough, thorny, but is submits to the most patient and persistent persons. Of course, you can restrict your opportunities with unskilled jobs search and ensure a quite tolerable living as minimum wage along with social benefits in Canada make it possible. However, good employment opportunities for immigrants are not rare in Canada.

How to get a job in Canada

Once you have passed the stage of immigration, successfully moved to Canada and have a roof over your head, job search becomes a major concern for all new immigrants. You should start looking for a job as soon as possible, if you have sufficient language knowledge. There are many public and private organizations that provide job search assistance, but none of them can guarantee you a job. Do not neglect any of information sources about job opportunities: relatives, acquaintances, newspaper advertisements in job offer or career and profession sections, Canada Employment Centers, public organizations, private agencies and clubs. All of them can provide you with necessary information and orient your searches in the right direction. These organizations will be able to offer your services to prospective employers. But, ultimately, your own steps will help you to get a job. Do not hesitate to inform others about your professional qualifications and that you are actively looking for work. You should also bear in mind that many experts, have changed their qualification after moving to Canada.

First of all, you have to know that employment in Canada can be on a full-time or on a contract basis. Next, you need to know exactly all the professional requirements for vacancies in Canada. All professions in Canada are divided into regulated and unregulated. Regulated professions require mandatory licensing and registration in professional association. If your profession is regulated it requires mandatory recertification of diplomas, presence of Canadian work experience and additional training in one of the vocational training centers. If you have passed all stages of compliance with professional qualification requirements, skilled job in Canada becomes available.

If you have found a good vacancy you should send a well-written resume to Canadian employer, wait for interview invitation and in case of a favorable decision sign a contract on the most beneficial terms for you. Once you have been invited for an interview, do a little research about the company – visit their web site to know more about company activity and try to understand what type of specialist they need. Try to stay relaxed during the interview. If something is not clear – do not be afraid to ask questions. It is better than not to understand the question. Usually there are two or three interviews when getting a job. The first is so-called pre-selection, the second interview is your knowledge as a specialist test and the third interview is sociability test. More than likely that it will take more than a year from the date of your arrival to Canada and until you find a proper skilled job and sign a decent contract, but it is worth trying. You will be rewarded for your patience and persistence as you will ensure not only your future, but future of your children.

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