What Red Apple is All About By Matt McKenna

What Red Apple is All About By Matt McKenna
How Red Apple differs from the rest
It’s rare to find something that gives you the best of both worlds, but Red Apple truly does this with their lipstick and other makeup products. But before we go telling you how great Red Apple Lipstick is, we’ll first tell you how no other product is quite like it.
Today, we see a lot of leading makeup and beauty companies selling their products based on a promise of looking good and feeling good. Though those may apply to you in applying their makeup, how you mentally look and physically feel can be different stories completely after using such products.
If you have celiac disease, intake a lot of GMO soy, or are a possible candidate for cancer (think about it), then looking good and feeling good may have a whole different meaning and a whole different promise that can’t be kept.
So, is it worth it to appear to be good on the outside, when things physically on the inside (maybe on the outside eventually) begin to change and have a toll on your body?
More seriously, are intestine damage, inability to absorb materials, and cancer things you’d really like to mess around with?
Probably not, and who would blame you?
Red Apple’s Mission
What if I told you that Red Apple’s main purpose is to allow you to keep looking and feeling good, mentally and physically, while keeping away the bodily consequences gluten, paraben, and soy can have on you?
Unlike many of the products we’ve mentioned, the product Red Apple offers doesn’t contain any of the three previously mentioned contents. Red Apple uses natural ingredients that don’t cause health issues for the user.
Red Apple’s mission is to provide personal care products for people that do not harm, or have a potential harm, on their body.
You don’t have to give up personal care products to be healthy (other than your old products, of course). That would be silly! Why shouldn’t you be able to look good without being unhealthy?! Those two things should go hand in hand. If you take care of yourself, it would be ridiculous to ask you not to get any benefit from it.
Maybe it’s not you who struggles with this issue, if you know someone who cannot use their current makeup, introduce them to Red Apple! Tell them about the company and its goal so the message can be spread!
Spread the word!
It’s good to feel confident about how you look and your health. Red Apple is all about looking good and being healthy!
It all started with Jay Harper’s idea to provide this kind of personal care for people. For a while, Jay hesitated on this idea, not sure if it would go anywhere. As you can see, it has! Don’t hesitate, start using Red Apple now and you’ll wish you had done it sooner—the sooner the better!
It’s too easy to get stuck in our mind over thinking things. Eventually, we have to fly with an idea. So, try it out and enjoy the risk-free look of Red Apple Lipstick.


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