Top ten activities to do in the month of September in Manhattan

Top ten activities to do in Manhattan-

September is a month viewed by some as a glass-half-empty month and others who can feel the power of a glass-half-full opportunity. With summer days winding down and fall beginning to settle in New York City, there are dozens of ways to spend the month in high spirits. To narrow down the list, here are ten top activities for your calendar in September than span from food to fashion to film and music and antiques.


NYC Broadway Week September 7-20

If you have been putting off a Broadway show due to insufficient funds, there are no more excuses left. During Broadway Week, you can purchase 2-for-1 tickets! It’s a great time to slip out of the heat and into a world of fantasy. So grab a friend and pick and show. But remember, this is a hot opportunity, so tickets move quickly. Remember to check online for availability before headed to the box office.

 Top ten activities

Fashion Week September 10-17

We understand if fashion is not your thing by choice, or by fate. But that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy the entourage of parties and events that come with Fashion Week in New York City. And this year, you don’t have to be friends with Carrie Bradshaw and her gang to enjoy a front row seat. You can now purchase tickets to their lot of open-to-the-public shows ahead of time!


89th Annual Feast of San Gennaro September 10-20

Join Little Italy in enjoying this festive event that celebrates the spirit and faith of early Italian immigrants to Manhattan. A festival attracting over one-million people, it is full of parades, music, food…and even a cannoli-eating contest! Whether you are interested in learning more about traditional Italian culture or you are celebrating your roots, it is a destination for the entire family.

New York Oyster Week September 10-27

As the name implies, it’s time to shuck some oysters! Through special events and dining, the event pays homage to New York and its special involvement in the history, culture, cuisine, economy and ecology of oysters. It is also an event for those that just want to enjoy some of the best oysters the city has to offer with their friends.


Brooklyn Local Craft Beer Festival September 20

While many event cater to the wine drinkers and foodies of the world, this event calls to all of the beer authorities of New York City. The festival pays its respects to and celebrates all local NYC craft brewers. Focusing only on local brewers, the event offers the opportunity for people to taste an unlimited massive amount of beers made only in NYC.


WhiskeyFest September 24

The 18th annual WhiskeyFest in New York is held at the Marriott Marquis. The event is the longest-running and most-attended Whiskey festival in the nation. With the opportunity to taste from a selection of over 350 from around the world, it is an event that lures in everyone from locals to celebrities to whiskey drinkers from around the globe. To supplement the whisky drinking, you can enjoy the gourmet buffet as well as seminars led by whiskey experts.



New York Film Festival September 25-October 11

Some love music, some love wine and some live to eat. But the 53 New York Film Festival was made for those who love film. The 2-week long festival lets the city enjoy storytelling through some of the top-rated worldwide independent films. And if you are a documentary-centered film watcher, this year would be your greenlight to attend. The festival will be showcasing documentaries including a special 12 selections from the newest available.


Chile Pepper Festival September 26

Whether you are into “hot stuff” or just love a good festival, the Chile Pepper Festival is one not to be missed. If it isn’t already, get it on your calendar and get ready to spend the day swimming in chocolate, music, food trucks and spicy, spicy, spicy. And the last spicy stands for fire-breathers!


Global Citizen Fest September 26

Okay, if spicy is really not your thing, maybe a star-studded concert to support action that can end extreme poverty by raising funds and awareness is. With performances by, and support from, Beyonce, Pearl Jam, Coldplay and more, Central Park will be filled with passionate activists and musicians from morning until night activating enthusiasm to make actions happen.


Atlantic Antic September 27

The Annual Atlantic Antic is the festival to end all festivals, as New York’s biggest street festival spanning through four neighborhoods. As New York City sees fall starting to settle in, they can also take part in the longstanding tradition of food, art, music, shopping and festivities. The day celebrates local and national vendors alike, intertwined through New York City’s famed antique and vintage shops.


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