The Best Funny Shirts We Have Seen

Funny shirts are the only type of shirt that you will ever have to buy again.  Why is that do you ask?  It’s because once you start wearing funny shirts you will all of a sudden become a funnier person and more people will like you.  OK, that might be taking it a little bit too far, but the truth is once you have these shirts you will at least have a great conversation starter at your next party or even on casual Friday at work.   You become just a little bit more interesting than wearing that boring white t-shirt you usually wear.

You’ve Cat to be Kitten me Right Meow

Best Funny Shirts

One of the best funny shirts that we have seen in a very long time is simple yet hilarious.  With the phrase “You’ve Cat to be Kitten me Right Meow” how can you not get a giggle out of that.  Even if you don’t like cats you have to see the humor in this cute, yet funny shirt that almost anyone should be able to see the humor in.  Yes, it is both cute and funny at the same time; it’s just as good for men and women, so we really enjoy this one.

Don’t be a Richard

This shirt is a one of a kind and it has a twist.  Don’t be a Richard has so many meanings.  It could be saying don’t be like Richard Nixon, let’s face it nobody liked that crook.  But, the real meaning is “Don’t be a Dick”.  This is why we consider this to be another one of our favorite funny shirts.  It looks so innocent on the surface, however deep down it has a nice humorous meaning that some might get and some might not.

Likers Gonna Like

Do you like things on Facebook?  Do you hate things on Facebook?  If you have ever even used Facebook, then you are a liker and let’s face it likers gonna like.  You are definitely not a hater, so like on and enjoy getting all of the attention possible from this shirt, most likely a bunch of people are going to like it!

Auto Correct Can Go to He’ll

Do you use an iPhone or any other phone that uses auto correct?  If so then you have had this problem.  Auto correct can go straight to hell, well that’s what you wanted to say, but what makes this shirt funny is it goes straight to the heart of the most common auto correct there is.  What in the he’ll are we going to do about it?  Most likely nothing, but wear this funny shirt out and about.

This is My Selfie Shirt

If you have been on the Internet within the last 2 years, then you will definitely know about the selfie.  The selfie is pretty much disgusting, however amazing at the same time.  This shirt has the words “This is my selfie shirt” right on it, but the kicker is the words are backwards and you can actually read it when you are taking that amazing selfie of yourself.  No mirror required for this one.  You just have to smile and not make that duck face for this selfie.

Not Tonight Ladies.  I’m Just Here To Get Drunk.

OK, so this one is as much of a party shirt as it is a funny shirt, but we do find it to be amongst the top funny shirts that we have seen in a while.  Obviously this one speaks for itself and appeals to the guy or even girl that just wants to go out and have a good time on a Friday or Saturday night.  Well, it can be any night of the week to be honest, as long as you are ready to get down and have some fun.  By fun we mean just get wasted and not worry about being hit on or hitting on anyone else.  The only problem is other people might not find this so funny.

I’m silently Correcting Your Gramma

The grammar police came out for this one, which means again that some people will find it funny while others might simply despise it.  OK, the truth is the only people finding it funny are going to be the people wearing the shirt.  Sorry for all of you people who aren’t good at grammar and I might actually be one of those people to tell you the truth.

Go Home Rainbow You’re Drunk

We love this shirt; it has a curved rainbow that looks like it couldn’t walk a straight line if you paid it a million dollars.  Not to mention the Go Home You’re Drunk line is pretty much hilarious in pop-culture.  Let’s face it go home rainbow you’re drunk is one of the best shirts you will see in a while and that’s why it made our funny shirts list.


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