How Long Before a Relationship Is Considered Serious?

How Long Before a Relationship Is Considered Serious?

If you are dating, but you are not sure whether you have been together long enough for the relationship to be considered serious, then this article is for you. The truth is that there is no definite amount of dating time that has been set to indicate that your relationship is ready to go to the next step.

Every relationship moves at its own pace. The important factor here is not the time you have been together but rather understanding what a real relationship is. There are a lot of factors that, when put together, define a real relationship. These factors range from closeness and commitment to exclusiveness. The time required to incorporate all of these factors in a relationship may be different for each couple.

Understanding the above factors is crucial. This will keep you from committing to a relationship while your partner is not. Let us look into each factor in detail since it will help you know whether the timing is right for the relationship to be considered serious.


You cannot call your relationship serious if there is no sense of closeness between the two of you. Closeness means that you feel the existence of a bond between yourself and your partner. Building this bond can take a while.

You will know that you have a bond with your partner when you can share your thoughts, feelings, dreams, and fears with your partner. Taking a whole day talking with your partner does not mean that you two have created a bond. You have to take your time to get to know each other. Eventually, you will feel the closeness.


A serious relationship is not the friends with benefits type where there are no strings attached. Every partner in the relationship must show that they want the relationship to be successful. Commitment can make or break a relationship. If you do not have a commitment to one another, then your partner can safely assume that you are not serious about the relationship.

By commitment, I do not mean putting an engagement ring on your partner’s finger. That will mean nothing if you barely have time for your partner. Making pledges to each other can be one way that can show that you are both committed to the relationship.


Communication is also critical in a relationship. Having poor or a lack of communication with your partner means that one of the party is not interested in the success of the relationship. You might have dated for over three years, but without effective communication, the relationship is as good as dead.

To make you relationship healthy, ensure that you communicate your feelings and needs to your partner. In a serious relationship, communication means expressing how you feel towards your partner, solving any issues that arise, and staying open on who you are and what you like or dislike. At the same time, you have to respect the beliefs of your partner, the values they hold high, and even their boundaries.


Trust is essential, even in business relationships. Without trust, then your relationship cannot be considered serious. Trust means that you know that you can rely on your partner. The manner in which your partner acts when you two have an issue or how he or she treats you determines the trust they have in you. If, for instance, you have a small conflict and she goes seeking her ex, then that means you cannot trust her when things get rough. Trust, just like closeness, will take time to build.


So, there is no definite time that your relationship should take before you can consider it serious. What matters is the closeness, commitment, good communication, and trust that you have developed between both of you. All of these take conscious effort and willingness to develop but also depend on the initial reason why you started the relationship.