Top Kitchen Trends this new year

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Latest Top Kitchen Trends

Finding the perfect kitchen style for your home can be a nightmare, especially when everywhere you look – in showrooms, online and in magazines – you’re inundated with the modern ‘look’, sleek work surfaces and ‘clever storage ideas,’ which, more often than not, aren’t actually very clever!

You spend a lot of time in your kitchen, and there’s so much choice out there that you don’t have to simply pick a kitchen from a catalogue when, with a little thought, you can create a really unique and personal space.

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So if you want something a little different, which reflects your personality and how you want to use your kitchen, why not experiment with one of these ideas…

#1 The White Kitchen

Although a white kitchen may seem impractical, it’s fast becoming a popular trend, as not only does it always look hygienically clean, but also the finish is timeless and will never go out of fashion. The elegant style has outlasted many modern fads, and if you fancy a change – it’s easy to add a splash of colour!

#2 Modern Industrial Kitchens

If you’re a keen cook you’ll know your kitchen must be durable and tough – but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style and design. The upcoming trend of modern, industrial kitchens combines heavy duty, stainless steel work surfaces with natural colours and soft textiles. 

#3 ‘Heart of the Home’ Kitchens

For those that love hosting parties and cooking for friends, the kitchen is likely to be a very busy, social place. That’s why cosy, comfy seating areas, breakfast bars and stools and even kitchen diners, if there’s room, are hugely popular, letting you chat with your guests and family while you cook.   

#4 Traditional Country Style

The enduring popularity of the country style kitchen makes them the perfect family kitchen. The cosy colours, practical features and flexible designs ensure you can fit farmhouse flair into any kitchen space – and, you can be sure it will never go out of fashion!

#5 Retro American Diner

A new style that’s quickly gaining popularity is the American Diner. Reminiscent of the 1950’s era with red leather, revolving barstools and checkered flooring, you can instantly update an old kitchen with a new look – and of course you can keep it modern with retro styled appliances.

#6 Combination Kitchens

Eclectic design ideas are hugely popular at the minute. With unusual materials alongside traditional finishes and clashing colours, you can create a completely unique kitchen that creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere, even you if choose unfriendly colours and materials.

So, don’t settle for the cheapest kitchen in the showroom if it doesn’t reflect your personality, or isn’t very practical for your lifestyle. Instead, choose your theme, look around for complementing features and the appliances you want, decide on your colours and flooring, and then build your kitchen around your favourite aspects.

That way you are sure to get everything you want, in the right style and theme, and your kitchen – whether you want a comfy family kitchen or a contemporary, elegant design – will be somewhere you’ll actually enjoy spending your time.

If you’re experiencing any difficulties with your appliances, make sure to give a call – engineers on standy 24 hours a day.

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