6 Hottest Trends Of Flooring in this year

6 Hottest Trends Of Flooring in this year

New Trends Of Flooring in this year

Unlike fashion trends, flooring trends do not change very frequently. But, we live in times when flooring technologies are advancing quickly, which means we can do a lot more than before, with flooring options.
Nowadays, more and more number of people are looking to transpire their lives. We aspire to live in comfortable havens of peace and tranquility, resulting in an ever changing need of flooring options that suffice our requirements from time to time.
The below mentioned flooring trends of 2016 are a result of such unique needs of customers. These trends are evolved in order to meet the demands of consumers in the best possible way. Read further to know more.

1. You can never go wrong with woods!

Quite lately, we have been noticing a unique concept that converges kitchen with living rooms, leading to more space, and it’s becoming usual to see woods on the floor. Along with a great flooring plan, having a consistent flooring is a vital aspect too.
Customers prefer the laminate versions of the wood floor as it creates a distinct level of structural stability, which means you will have less movement in the floor. Besides, it is also less expensive as compared to solid hardwoods.

2. White Oak  is preferred over the usual red oak
The year 2016 has seen a shift towards white oak. Although oak accounts for a massive 80% of hardwood flooring in the US, more and more clients are opting for white oak than red oak.
White oak, unlike red oak, gives out an incredible contemporary look, and the linear mineral streaks add to the already existing modern look of the wood. For those with more money prefer rifted white oak that is smoother and more linear than traditional white oak. However, on the other side, many people are choosing character grade white oak to give out a pristine vintage look to their flooring.

3. Ceramic Tiles
On the other hand, we see a huge surge in the demand for ceramic tiles. But, unlike other times, the need is higher for bigger ceramic tiles. The trend is now toward modular sizes, which is rectangular tiles of 12-by-24-inch sizes.
Along with an increase in size of these tiles, even the designs and patterns are witnessing some change. For instance, the digital prints that we initially were popular for laminate countertops and vinyl tile are now also doing rounds on ceramic tiles.

4. Cork
This type of floor lasts more than it used to, a few decades back. This has been made possible by the final finishes being done by the new factories. It has amazing acoustic insulating properties. Not only does it look great, it is extremely comfortable to walk on, even the traditional hardwood and the tiles. However, moisture can damage it and sunlight can fade its color away. If you can save it from these two, there is nothing that can come in the way of this beautiful flooring style to make your house look absolutely chic and beautiful.

4. Environmental-friendly floors
Thanks to the ever-growing environment-friendly clients, floors too are getting more environment-friendly. Considering the humongous need of environment-friendly floors, manufacturers are creating fibre combinations in their flooring. In addition, some of them even go to the next level by recycling nylon into carpeting, but a few of the companies prefer melting down polyester to make new fibre. So wherein you are making your house look trendy, you are also paying back to your environment.

5. Dark continues to remain trendy
Some of the most popular colours for the year 2016 remain to be the same as previous years. Dark colours such as ebony, espresso, Jacobean and dark walnut continue to be among the top favourite colours for flooring.
Dark colours help in making the floor look more contemporary. And, besides, such colors also help the wood absorb the stain more, if the pores are opened up with a water pop.

6. Simplicity
The overall flooring trend is bending towards simplicity. The clients of 2016 prefer keeping the same flooring throughout the home. They don’t like to mix and match colors and patterns, but instead choose the same colour, same wood, including kitchens and entryways.
Even the layouts are going simpler. For instance, the trend is now about keeping the same width and same direction of the wood. Most of the clients shy away from experimenting with random width.

What Next?
In the flooring world, unlike in the roofing world where finding best roofers in Maryland or anywhere else is easier, it’s hard to nail down a professional flooring expert. A careful consideration of myriad factors is required while analysing the best flooring professionals available in your area. Ensure that you hire only the best experts for your flooring requirements, otherwise be prepared to eat a bitter pill.
Good luck!

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