Frugal Tips for Cost-Effective Home Improvement Ideas

Frugal Tips for Cost-Effective Home Improvement Ideas

Cost-Effective Home Improvement Ideas

Good taste need not always be expensive. Whether you own a house or live in a rented apartment, you are entitled to the best things in life. There will be a time when you get bored of the current look of your house and wish to change it. Remember that there are methods by which you can revamp your home without spending a bomb. Here are a few affordable ways of renovating your house with minimal effort.

Create a Design Book

Your personal design book will help you choose a particular style that you may want to copy. Go through several interiors’ magazines or surf the internet to find the latest home trends and set ups. Take a few ideas from there and save them in your design book. Based on your needs and liking, settle for a specific theme and color schemes for every room. Compile the pictures and tag each image against the appropriate room where they will be replicated. This will save you from making errors or spending on anything extra.

Change the Upholstery

The furniture is a main focal point of most rooms. Old and worn-out tapestry should be replaced with new upholstery that falls within your budget.  Changing the upholstery of your sofas will completely change the look of the area. If you take the sofa cloth in a neutral color, you can later throw in some bright cushions to make it more attractive. The covers of these cushions can easily be changed according to your mood. It is an easy and inexpensive way to have multiple looks. If you have old chairs and tables you can paint them to your liking and dress them up with accessories like seat cushions and table cloths, respectively. Once you dress up the furniture, try repositioning it as this instantly alters the look of your home.

Treat the Walls

Make friends with the paint. You can easily beautify your house if you can paint the walls. But if you live in arented house, make sure you seek your landlord’s permission first. Once you get the thumbs up, start painting the accent wall. Make sure you opt for a bold color that will make this wall the focal point of the room. There are several other ways to decorate the accent wall next to a smooth touch-up of white, cream or a neutral paint on the adjacent walls.

Use paint chips or simply use wallpaper with contemporary design. Techniques like these have major impact and are sure to liven up the space. You may also hang a few other elements on the walls. These can be paintings, mirrors, wall plates or framed family photographs. Before directly hanging them on the wall, you should first arrange them on the floor to see what pattern looks good. It may also be a musical instrument, maps, beer bottle caps or ticket stubs from your favorite events – just a little something to brighten up the plain wall.

Hang Drapes and Curtains

Try adding new curtains or drapes for a splash of pattern or color. You can look for inexpensive options during sales at furnishing stores. Curtains tend to add warmth to a room. Even if you can’t paint the walls of your house, you can always look for a curtain material and color to complement the entire milieu of the room.

You can keep a few psychological tips in mind – the color blue will lend serenity and can refresh the mind. Red will increase the intensity, get your heart racing and pressure rising. The color green, which is currently in vogue, will bring a feeling of airiness. It will lend a sense of harmony and provide a calming effect. Shades of yellow offer a cheerful impact.


Head to the nearest furnishing store to purchase things that will draw attention. There are several economical things that can be bought for a small amount of money – unique photo frames, colored glass items, linens, plate racks, vases, glass bowls with potpourri, artificial flowers and scented candles. Groupings will look more visually striking rather than single items.

In case you have the luxury of having the corners of the room empty, you can place a small peg table and place souvenirs on it. You can also invest in a pedestal and place a plant on it. Remember that the traditional styles of homes will focus more on trinkets and accessories, while modern homes are have a simpler and streamlined appearance which is more achievable if you are on a shoe-string budget.

Bring the Outdoors In

Move to the outdoors and get a feel of the fresh air. Like it? Your interiors can also feel breezy and fragranced. All you need to do is move in the plants placed in your balcony, porch or gardens. The greens will not only lend freshness to your house, but also add vibrancy and color. You can also head to the nearest public park and get hold of some pine cones which can be placed in a crystal or glass bowl. Lay hands on the different rocks as they make interesting door stops and paper weights.

The above tips will help you revamp your abode without breaking a bank. You may now begin your homeimprovement spree!

Author bio: The given article has been written by Devika Arora, an avid writer who believes in analyzing real estate and how to make it livable. Through this article, she has discussed ways to economically redecorate the rented house. 


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