Your complete guide to the relationship between modelling and travelling the world

Your complete guide to the relationship between modelling and travelling the world

Guide to  modelling and travelling the world

A career in the world of modelling is something that seems extremely desirable for many. Nevertheless, it is not a job that is suited to all. You may tick all of the boxes when it comes to being the perfect model visually, but is this a career path that is going to match your personality and your lifestyle?One of the major things that goes alongside modelling is a lot of travelling. Runway shows and modelling shoots are not only going to be situated all over the country but they can take place all over the world. The bigger you become in the industry of modelling the more you can expect to travel. This is an extremely important point to consider.

modelling and travellingFor a lot of people travelling is one of the best perks of the jobs. They get to see places they otherwise wouldn’t be able to. They live the life of a jet setter and this is something a lot of individuals thrive on. They have dreams of making it big in everywhere from Milan, to New York, to London, to Paris and thus travelling around the world even becomes somewhat of a goal. It is a mark of achievement as a model. One day you could be strutting your stuff on the catwalk for aninfluential designer in New York the next you could be doing a shoot for a major magazine in St Tropez. The sky is your limit.

Nevertheless, whilst this may sound hugely desirable to many, for other aspiring models this is an aspect of the industry that proves to be extremely difficult. This is usually the case for those who are married and / or have children. Are you happy with being away from home for an extended period of time? This is something you need to ask yourself and think about carefully. After all, you can’t arrive at a job and suddenly decide you are feeling a bit homesick and wish to leave. It definitely doesn’t work like that. You need to remain professional at all times. Moreover, one of the keys to success when it comes to being a model is having an inner happiness and confidence that shines through. Your personality often dictates the mood on set. If you are worried about being away from home all of the time then you will not boast these qualities and it can really effect your ability to deliver the brief.

If you limit your potential to travel, you essentially limit your potential to flourish in this industry. You need to realise that whilst you may book jobs in your home country, even they can become somewhat limited as well. Certain companies will lose faith in you. They may book you for a shoot in London, and then when they discover you are unwilling to travel to the next job in Milan they won’t be very pleased – put it that way. Reliability is essential for a model. They need to know that when they tell you to be somewhere you will be there and you will deliver.The client isn’t going to come to you, you are going to have to go to them.

Of course this is not to say that if you do not travel all over the world you won’t make it as a model. When you join an agency one question they will ask you is whether you are willing to travel. You can of course say that this is something you wish to keep as limited as possible. As long as you understand that this will be seriously detrimental when it comes to bagging the best jobs then that’s fine. There are still going to be other jobs. Yet, this does highlight how important it is to select a modelling agency who understands your needs – someone who is not simply going to overlook you because you don’t want to travel regularly. Read reviews and try and find models in the same position as you in order to find the best agency.

On the other hand, if you are someone who is ready to tackle the world of modelling head on, then you should consider looking for opportunities to travel yourself as well. For example, if your agency has international offices then why not consider arranging a visit to see what their setting is like overseas. You can never do enough networking when it comes to modelling because you need to build up your reputation as much as possible. Thus, every time you go abroad you should be seeing it as an opportunity.

Finally, being prepared for travel is one of the most crucial things. You aren’t going to be blessed with plenty of warning as you would be if you were to go on holiday. In fact, there can easily be instances whereby a girl gets dropped out and you are given the nod to get on a plane immediately. A lot of the time this is when most models get their big break – so be prepared.It is always a good idea to have a small suitcase or holdall ready with all of the necessities so you are good to go. Never let your passport expire either!!

To conclude, the bigger you become in the world of modelling, the more you can expect to travel. If you want to truly dominate this industry you can expect to be in Paris one week and New York the next. Network as much as possible with each and every instance. The more contacts you have, the better. And always be prepared – you never know when you may need to dash to the airport. On the other hand, if you are unwilling to live the life of a jet setter, then this does not mean you cannot live the life of a model. Your opportunities will be somewhat limited. However, it merely means you need to work that little bit harder and show dedication to your craft in other ways. Moreover, you must find an agency who understands your wishes and is happy to adhere to them.


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