Inside Secrets that Interior Designers Use to Make Your Home a Reflection of You

Inside Secrets that Interior Designers Use to Make Your Home a Reflection of You

Make Your Home a Reflection of You 

It’s been said that one can learn a lot about a person from the way they keep their home. With the right finesse, a dwelling quickly becomes more than just a place where someone lives. It becomes a reflection of the owner him or herself, as expressed through style and design. Color, layout, accessories and furniture become tools for broadcasting personality traits, and it takes the world’s best interior designers to find subtle ways to draw those subtle connections between the home and the soul. Of course, it can take years of working with different clients before they are able to shape a home to match the person who lives inside it. Here are some of the top interior design secrets that the masters have picked up over time.


1.) Simple bursts of color can add a feeling of youthfulness to any room. – The average homeowner might be hesitant to cover their entire living room wall in a neon shade, but that doesn’t mean that they have to stick to an entirely monochrome color scheme. Accessories are a great way to add color and excitement to a room without having to commit to an entire paint or wallpaper job. Colorful elements like rugs, throw blankets, vases and pillows are great ways to add variety and a sense of youthfulness to any room.


2.) Don’t forget to incorporate your “personal history”. – When you treat your communal spaces like your trophy room, your personality will automatically shine through. Using a mixture of old and new items, some of which tell your personal story is a great way to bring yourself into a room. Inherited antiques, vintage family photos and framed copies of your favorite vinyl are all examples of pieces that bring your experience into the room and scream. “This is me!”


3.) Incorporate unexpected colors and patterns into your favorite nooks and crannies. – A brightly painted ceiling, thoughtfully lined cabinets or patterned wallpaper in a small staircase are simple ways to add depth and flair to otherwise spots within a room. When colors or busy patterns show up in expected areas, they often bring with them new energy and warmth.


4.) Lighting is everything. – Any good designer will tell you that proper lighting is the single most important thing you can bring into a room.  Natural sunlight can add warmth and serenity, and too much or too little can affect the way a size of space feels. On a personal level, lighting has been shown to effect mood, the ability to concentrate and overall sense of awareness. With that in mind, it’s important to create the right levels of artificial brightness if natural light is not an option due to lack of windows, close proximity to foliage, or any other number of reasons. Provide yourself with the ability to layer lighting with multiple light sources. Be wary of using fluorescent lights, as they tend to be harsh and sterile, drawing personality away from the room. Opt for diffused lights, dimmers or other options that can be modified to fit the preferences or needs of the owner.


5.) Show your closets some love. – In luxury homes, closets are often one of the most important rooms of the house, mostly because of the items that are kept inside. Just because this area is hidden behind a closed door doesn’t mean they should be neglected. Apply wallpaper, hang photos and don’t forget to properly light your closets.


6.) Expand décor possibilities by leaving cabinets open. – What’s the point of displaying an impressive collection if you intend to keep it locked behind glass? Instead, consider leaving the doors to your fancy cabinets open. Doing so will add a more welcome feeling to your room and give visitors a better sense of the items in which you take pride. Don’t be afraid to show off a little!


7.) Who says chairs have to match? – A dining room table with eight identical chairs is a design relic left over from the past. Create a funky and dynamic effect by mixing up seating options. Who says benches, antique chairs and different styles of upholstery and can’t all be used together within one room? Try using an agreeable color scheme or matching wood stains to tie the big picture together.


8.) Just move your furniture AWAY from the wall. – Most people assume that pushing their furniture up against a wall maximizes space, however, feng shui experts will that you that positioning furniture and accessories like sofas, end tables and lamps near the center of a room (or even a few inches away from the wall if space is extra limited) can facilitate a better energy and flow to the room.


9.) “Ground” a room with skirted furniture. – Have you been told that you’re a “nervous” person? Few people realize that the appearance of too many chair and table legs can actually make a room look “busy”, creating a sense of unrest within the homeowner. Just because these elements are close to the floor doesn’t mean they are out of eyesight. Adding skirted couches and chairs, or legless tables, can make a room feel more grounded.


10.) Remember, nothing is permanent. – The best designers know that taking a leap of faith is the best way to discover whether something works or not. Wallpaper can be removed, walls can be repainted and that curious animal-pattered sofa can be returned if it just doesn’t fit within the final vision of a room. The single most effective way to find a room that fits your personality is by trying new things. You’re bound to learn something about yourself during the process.


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