Ten Tips to Ensure That You Choose the Right Carpet for Your Home or Office

Ten Tips to Ensure That You Choose the Right Carpet for Your Home or Office

Are you planning to buy a carpet for your home or office? Have you decided what you would like to purchase or are you still confused? Knowing what to consider makes all the difference. But the availability of different varieties of carpets in the market often spoils us and we remain confused as ever. In order to streamline your search so that it gets easier to select the right carpet for your home/office consider the following 10 tips that will help you in your decision making time. Keep in mind that buying a carpet should not be taken lightly. The right choice will change the entire look and appearance of your home/office. The wrong choice will result in the wastage of time and money.

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These top 10 tips will give you a head start in your search so go ahead and get started!

  • Suitability: the first thing that you need to realize and consider is the purpose for which you are buying the carpet. Where do you wish to place it? in the bedroom, in the stairs or in the living room? The place where you wish to place it will determine its suitability i.e. the kind of wear and tear it will get exposed to and so on. Say for example the carpet will be placed in the stairs, so you need to opt for a variety that will be able to sustain the wear and tear as it will be exposed to dirt, dust, grime and the fact that all those living in the house will be using the stairs to go up or come down. But the carpet used in the bedroom will be more of the softer variety so that when you take off your shoes and walk in the room you feel the comfort under your feet. So tell the retailer what you are looking for so that he can help you in your search.


  • Decoration: the carpet selected should be a part of the interior decoration plan and not something that is thought of at the last minute so take into account the decorating idea of the room.


  • Style and Design: carpets come in different shapes, designs, color and texture. Check out as many varieties as possible before you take the final call.


  • Longevity: make sure that the carpet purchased will last for a minimum of 5 years before you plan of replacing it with a new variety. So make sure that the carpet has a long shelf life.


  • Budget: like everything else, make sure that you take into account of your budget. This includes the cost of the carpet, the cost of removing or storing the furniture’s in a different place or buying a new carpet and so on. Don’t forget to take into account all these aspects.


  • Professionally Measurement: keep in mind that buying a carpet is a huge investment so you need to measure the area where the carpet will be placed. Ask the retailer to measure the concerned area and they will happily do it. Many of them offer this service for free.


  • Get a Sample: ask the retailer to show you a sample of the carpet that you would like to purchase. Check the carpet under natural light and artificial light to see how it looks like. And yes don’t forget to compare the original carpet with the sample to make sure that you have received what you had ordered.


  • Buy New Underlay: make sure that along with your carpet you are also purchasing a new underlay. This technique will help to increase the shelf life of your carpet by 40%.


  • Employ a Professional Carpet Fitter: fitting carpets is a skill that is not acquired by everyone. So ask your retailer whether they have skilled professionals who will be able to ensure a seamless well fitted carpet.


  • You Get What You Pay For: it is better to invest in a good carpet with a high quality underlay because in the long run you will realize that a low cost carpet and underlay will degenerate quickly compared to a high quality one.

Once you consider all these 10 tips it will be easier for you to search for the right carpet. There are many companies that have online stores. So why don’t you browse through the sites to see what are the different varieties of carpets that they have. Check out several sites so that you can compare the variety as well as the price. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and browse through the sites today only. Give your home/office a complete makeover with your chosen carpet. The latest trend is to opt for carpets when you are planning to give a new look to your home/office.

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