Four Ways to Customise Your Pre-Made Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are great for both saving space and looking the part at the same time, as they can easily slide away when opened without blocking any part of a room, and when closed they can look out on the rest of the room with the ability to be opened from either side (in most cases) at any minute.


There are a vast range of pre-made sliding doors available to order online, though once you get these home you may wish to add your own finishing touches to them, customising them in only a way you could imagine so they fit in with the beauty and style of the rest of your home.

Whatever customisation method you choose, whether you customise your doors the minute you get them home, or many years down the line, keep in mind that if you are careful in installing the below ideas, you’ll easily be able to remove them and change them around once again if you wish to change up your style a second time. With this in mind, you should take this opportunity to let your mind run wild, as there are few door designs that make it so easy for you to customise them to the point that they’re almost unrecognisable from their pre-made selves!

Four ways you may want to look into to customise your sliding door are.

1. Adhesive Prints

Adhesive prints have been a popular home decoration tool for many decades, and it’s not difficult to see why. Creating your own adhesive prints to place onto your pre-made sliding doors is a very personal process, and it will likely result in you creating something that means far more to you than the paper it’s printed on.

Indeed, though you can purchase many adhesive prints that have been created in a huge range of shapes and styles to allow you to still live up to your personal style by picking a design that best represents you, your partner, and your joint personalities, in general many argue that they prefer to create their own, as in most instances (especially if they have an artistic streak) they are able to create something as good, if not better, than the prints available for sale, plus they’ll have all the benefit of knowing that they put them together with their own two hands.

You’ll be able to find a company near you, no doubt, that allows you to create these prints to place onto your sliding doors. If you’re planning on creating a large number you may want to look into creating a small, temporary screen printing studio in your home, though this is by no means essential.

2) Frosted Panels

Placing frosted panels onto your sliding doors is a very popular customisation trick by owners of standard sliding doors and sliding wardrobe doors alike.

These panels help to add a small level of privacy between rooms when placed onto regular doors, and when placed on wardrobe doors they help to hide away an otherwise messy contents from the rest of the world, so it’s not the first thing anybody sees when they walk into your bedroom.

Whether you plan on intermittently putting these panels across your doors, or you want to obscure a whole room or window with frosted panels, you can find these online. Specialised providers of pre-made sliding doors such as can also provide you with these frosted panels, or at least tell you where you can get hold of them. Keep in mind there are different strengths of frosting to choose from, so decide what you’re most interested in early on.

3) Curtains and Blinds

Though some people like to put curtains across their wardrobe, for the most part this applies to placing curtains and blinds across your normal sliding doors, separating one room from another.

Just because when you first installed your doors you thought it would be nice to be able to see through to the next room, this doesn’t mean that will still be the case if your needs in either one of the rooms using these doors changes. For this reason, look into placing curtains or blinds across them, with motorised blinds being a good option for those wishing to make life that little bit easier.

4) Relative Privacy

When you have glass walls in the form of pre-made sliding doors separating two rooms it can be difficult to get any form of real privacy, as has been touched upon a couple of times above. For this reason, you may wish to create a sort of relative privacy by utilising the above three points in different manners; for example:

• Having frosted panels from floor to waist height, followed by blinds that can be open or closed.

• Covering the doors in adhesive prints, but also having curtains at the side that can be pulled over when extra privacy is needed.

In conclusion, sliding doors are great for both saving space and looking the part at the same time, and this latter point becomes even more true when you realise how easy they are to customise. Whether you decide to adorn your sliding doors with adhesive prints, frosted panels, by placing curtains or blinds around them, or you look towards customising them in a way that can give you some relative privacy, know that you can customise these doors as many times as is necessary.


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