Six Essential Finishing Touches to Your New Home

Six Essential Finishing Touches to Your New Home

It is the little things that really get us through the day. If you have just moved into a new household, you should therefore think about the minor fixtures and how they can assist with your comfort and wellbeing. Tweaking your living environment can be done in many ways, some of which are more worthwhile than others. Below, we will go over six premium home additions that you should definitely consider.

1) Loft Conversion

Essential Finishing Touches

If your home has some unused space in the attic, why not turn that dusty, dark area into another room? The best loft conversions can really bring about a complete home transformation, giving you more room to store your things and freeing up space in the lower floors. Your attic can be used for multiple purposes including:

• A bedroom for your child
• Some extra storage space
• A quiet recreation room

Just ensure you call in a qualified expert though as this job requires a major home makeover and the correct handling of insulation, plaster, paint and other materials.

2) Outdoor Awnings

When it comes to lazing in the garden, having some shade is ideal. A smart solution is installing some sturdy outdoor awnings on your household exteriors. These extras will provide a number of other benefits too from keeping your home interiors cool to protecting the patio or decking you’ve lain out.

Awnings can also take care of your family’s health by shading them from the harmful UV rays streaming down from the Sun. In this way, everyone can play in the great outdoors without worrying about sunburn, heatstroke, cancer or the like.

3) Garage Roller Door

If you’re looking for a minor addition that will increase the value of your home, we would recommend installing a new automated garage door on your property. Not only will this improve the external look of the front side of your house but it will make getting the car in and out even easier. After all, no one wants to continually have to enter and exit their vehicle each time just to open the garage door (especially if it’s raining!) Instead, place a remote controlled door on your property and make it much more convenient for you while boosting the appeal for potential buyers.

4) Emergency Insurance

Of course, you’ll also have to think about what happens in a household crisis. In this case, you’ll need the proper amount of insurance to protect your finances in certain situations. Boiler cover will look after repairs when the hot water stops working. You can also find insurance for fires, flooding or storms if those are common in your area as well. Just make sure you choose some suitable coverage and you can then live in your home with confidence that all unexpected emergency costs will be looked after whether the boiler suddenly bursts or your heater catches fire.

5) Wooden Decking

Another way to improve your back garden is to lay down an outdoor patio. Whether relaxing by yourself or entertaining guests, decking offers an excellent place to just sit down and enjoy the natural surroundings. For something special, you can easily enhance your patio with the following:

Potted plants
A barbeque
Water features
Bird cages

Making your garden a truly special place to hang out in is incredibly simple. In fact, you may even be able to place down the timber planks yourself, creating a patio that anyone can be proud of.

6) New Bathroom Fixtures

This last suggestion will improve your sense of wellbeing as well as your personal finances. Replacing all your bathroom fixtures will boost the property value as most potential buyers look to the kitchens and bathrooms first in order to decide whether they’d like to live there or not. By making the interior of this room as attractive and as functional as possible, you can then ensure a more comfortable lifestyle for you and your family plus a larger selling price when you eventually move out later on. When choosing between the various modern or traditional designs out there, don’t forget to replace the following features:


If you can also add something elegant such as a massage showerhead or a heated towel rail, this will be well worth it for both the boost to your lifestyle as well as the increased property value.

These six household additions are all guaranteed to bring in a myriad of benefits for you and your family. If you’ve just purchased a new home and are wondering how to improve it, these are the renovations that you should definitely consider. They will enhance your interiors and exteriors in a number of different ways, creating a comfortable, functional and attractive living environment while boosting your chances of making a profit on your property in the future.


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