Outdoor Awnings 7 Awesome Year Round Benefits

If you are one of those people who love to spend time on their patio or deck, then perhaps you’ll love outdoor awnings. These structures are perfect for expanding your outdoor space and enjoying the sunshine without getting yourself sun burnt. Besides chic window blinds and shutters, awnings are the next things that are becoming extremely popular in the genre of exterior house decor.

Outdoor Awnings

Popularity of outdoor awnings is also because of their all-year round benefits. Listed below are seven such exclusive benefits offered by these structures.

#1 Protect Your Patio

Strong and sturdy awnings protect your patio from getting dirty by keeping water and debris off it. Your patio will require less cleaning and will stay well-maintained. Further, awnings made up of good materials can lengthen the age of door frames, windows and patio furniture and floors.

#2 Outdoor Expansion with Minimum Expenditure

Awnings serve as economic ways to extend your outdoor living space. Installing outdoor structures can cost you a lot. But if you install retractable awnings, then you can use them any time you want to enjoy a cup of tea outside. The best part is that this expansion can be added in no time at all. In addition, they greatly enhance versatility of your deck and increase its usefulness.

#3 Keep Your Interiors Cool

Several laboratory test measurements have made it clear that awnings’ canopies can keep your interiors cool by bringing down as much as 20 degrees temperature. This is because awnings prevent sunlight from entering the rooms through windows or sliding glasses. Since they keep your home’s interiors cooler, they also help in bringing down electricity bills by saving AC costs.

#4 Protect Your Kids from UV Rays

Having an awning is like installing an outdoor AC. Apart from keeping your interiors and patio cool, awnings are also useful in keeping harmful rays out. There are renowned manufacturers and installers who can provide you with outdoor awnings with rated SPF of over 30.

Such awnings can be used to create a sheltered place for your kids and pets where they can spend some quality time without getting affected by UV rays. Moreover, prevention of UV rays also protects your furniture, rugs, and drapes from fading.

 #5 An Energy Savior

As already mentioned above, awnings can reduce electricity consumption. This helps in reducing your carbon footprint besides saving electricity costs. Also, by increasing longevity of your outdoor furniture and drapes, they help you to save on maintenance costs. These sun shades also save your time as furniture and windows require less cleaning.

#6 Enhance Decor

Availability of awnings in different fabrics and designs has enabled people to add spice to their house decor  Durable and attractive awnings can increase overall value of your home. The right combination of color and pattern can add to elegance of your home while also serving a practical purpose.

#7 Worth Your Investment

Awnings take lots of loads off your hand which is why they are worth the investment. The amount of money that you can save by using them can be used to remodel a room. Also, you can quickly set up an open floor plan for outdoor parties. You can also use them for embellishments. You can decorate them with hanging lanterns during occasions to give an oriental touch.

The Bottom Line

Outdoor living space can be used for multiple purposes. So, many people pay equal attention to aesthetics and functionality of the outdoor space. Outdoor awnings serve both these purposes. While purchasing awnings, you also need to consider wind tolerance and construction.

You can go for either permanent awnings or retractable ones. Permanent ones will require proper cleaning whereas retractable ones will need to be handled manually in addition to cleaning. However, if you want to find the perfect match for your house, then surf the Internet where you can find lots of valuable information on outdoor awnings.


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