Colourful and practical storage solutions for the home storage space and workplace


A look at some of the home storage space lockers on the market today and how they can be used to both tidy up and enhance our workspace.

We all think of lockers as being the places that we used to store our school gym kit. Our mental image is of stern grey metal objects lining up in orderly rows along the corridors. The image is reinforced by the use of the same lockers in public swimming pools. But lockers can in fact be fun and can be used to brighten up a room in an inventive way. Extreme lockers come in durable plastic and in a range of vibrant colours. Far from being boring they are now even being designed with specific purposes in mind. Extreme plastic lockers are both hardwearing and weatherproof and can be used to create an outside  home storage space area. They come in a range of sizes and can be fitted on legs to raise them from the floor for easy cleaning or placed on a stand with storage space below them.
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Vandal resistant.
Also available is a range of vandal proof extreme plastic lockers. They are not only robust but they are more hygienic than metal lockers and are extremely robust being made of durable heavy duty plastic. Their security is such that their hinges have been tested to seven times the industry standard and are water resistant enough to withstand being cleaned with a high pressure hose. They can be fitted with padlocks and are of a stackable design. Their security and water resistance means that they can be used for outside  home storage space without fear of the contents being damaged. If you have doubts about using your lockers to store equipment outside then you can purchase a locker shelter. Similar to a gazebo this free standing item has a polycarbonate roof that allows easy access to the locker while protecting it from the worst of the weather.

Smaller lockers.
Another popular product in the extreme lockers range comes in much smaller dimensions than its larger outdoor counterparts. Popular with schools and offices as they can fit neatly into smaller spaces the Low, Cube and Quarto style lockers are particularly popular as storage for primary school children because they can easily reach them. For the youngest generation they can be purchased without locks so that they are easy for small hands to open. Low lockers can be child head height while cube lockers can be placed on desks and tables and are also ideal for students to store their personal belongings in shared accommodation.

Whatever your requirements a plastic locker will doubtless fit the bill and can be positioned to best suit your needs. Both inside and out extreme lockers are durable and extremely useful and are light to move and handle. Suitable for both work and home  storage space the range of sizes means that they can be used to store the largest of equipment in comfort or can be tucked away in the corner of the garden shed.

Author Bio.
This look at the types of plastic extreme lockers that are available on the market was written by Jaye Staddon a freelance writer who writes regularly for online publications and finds storage is always an issue in her home office.

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