Real life application of Artificial Intelligence

Thinking of AI suddenly makes our brain think of all the stuff that is being done it. There are many aspects where it is debatable whether this technology is good for the world or not. While this question may be in dilemma, there is much useful application of Artificial Intelligence in this world that we cannot simply ignore. They are now being used in every sector of the market that we can imagine life without them. So today here we are going to mention some of the application of AI that is making name for them. 

Artificial Intelligence in Banking

The banking sector has always been the top user of this technology and it is also ready to adopt more and more advanced features of this technology as well. This technology is being used for various purposes which include customer support, to detect anomalies and to detect the credit card frauds. This is one of the famous technologies which are used to resolve the customer queries. Also, the AI is now becoming popular in designing the software which is there to detect the fraud cases in the banking sector. More and more software is being designed for this and the banking sector is welcoming them with an open heart. With the accuracy level of this software, the fraud detection will be handled quickly and less and fewer cases will be there.

Artificial Intelligence in marketing

We are very less known of the use of this technology in the digital marketing platform. If you are a big fan of Netflix, then you must know it is because of the great predictive ability of the platform to see for the contact which is best suited for the user based on their preferences and the video they rate. This gives customers things which they want to see. Online stores, e-commerce sites social media are now all part of it and they are making great use of it then we are aware of. Facebook uses this technology to filter out the content for you, predicts the person to tag in your post. This is all because of this technology. Activity Recognition is the main tool for this.

Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture and health care

These two are one of the important sectors which are there for any country’s development. The artificial intelligence has found great use in both of them. In agriculture, the farmers are able to predict the type of soil they are going used for farming and see for the type of farming needed for that. While in health care, the doctors are using it for handling the operations and major surgeries as well. When it comes to life, there is no stone unturned. So this technology is playing a great role in both of these sectors and making life a better place.

So these were some real-life application of this fast-growing technology and we are yet to see more advancement in this technology soon in the near future.