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People often look at magazines and wonder how models or actors always wear the perfect makeup. They are fascinated by the style of makeup that the actors and models use, or are greatly influenced by the trends that they send. But not everyone knows how to pull off that perfected makeup.


Beauty bloggers are the people who have tried and tested many different kinds of makeup styles and have perfected it step by step. They explain to their readers, every detail behind each step, and make the process of applying makeup easy and doable for everyone.

Beauty Blogging in 5 Simple Steps


  1. Catchy Names and Unique Content


The name of your blog is very important. Avoid strange and long- winding names. Stick to simple, short and easy to pronounce names. Your blog content is very important. Have a lot of posts related to different things about beauty itself. Don’t try copying another blog. Incorporating ideas and tips is a useful way of boosting your content. Do a lot of research and be through about the various styles that are in vogue, the products and what one should expect of them etc.


  1. What to Write About


    • Publish tutorials about celebrity makeup. Many readers often look to see how they can imitate the makeup styles of famous people all around the world. A detailed and simple step- by- step guide about how to put on celebrity style makeup will help you gain more readers.
    • Write about what kind of makeup to wear when and where. Your readers may be looking for everyday makeup and party makeup. Make sure that you cover all of this in your posts.
    • Tell your readers about the kind of makeup products that you use. Suggest colours, tones, and shade pallets. Give them useful information about where to get good, affordable makeup that they can use.
    • Write about other beauty tips such as how to make your own home facials, face masks, what to eat to make your skin glow etc. Your readers will appreciate the effort of incorporating lifestyle tips in your blog as well.


    1. Using the Right Technology


    Many bloggers often post pictures depicting the steps taken to apply the makeup, and some take videos. Using a good quality camera is a priority because your readers will want to see the makeup clearly. Make sure that the pictures are of good quality with no noise in it, and that the lighting is perfect. Try not to over-edit the picture as it will change the makeup shade.


    1. Post Frequently


    Posting on your blog frequently will get you more readers not only because of the frequently posted tips, but also because constant posting shows your readers dedication. Discontinuing a blog and suddenly picking it up after a long time will factor the loss in losing your audience.


    1. Exposure


    Another great way of getting more readers is to publicize your blog. Leaving comments on other beauty blogs does help a great deal. Use social media networks to draw more readers. Ask your existing readers to share your blog as well


    Natural Beauty blogging is time-consuming and requires a lot of investments on your behalf. Be unique and creative, and most importantly, true to your readers.


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