Practice of Ascent Meditation Dhyana

Practice of Ascent Meditation Dhyana

Practice of Ascent (Meditation) Dhyana Causes Change in Quality of Brain/Mind


Brain is the basis for the formation of Mind. So, whatever change one wishes in the mind, that change has to occur in the quality of the brain itself. That which could bring that change is Ascent Dhyana.


As human being, in the stages called birth – life – death (Creation – Existence – Extinction), life only – would have identity, as human being. Knowledge, for life…, mind, for knowledge would be as Doer. Because of senses, through brain, mind, would be formed. In accordance with brain, and its mind, functionally only – would be human, thoughts, implementation, and the experience of results. So, with the understanding, of the brain function, which is the basis for mind, with the change, of its, qualities and quantities, one can examine, the chances, of human being, keeping, its mind, in her/his, possession. For this, one should think, the system of using, the gravity principle, and ‘force – resistance’. With very little knowledge, known to science, about the brain – to think, about its change, may look like impossible ridiculing, and laughable. The progress of science until today, has been continuing, on, ‘thinking’ only.

Ascent Meditation

If so, the change of brain is, not the ‘alteration’, which is done through scientific tools. This effort has to be done, through meditation only. There is ‘relationship’ between the science gravity principle – ‘force – resistance’, and for meditation. Similar to presence of ‘conversion’, relationship – for the Universal Energy consciousness – and for the movement, of the matter of Creation…., similar to the presence of, some type of, connection of Meta-Morphosis, for the matter of Creation (Space Matter) – and Bio-matter too…, for the change of brain, the gravity principle, ‘force – resistance’, can be used, through meditation. In the matter of Creation, called, inert – bio – ’embodied energy’, some or the other type, of internal change inevitably, keeps on happening. So – as ‘subtility – grossness’ – as Ovum – Embryo – and Immense Ovum – since change is natural only, the same principle – as connection (bondage) of energy – matter – movement – can be used, for the change of brain. By means of causing, change, in the brain, through meditation – by bringing the mind – in the possession of human being, she/he, should, follow the path of practice in the manner, it is used properly, in a good way, according, to her/his will…… That itself is – Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan (Ascension of Mind through Dhyana)….

By means of controlling, various parts of brain, which are considered, as ’emotional impulsive’, for the functional, various provocations – mental perturbations, of mind – which forms, with the influence, of ‘sensations’ of senses, because of brain – there is a chance, to bring, the senses incitations, into the possession, of ‘self-will’, of human being. Anything, with the control, of its cause only, the consequence of its effect, can be determined.

The mind – which functions as a charioteer of life, which has the ‘good – bad’ – pairs of opposite, primordial instinct of Nature – the brain, which is the cause, for its, existence – for this, the assistance of sensation of sense – various principal, functional parts, in the brain…..; by means of controlling, regulating these, through meditation, human, can be changed, as the one who has good mind. With the idea, of this principle only, the method of practice, of ‘Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan’, has to be examined.

By applying the gravity principle, called – ‘force – resistance’………, action – reaction; as external – internal, positive – negative…. by means of activating, the incitations of external senses, as ‘force’…, and the related, various lobes of neurons, in the brain as ‘resistance’ – by decreasing the influence of senses, on the mind – it, can be converted, into ‘Spiritualized Mind’…. For this, by not limiting, the KunDalinI Energy – only until, the analysis of six chakras – its Cosmic Subtility (Jeevatmn) through Spiritualized Mind – with the technique of Ascent Meditation…, in the path of spirituality – by overcoming, its, various stages, with upward path… one can obtain the feeling, of awareness of Supreme Soul – Absolute Knowledge too.

Like this, the thing that the sensory mind – can be changed – into Spiritualized Mind… KunDalinI Energy, as pervasion influencing – brain – can be changed into ‘awareness’ state…, is the concept of Ascent Meditation!Action – reaction; force – resistance, which are the primordial bio-instinct of Entity of energy – law of matter – Nature… external environment, surroundings, external influence – internal reaction of body….; like this, it may be anything. By applying, the ‘force – resist’, gravity principle – body, with yoga – brain, with Pranayama, by applying reaction – to action…., by causing, neutrality (zero action), to the action of mind…. Thereafter, through Ascent Meditation – with the awareness ofKunDalinI – the subtility of Jeevatmn, can be ascended, to the level of Supreme Soul. Along with this only, divine feeling, can be achieved, to the Sensory Mind, with the Ascension of Mind.

This itself is, path of practice, of Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan… This is not imaginary. In accordance, with the level of practice – Sensory Mind – by means of ascending to divinity – can obtain spiritual feeling.

Although life is being led, caused to lead by means of Mind only, based on the quality of brain only, qualities and quantities, good and bad, and the entity of Mind would be present. Based on that only, there will be way of life. Rather than thinking about the good and bad of Mind, we have to know about the brain which forms that Mind. For whatever change we wish in the mind, that change has to occur in the quality of the brain itself. That which could bring that change is Ascent Dhyana.

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