Hillary Clinton-Reasons why she is potential presidential candidates

Are you tired of waiting for the candidates to declare their intention of running for president in order to talk about the next presidential election? Do you wish you could discuss and weigh your options now? Then, this post, full of my predictions of the 2015 presidential candidates, is for you.  The merits of thirteen potential presidential candidates are analyzed

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  • Hillary Clinton – Former First Lady of the United States, Former Senator from New York, Former Secretary of State  Baggage: Ambassador Chris Stevens and other Americans were killed in an attack on the United States Embassy in Iraq in what is now known as the Benghazi scandal.  Clinton, who was Secretary of State at the time, underwent scrutiny.  Her age and health have also been questions of concern the last several years.
  • Elizabeth Warren – She may enter to give Hillary a run for her money.
  • Vice President Joe Biden – In a recent poll, Clinton would beat Biden by a landslide.  Also, he has a closer association with President Obama as current Vice President than Clinton did as Obama’s former Secretary of State.  President Obama had a tough 2015 as far as popular opinion of him went.  This could hurt Biden’s chances by association.
  • California Governor Jerry Brown – Governor Brown is responsible for Proposition 30, the bill that saved California’s school and stopped California from going down the financial toilet.  People speculated he’d be a good presidential choice since he possibly could do for America what he did for California.  Yesterday’s newspaper detailed Brown’s plans for increasing funding for education in his latest budget proposal to even further help the schools.
  • John Kerry – Secretary of State Kerry tried before to become president but looked “wimpy” in contrast to opponent George W. Bush in 2004.
  • Chris Christie, Governor of New Jersey – Christie made a name for himself when Hurricane Sandy struck New Jersey, and he put aside party politics to help the people of his state.  Despite anti-Republican sentiment toward Obama, Republican Christie joined with Obama to help the people of New Jersey during trying times.  He was hailed as a hero for doing so.  Considering he is more mainstream than many from the Republican party, his chances looked favorable for a presidential run.  Baggage:  Bridgegate—Christie has been accused of closing a crowded bridge to spite a mayor of his state.  There were terrible repercussions for the citizens stuck for hours in traffic on the crowded bridge.  Christie was investigated for the incident but subsequently cleared.
  • Mitt Romney – Click on link above for Fox’s story detailing Romney’s interest.  During his 2012 presidential campaign, Romney’s mouth seemed to hurt him more than President Obama who himself was undergoing trying times due to the downfall of the economy.  Romney made blunder after blunder during the summer of 2012.  He made geographical errors, committed sacrilegious acts on holy ground in Poland, and was guilty of a faux paux when it came to the Anglo-Saxons.  His words calling Russia “our enemy” now seem prophetic in light of recent events.  However, his speech at a fundraiser detailing his campaign strategy was seen as government policy.  The speech went viral, and any chances he had left quickly disappeared after that.
  • Rick Perry – Perry tried very hard to keep his name in the spotlight, but recently was investigated himself for misuse of power in his state.
  • Michelle Bachman – She seems to think she is “all that”.  She has a reputation as a hate-monger, but is a leading voice in today’s Tea Party.
  • Andrew Cuomo – As New York Governor Mario Cuomo’s son, Andrew has a leg up on the other candidates.  His dad just died, so he may get the sympathy vote.
  • Newt Gingrich – Often the subject of the Twitter feed, Gingrich hasn’t denied interest.
  • Al Gore, former Vice President and former presidential candidate – Gore came close to winning when he lost last time.  Since his “global warming” theory has received credibility, there is renewed interest in Gore running.
  • Rand Paul – A retreat, enough said
  • Herman Cain – he had appeal last time, but his “fruit analogy” speech at the Republican debates lost many potential voters.
  • Jeb Bush – Bush is George W.’s brother; they even look alike.  People still feel George W. is responsible for the Iraqi War, one of the two most unpopular wars in America’s history.  As I explained with Biden, people become guilty by association.  Is he going to try and disassociate himself from his own brother?

The next presidential election is next year, which, in the scheme of things, is not very long from now.  You don’t have that long to weigh your options.  Therefore, in the spirit of this being a true advice blog, I will suggest who I think would be best for this country.  Here goes:

Hillary Clinton is best qualified to be the next president of the United States of America for the following reasons.  First, she has already lived in the White House where peoIple say she was the power behind husband Bill Clinton.  Next, she already has served as a senator, an elected position, as well as Secretary of State, an appointed position.  In addition, although a Democrat, she is far more mainstream than President Obama and may pick up Republican votes.  Finally, it would be novel to have a woman president in our lifetime.  We saw an African-American become president.  It’s time we saw a woman become president.   If England could have Margaret Thatcher, we can have Hillary Clinton.

Readers, I am #ReadyforHillary.  Are you?  Who would you like to see become President in this year and why?  I look forward to your views.

Written by Janice Wald at mycurrentnewsblog.com


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