How to encourage to improve writing skills for kids

 Improve writing skills for kids

Of the three R’s in studies, besides Reading and Arithmetic, writing does form an important and vital constituent that a kid needs to deeply inculcate, preserve, nurture and fortify throughout his or her life, since writing forms the most important ingredient of communication in this 21st Century.

writing skills for kids


It would indeed not be injudicious to state that incipient writing skills do begin at quite an early and tender age for children and gets fully developed with training, practice and regular, sustained efforts at improving the writing skills of children from a very early age onwards. Perhaps one of the important aspects to be kept in mind is that tender age is the best time for developing all kinds of skills, especially writing since the brain is active, clean, fresh and raring to go and lap up all that is thrown its way. Writers are seldom born, most of them become accomplished writers along the way, mainly due to their own robust efforts in learning, upgrading and practicing writing skills over time.

Tip Number 1: Nurturing the plants of writing skills: The main ingredients in developing wiring skills is to carefully nurture these potential in young children. Care must be taken not to comment on their mistakes, since kids could be extremely sensitive at this age and become demotivated in no time, thus losing interest in major writing skill development

Tip Number 2: Motivate and encourage them: It is important that proper motivational techniques need to be provided like praising and admiring their writings, so as to motivate them further. It is very important that their errors should not be pointed out at this stage, since this could demotivate them immensely and perhaps even veer them away from creative writings. All that could be said is about some editing work and it should be left at that, nothing beyond it.

Tip Number 3: Be quick in identifying what kind of writing the kid enjoys and encourage it:

While some kids like poetry, others like to draw, or paint and still others are comfortable with colours. To start with it is important not to enforce anything on kids, lest they are made uncomfortable, and parents should allow children to do as they wish till such time some degree of control could be gained. Besides, it is also important that there is need to exercise utmost tact, patience, tolerance and serenity while teaching writing skills to kids, since it takes little for them to begin hating it.

Tip Number 4:Correction of their works should be done with tact and diplomacy: It is best for children themselves to realize their errors, than have this pointed out to them. This way they learn from their mistakes and resolve never to repeat them again. Psychologists claim that what kids do voluntarily are much better than what they are forced to do, succumbing to teacher, peer or parental pressures.

Tip Number 5: Help kids narrate stories and slowly write them out: Self help and self development are important aspects of development of writing skills and needs to be developed. Indeed too much of parental interferences could set back the clock and retrograde progress in enhancement and development of basic writing skills in kids. It is important to understand and remember that developing the right and sustaining kinds of writing skills can be done only slowly, gradually and carefully and cannot be gained overnight. Patience, perseverance, perspicacity and permissiveness in experimentations are major requirements that underpin the evolution and development of writing skills, big or small. Read lots of best essays and its reviews since the essay writing review offer the concept of critical reviews and it will enhance the deep thinking skills on children.

Tip Number 6: Keep a log of progress and update it regularly: It is important that the growth graph of writing skills be vividly displaced and maintained for posterity usage. This log book should be tested for consistency and skill development, or else major action needs to be taken, including going back to the rudimentary levels. While the success rate of imbibing writing skills need not be rapid, it needs to be consistent, steady and following upward trend. If not, the causes for failures need to be identified, analyzed and assessed and remedial actions taken as soon as possible to ensure success rate

Tip Number 7: Let kids work at their own pace without any kind of force or compulsion: It is important that kids to be allowed to work at their own enjoyable pace, albeit with control and monitoring programs. It is also important that ways and means must be developed that could attend to any niggles or issues that may arise, either involving the kids or some other external issues.  The main aspect to consider that kids need to enjoy their writing skills experimentation’s and no elder should try to interfere with these matters. Education should be a pleasant, stimulating and rewarding activity and should not be seen as punitive or disciplinary for kids seeking to improve their writing skills over time.


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