5 Essential Fire-Fighting Tools Rural Merchants and Farmers Must Have

Living in a rural environment means that you are far away from many of the necessities that city folks and urban dwellers take for granted. This is especially true in situations like fire breaks up. While you can call the fire department of your area, you do not have the option of waiting until the fire crew shows up. As a rural farmer or merchant, you need to take proactive steps, and that is why you should ensure your premises are equipped with the right fire-fighting tools.

Essential Fire-Fighting Tools

Some of the basic rural merchandise that you should be looking to invest in to protect your property from fire is as follows:

1. Fire-Fighting Pump

A barn or shed on fire can give you a heart attack! However, you can put off the fire with water and try and save your assets housed in the barn or shed. That is why you need to think about investing in a fire-fighting pump. Such a pump can pump the water and thanks to its special frame, it is mobile and well-protected, making it ideal for fighting fire with minimal hassle. You can make the pump more effective with the right hose and nozzle.

2. Heavy-Duty Fire Nozzles and Hoses

Whether you are farmer or rural merchant, you will have to have customized fire-fighting plan for your premises. If you have a large property, you should go in for heavy-duty fire nozzle and hose. This will be a prudent investment, as you will not have to replace the hose and nozzle for years to come. Buy a hose that is flexible and has the ability to withstand high pressure.

3. Fire-Fighting Unit

You have the option of going in for water-pressurized or foam-fire-fighting unit. This unit should be strategically placed within your premises so that workers can get access to it should a fire break out. Usually, these units come as 14-litre steel cylinders that are powder-coated to prevent rust and corrosion. If you go in for the water-pressurized version of the unit, you can easily refill it using a hose and your tap, and you do not have to dismantle the unit for this purpose. It is easy to use, with brass fittings and conforms to the Australian regulations and standards.

4. Fire Control Drip Torch

During hot summer months, bush fires are a big threat. You need to protect your property from this threat. That is why you should also have a fire-control drip torch in your fire-fighting arsenal. It can be used for burning firebreaks, burning cane as well as for backburning. As this is a drip torch, there are no worries about blowback. It is easy to use and the lightweight aluminum ensures it is not cumbersome to carry.

5. Fire Safety Goggles

When you are putting out fire, your eyes are vulnerable to smoke and fumes. That is why you should also have fire safety goggles handy. Good ones have features like anti-fogging, maximum visibility in smoke and dust and they also facilitate flow of fresh air for comfort.

These are some of the essential fire-fighting tools that every rural farmer and merchant should have. These products are now easily available online. You should look for an online rural supplies store that offers these products along with other specialized rural merchandise.

As a farmer or rural merchant, it is not easy to drive up to a distant store that has all the fire-fighting tools that you need. Thankfully, you can order anything you want online. You need an online farm products store that caters to your needs. When you opt for online rural merchandise, you can pick and choose what you need without having to leave the comforts of your farm or home. This makes it easy to make your purchase. And, a reputable online store will usually have all your need, and deliver it at your doorstep on time.

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